College Football being played Today/Sunday with N.C. A&T at ECU(A&T 28, ECU 23) and UNCP at WSSU(WSSU 23, UNCP 20) and Free Admission for Rams’ game and Guilford College-Huntingdon in NO CONTEST Saturday, but Cody Rhodes tops Nick Aldis to win NWA Title

Final from Greenville, N.C.:
N.C. A&T 28, East Carolina 23
N.C. A&T(2-0)…Greensboro upsets Greenville….Huge win for the A&T Aggies…If ECU kicks field goals on their last two possessions, there is a very good chance that ECU wins this game, 29-28…East Carolina thought they could past the A&T Aggies’ defense and it was not going to happen today…The Aggies’ defense, led by Franklin ‘Mac’ McCain, from Dudley High School, shut down the ECU Pirates offense and no TD’s late for ECU….McCain with a Pick Six of 100 yards for A&T and the Aggies bring home another victory over an FBS school…

Also Winston-Salem State 23, UNC-Pembroke 20

First off big news for today, with Winston-Salem State hosting UNC-Pembroke in a game that was rained out/lightninged out on Saturday….
WSSU-UNCP from John Dell at the WS Journal:WSSU’s game with UNC Pembroke is postponed until Sunday at Bowman Gray Stadium — and it’s free!…Better get on over there, kickoff at 3pm…

More College Football on a Sunday with N.C. A&T(1-0) at East Carolina and that was set for a 3:30pm kickoff….You can catch the game on the local 1320 AM with Donald Ware, “The Voice of Aggies Football”

There was football at Guilford College on Saturday, but they did not get a finish….The visiting Huntingdon Hawks and Guilford Quakers ended their college football game in a “NO CONTEST”, when lightning hit near the Guilford College campus and both teams were forced to leave the field and go inside to their locker rooms, at the Ragan-Brown Field House….

I was at this game and I made the retreat for the Quaker walking trail/path while the game was being held hostage by the weather….By the way, Guilford is currently draining their lake, and they will be coming back with a new and improved ‘Quaker Lake’ soon…

After covering the Quaker campus with a nice, but humid afternoon walk, I made my way back toward the Armfield Athletic Center and the Herb Appenzeller Field, where I struck up a conversation with Guilford College assistant football coach Bracey Maynard, son of former Guilford College baseball coach, Stuart “Rock” Maynard….

The game was called at around 4pm and Coach Maynard said they should be headed back to field to resume the game at around 5pm…For the lightning, you have to wait at least a half hour before you can return to the field of play and to Guilford’s disliking, the lightning had already struck twice and we were an hour behind the times, at 5pm…

The new text report said we should be going back to the field at around 5:30, but that call was aborted too and at around 5:30, the light rain began to fall on the Guilford College campus and it looked like we were headed for more problems…

The rain began to fall harder and I began to run harder for my car and got to the Japanese vehicle, just in time to save my American-made clothing from getting soaked….

After all of the lightning strikes, we now had a good old-fashioned downpour on our hands and heads, and this was going to turn out be the ‘Final Blow’, in what turned out to be a “NO CONTEST” result in the football game between Guilford College and Huntingdon College on Saturday afternoon and I had spent much of my afternoon, before the lightning hit, inside the Quaker Club Tent, just inside of the Armfield Athletic Center, and just a few feet away from the Herb Appenzeller Field…

Huntingdon had been leading 58-48 when the game had been called due to the lighting, and this game would not resume, this game was called, “NO CONTEST”….

“NO CONTEST” with Guilford vs. Huntingdon on Saturday, and this is how we derived the verdict and ended up with the game being thrown out of Herb Appenzeller’s court, which is in reality the Guilford College football field, with a nice astro turf/Turf covering….

The envelope please and here is how the judge reached the “NO CONTEST” verdict:

Athletic trainers spotted lightning nearby shortly before 4:00 p.m. The teams cleared the field and fans emptied the stands. The lightning continued and was eventually accompanied by rain, which was heavy at times.

**********Per NCAA Football rules, the referee may suspend a game temporarily when conditions warrant such action. Rule 3, Article 3 c. states, “If a game is suspended under Rules 3-3-a and b before the end of the fourth period and cannot be resumed, there are four possible options:**********

1. Resume the game at a later date;
2. Terminate the game with a determined final score;
3. Forfeit of the game; or
4. Declare a no contest.”

