High School Football Saturday Morning Rewind:See some crazy things from last night with Cody King, Tyler Flippen, Fritz Hessenthaler, Southwest Guilford Cowboys and more

How about another round of the High School Football Saturday Morning Rewind??? When we are gone some day and it is all behind us, please remember this feature and you will want to be sure to put this one under your hat and ponder on it, for at least the next 10-12 hours brothers and sisters….

Cody King from Page High School is going crazy….He might be in line for the Guilford County Player of the Year on many of our early ballots….He is scoring touchdowns right and left and is getting all of the lead way he needs from his quarterback Javondre Paige and we knew Cody back when he was the wideout for the Aycock Lions and wearing what I think was the number 84 on his back and now he wears #3…Kam Gavin, Stephen Scott, Antonio Herbin and Kobe Phillips also showing up every week on defense for the Page Pirates…Also big night on Friday for Page DL Markus Bailey…

If you want to jump back and catch last night’s Page-Eastern Guilford game on the rewind with EG up early on, 13-0, and you can catch Dennis White’s pregame interviews with EG coach Joe Glass and Page coach Jared Rolfes, and Dennis on the post game interviews with winning coach Rolfes and Cody King, then we have Don Tilley with “Tilley’s Tallies”, “Tilley’s Takes” and at the end of the game, “Tilley’s Takeaways”, you need to
CLICK HERE for GreensboroSports Radio and you can rewind the tape and catch last night’s game all over again….GreensboroSports Radio, CLICK HERE and you can go there now….Check out that Collin Smith(EG) 53-yard field goal…

Wyatt Smith from GreensboroSports.com has the word on last night’s Northwest Guilford-Northern Guilford game and Tyler Flippen(Northern Guilford HS) laid claim to our Danny Pigge(Ameriprise Financial) Player of the Week award with his part in 5 touchdowns on the night, going to the air for 2 TD’s, while running for 3 scores….Tyler Flippen flipping out last night and going crazy in that NG Nighthakws win over the Northwest Guilford Vikings…
CLICK HERE for the Rewind on that game from Wyatt Smith….

Kris Walser and Dimitri Morrison have the scoop on how the Southwest Guilford Cowboys have jumped out to a (4-0) start to the season, after SWG’s 27-17 victory over the Ragsdale Tigers…..We don’t have all of the details, but Kris and Dimitri do and you can follow the flight of the ball coming out of Devin Flowers hands, when you CLICK HERE and join those that are in on “The Rewind”….Mike Hogewood had the Fever, the “Friday Football Fever” and we have our own viral virus with the “Saturday Morning Rewind”….Catch Kris and DMZ Morrison right now on the rewind, at GreenboroSports Radio 2….

Here go next on “The Rewind” with David Kehrli from the Burlington Times News on Fritz Hessenthaler and his Southern Alamance Patriots (4-0) start this season and it is one of the wilder starts and wildest high school football stories in the state this season….Check it out as we hit The Rewind coming on Coach Fritz and his Patriots, from Southern Alamance High School…from David Kehrli at the Burlington Times News/www.thetimesnews.com:
MT. HERMON — Jsi Hatfield brought his best in perhaps one of the biggest games for Southern Alamance in recent memory.

The Patriots senior finished with 251 rushing yards on 21 carries and 4-for-5 passing for 81 yards. He scored five of Southern Alamance’s seven touchdowns in a 54-34 non-conference victory against Eastern Alamance.

“It was real big to me,” Hatfield said. “For one, beating Eastern (Alamance) is always good because I haven’t done it my whole high school career. It meant a lot to me.”

Southern Alamance has defeated both Eastern Alamance and Western Alamance in the same season for the first time since 2004.

The Patriots (4-0) used three different quarterbacks — Hatfield, Hunter Harrelson and Gavin McAdams — which seemed to cause problems for Eastern Alamance because of the differing styles.

“We’ve been using that three-quarterback system all year. This is the fourth game in-a-row we’ve used three different quarterbacks,” Southern Alamance coach Fritz Hessenthaler said. “It’s kind of odd. It’s almost like a change-up (for defenses). Our quarterbacks do different things well. Sometimes one makes the offense click a little bit and we just keep rotating.”

**********Southern Alamance gained 399 yards — 325 on the ground — in a dominant first half to take a 40-20 lead.**********
CLICK HERE to catch the rest of the skinny on the Southern Alamance Patriots and coach Fritz Hessenthaler coming out of last night’s game…

More on “The Rewind” coming up your way soon, on this Saturday Morning and it is a “Saturday Morning Rewind”…..

And now it is time to really roll the tape and get “The Rewind” rolling….

