Langley Express heading back to Southwest:Kobe and Keyshaun moving back on over to “The Ranch” at Southwest Guilford HS

Langley Express heading back to Southwest:Kobe and Keyshaun moving back on over to “The Ranch” at Southwest Guilford HS

After one year’s absence, the Langley Twins, Kobe and Keyshaun, are now back at Southwest Guilford High School and the SWG Cowboys basketball hopes will be high for 2018-19…

The Langley brothers, along with older brother Kameron, helped lead Southwest Guilford to the NCHSAA 4-A Basketball Title back in 2017….Now after one year at Wesleyan Christian Academy in High Point, the Langley twins are back home again and you have to think Cowboys’ head coach Guy Shavers and assistant coaches Greg Vlazny and Will Price are glad to have Keyshaun and Kobe back in the fold, there on “The Ranch”…

This is big news and when Coach Keith Gatlin stepped away from WES, to become Tubby Smith’s assistant coach at High Point U., that might have been the que for the Langley Two, to change the shoe and go back to SWG….

The Langley Tree, back at SWG and we shall see if this means more Victory for the BIG C, as in SWG Cowboys basketball….

Good luck to Langley Twins and have seen this ‘Langley Tree’ in Greensboro since back in the days when the dad of family, Keyford Langley, was the point guard(PG) for UNCG….So you can see and you can take it from me(AD), the Langley Tree, goes all the way back to UNCG around 1993, give or take a few years, but this documentary on the “Langley Tree” is just about ready to make more his-tory……

*****News of the Langley Brothers return to Southwest Guilford first seen on Twitter, back on Tuesday…*****


  1. I don’t know these young men, and have no idea what is bringing about their decision to return to SWG. But, I’m happy to see it, for the sake of the publics. Makes me a bit nostalgic, thinking about some of the great games between SW and NW a couple of years ago. I also saw SW play GDS right to the wire, in a game you could argue that they should have won, in an early season game over in Winston. That was the SW team that went on to win the 4A title.

    I wonder if SW and NW will play this year. I don’t think NW will have near the overall talent of SW, but Chris Hampton and Dean Reiber are high level players; maybe NW could give them a game.

  2. Excellent points that you make…

    I have seen Reiber and Hampton video from this Summer and they have been explosive….

    Noah Allred from NWG has been tough too….

    Langley Twins back and like you say, that is a good thing for the Guilford County Schools….

    Time to load up maybe a Cox Mill game with Wendell Moore, for the 3-A Finals vs. SWG maybe….That would be a BIG one there…

  3. SW will really be Dangerous now already with a solid squad but now adding the twins adds them to a contender for a 3A State championship. With the twins back and key pieces returning such as Jayden turner , Christan Martin , and Milli Huggins all being seniors this year. The sky is the limit for SW!!!

  4. I think the Dudley and Smith team can give them a run for their money.
    Dudley has some elite players like Tyler Young and Jeremiah Dickerson the recent Transfer and Darien Wynn , Isaiah Ray, Cam Thomas
    Smith losing great seniors added talent with Nick McMullen and Khalid Hinds. Silas will be still be there with Jordan Willams.

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