+++++Huntingdon Athletics Director and Head Football Coach Mike Turk, Guilford Athletics Director Sue Bower, and Guilford Head Coach Chris Rusiewicz met with game officials and eventually agreed to a no-contest declaration.+++++

“Huntingdon’s lengthy trip back to Alabama after two nights on the road, a very uncertain weather forecast, and the absence of a satisfactory time to resume play contributed to the decision,” Bower said. “It’s a disappointing end to a very exciting contest.”

In other corners where a ‘NO CONTEST” is sometimes the result on regular basis, and many times the No Contest comes on the heels of Disqualification and it is rare to find many No DQ matches these days, we had a Winner in the Cody Rhodes vs. Nick Aldis “All In” battle on Saturday night, and Rhodes takes the NWA Championship and walks away with the belt and the NWA Title, during the “All-In” professional wrestling matches, at the SOLD OUT Sears Centre in Chicago….Winner: Cody via Pinfall to win the NWA Worlds Heavyweight Championship…..

So no “No Contest” in Chicago, as Cody gets the win over Nick Aldis, but we did have a “NO CONTEST” in Greensboro, N.C., and this might be the first time we out-did Chicago, but we got them on Saturday and Greensboro with more original content and contests than you will find on a Saturday night, in Chicago….

To sum all of this up and to make it a more simple conclusion for those of you that might be in a hurry with your Labor Day reading plans, in Chicago, it seems like they were “All In”, while in Greensboro, we were “All Out”, as in heading out to our cars and going/heading home…

Hoping to return to Guilford College today/Sunday, to see how that “Quaker Lake Drain” is going….

*****Connell Young(Dudley HS) rushed for 97 yards for Western Carolina University on Saturday, while Will Jones(Page HS) picked up 13 yards on the ground for the WCU Catamounts….*****

5 thoughts on “College Football being played Today/Sunday with N.C. A&T at ECU(A&T 28, ECU 23) and UNCP at WSSU(WSSU 23, UNCP 20) and Free Admission for Rams’ game and Guilford College-Huntingdon in NO CONTEST Saturday, but Cody Rhodes tops Nick Aldis to win NWA Title

  1. I was at the A&T vs ECU game and ECU had no shot on a field goal on their last p1ossession. Maybe the possession before that. Also, A&T’s starting QB Lamar Raynard went out with a hand injury and backup QB #10 Kylil Carter came in and lead two masterfully executed scoring drives. He was lights out.

  2. If ECU attempts that last field goal, I think we are talking about a 45-47 yarder and a decent DI kicker ought to be able to make that…

    If ECU converts on a first FG attempt then the second FG might have been more of a possibility…

    Who knows, but ECU played into A&T’s hands and A&T took care of business…You have to give the Aggies credit, they won this one and not sure if the ECU coach Scottie Montgomery keeps his job if things continue on like this at ECU…

    If A&T is playing the way they did today, on a given Saturday, they could beat UNC too….Big plays for A&T on defense…

    Did Lamar go down with a hand injury or did the offensive coach just make a move and go with Carter….

    Looks like Carter would be the starter now, but I see Lamar Raynard coming back in on some upcoming Saturday for A&T and he will win his job back…Raynard will lead the Aggies again and I see him leading them on to victory and to big things in 2018…..

    Boy, Mac McCain is a Big Game and Big Play Aggie…The bigger the game the bigger McCain seems to step up…He is laying himself out a page or two in the Aggies’ record book…

  3. On ECU’s last possession they were out of dield goal range. That wasn’t an option.

    Also, yes Reynard hurt his hand. We watched them attend to him on the sidelines and saw him trying to open and close it after that. Was he so hurt that he couldn’t come back into the game? That I don’t know.

  4. Also, I highly doubt that Carter will automatically become the starter. He is an EXCELLENT quarterback though.

  5. Looked at that last series again and ECU MAY have been in field goal range. Ball was on the 37 so that is about a 52 yard field goal. Not sure if their kicker had it in him, but you never know.

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