Murphy Wainer Orthopedic Specialists High School Football Scoreboard – Friday – August 31, 2018

Game of the Week Stream 1: Dudley (2-0) at Page (2-0) with Andy Durham and Don Tilley.
If you are at the game, you can listen in the stadium on 97.7 FM

Game of the Week Stream 2: Southern Guilford (0-2) at Northeast Guilford (0-1) with Kris Walser and Ta’Rique Ridges.
If you are at the game, you can listen in the stadium on 97.7 FM

UPDATE #12 – 11:04 PM – ALL FINALS

Dudley (2-1) – 7
Page (3-0) – 28

Southeast Guilford (2-1) – 27
Northwest Guilford (3-0) – 28

Grimsley (1-2) – 14
Eastern Guilford (2-0) – 30

Ragsdale (2-1) – 55
Western Guilford (0-3) – 6

Ben L. Smith (0-3) – 9
High Point Andrews (1-2) – 13

Southern Guilford (0-3) – 6
Northeast Guilford (1-1) – 27

Northern Guilford (1-2) – 7
Statesville (2-1) – 34

Oak Grove (1-1) – 7
High Point Christian Academy (3-0) – 41

Alleghany (1-2) – 7
Bishop McGuinness (1-2) – 21

Randleman (3-0) – 20
Ledford (1-1) – 14

Eastern Alamance (3-0) – 21
Burlington Williams (1-2) – 147

Southern Durham (1-2) – 7
Southern Alamance (3-0) – 29

Eden Morehead (2-1) – 13
Reidsville (3-0) – 20

WS Carver – 0
Glenn – 47

East Forsyth – 57
North Forsyth – 0

Western Alamance – 58
Cummings – 16

Thursday Night Game
FINAL – Weather called in 3rd Qtr
Southwest Guilford (3-0) – 28
High Point Central (1-2) – 13

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  1. SE vs NW only went to one overtime. NW scored in the last minute or so to tie it up.

  2. Yeah was expecting way more from southeast given all the hype. They should have closed nw out.
    #22 souteast one for the future. He the only kid caught my eye. His release and acceleration deadly. I know ballers and he a baller. Thinking soph

  3. Or could it be that NW Guilford isn’t as bad as y’all thought they would be and they actually came in a won the game! Congratulations to coach Wallace!

  4. Football fan, #22 is Octavious Benton and yes he is a Sophomore. He is a pure receiver. His route running is second to none and he attacks the ball.

  5. Some very sketchy officiating in tonight’s SE VS NW
    game…For the record I’m a NW Fan and I believe he was
    stopped short of the goal line, forward progress was
    Stopped… oh well we will take the W!!

  6. I think he was stopped as well. The refs gave them a million years to score. But ultimately SE shoulda made their xtra point

  7. I think he was stopped as well. The refs gave them a million years to score. But ultimately SE shoulda made their xtra point

  8. Credit to NW, they won. They were not in the end zone. Forward continuation had been stopped…for a while. I don’t think SE is overhyped just a bad luck this game. At one time, both starting safeties, both starting DE’s and the big LB were out with injuries and they were winning 21-7. SE lacks quality depth as is the issue with most high school teams. If SE stays healthy this game. I think they win it convincingly. But that is why they play the game. The QB for NW is an athlete who is at his best on the move.

  9. Shocking, SE loses to a team thqt has or will gave a winning record. Dont worry, you can pad your overrated record next week vs. Grimsley. Then you can stay true to form by getting waxed in two weeks against Dudley.

  10. SE got jobbed by refs. So much home cooking they should have been wearing aprons instead of stripes. Chad Stevens 50 yd TD reception called back because of holding in first half. 50+ yd TD kickoff return negated by offsetting penalties. Critical successful third down conversion late in game callled back after illegal man downfield call. First SE TD In OT negated by defensive offsides call after Douglas had scored so they had to score again. Successful extra point kick wiped out by illegal substitution penalty in overtime. NW clearly stopped a yard short of scoring in OT but ruled in after refs collectively swallowed their whistles and stared at each other for 5 seconds. Virtually nothing called on NW the entire second half. Pagano is a good QB and Cloud a great receiver for NW but dang…don’t steal it from the SE kids

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