CLICK HERE for Joe Sirera at the News and Record’s HSXtra section from Greensboro.com and get his report on last night’s Page-Eastern Guilford game…

CLICK HERE for J.P. Mundy from the News and Record with his take and notes on last night’s Southwest Guilford win over the Ragsdale Tigers in Jamestown…..

CLICK HERE where Bradley Cole has the whole roll of tape, rewinding Northern Guilford’ win last night over the Northwest Guilford Vikings, coming in from the News and Record’s HSXtra site, at Greensboro.com….

CLICK HERE for Tim Nash with the stash that brings in the cash on Southeast Guilford’s shutout victory over the Grimsley Whirlies down at SEG’s Bill Slayton Stadium on Friday night and it is rolling in from the News and Record and HSXtra at Greensboro.com…

CLICK HERE for the Dudley Panthers over the Durham Hillside Hornets, 21-7 and here is the plan with “The Man” Tom Shanahan in the van, just back from Japan and doing what he can for the News and Record and their HSXtra site at Greensboro.com….

We just got the plan from Mr. Shanahan and also this morning, I heard from the Dudley Fan and he said if he were a betting man and me/AD could get a better tan, I might be able to join the post-game party as they trek to Iran, but getting back to the subject, The Dudley Man/Fan said Alston Hooker did a good job last night at QB and he is now the Panthers’ #1 QB and Richard Monroe IV/Quad Monroe will now settle in and play almost full-time at defensive back and the freshman, Jahmier Slade, who got some JV reps vs. Hillside on Thursday, Slade will now be the Dudley varsity #2 QB, behind junior Hooker, the #1 QB, and that is how it looks going into the Dudley-Southeast Guilford game next Friday night at Dudley, with SEG coming to “The Tarp” coached by former Dudley Panthers’ player Kennedy Tinsley….On a Bad News Note, James Conyers, a very tough Dudley offensive lineman, broke his leg in the game last night at Hillside and could well be lost for the entire 2018 season…..

More on Dudley-Hillside from WRALSportsFan and Jordan Hadding and we learn that Michael Wyman scored a TD for Dudley, good to Wyman back in the game…CLICK HERE for this report….

The word up and the lowdown on Devin Flowers from Southwest Guilford from Michael Lindsay at the High Point Enterprise:
Devin Flowers completed 9 of 16 passes for 226 yards and scored four touchdowns (two passing, two rushing) to lead the Cowboys (4-0), who won for just the second time in the last 20 meetings against the Tigers and for the first time at Ragsdale since 1997.

Read all from Mr. Lindsay at the HP Enterprise, as he breaks down the SWG-Ragsdale game and you can catch it all on ‘The Rewind”, when you

CLICK HERE for Greer, Greer Smith, at the High Point Enterprise on the High Point Central-West Forsyth game from Friday evening, here now, on “The Saturday Morning Rewind/Saturday Afternoon Post….

from the Durham Herald Sun on the Wake Forest Cougars win and it was the 35 straight win and Wake Forest High School has now won 63 of their last 65 games and if you are looking for a team to beat in our state this season, it is them Wake Forest HS, coached by Reggie Lucas…
Wake Forest 31, Leesville Road 18
The battle of two unbeaten schools drew a crowd that had cars parked down Stadium Drive in Wake Forest as the two-time defending champs improved to 4-0 with a win over their former conference foe.

The Courgars jumped out to a 21-0 lead before Pride wide receiver/kicker Noah Burnette scored 11 points on his own to pull Leesville within 10 in the third. Wake Forest scored 10 unanswered to start the fourth, giving the home team some breathing room en route to their 35th consecutive victory. Senior wide receiver Traevon Kenion scored three touchdowns for the Cougars.

4 thoughts on “High School Football Saturday Morning Rewind:See some crazy things from last night with Cody King, Tyler Flippen, Fritz Hessenthaler, Southwest Guilford Cowboys and more

  1. When the same things stay the same thing year after year, complacency sets in.If you are just drifting along you really moving backwards.

    It sounds like great things are happening for Southern Alamance and for Coach Fritz. A win win situation for both SA and SE and Coach Fritz getting fresh starts.

    Should be a great contest between the two teams and no matter the outcome,hopefully everyone will shake hands and say great game.

  2. Fritz is a former Guilford County coach and now doing well at his new home, at Southern Alamance, and in order for Guilford County to win the Mid-Piedmont 3-A Conference with Eastern Guilford and Southeast Guilford having the best chance right now to win that conference, they are going to have to go through Coach Fritz and Southern Alamance….

    The SA (4-0) start to the season is not to be ignored and it sure has got our attention…..We are pulling for Southeast and Eastern to win it/the Conference, but it will be a tough row to hoe and it is time to go and get ready for the next team up and when SA and Fritz are next on the schedule, be ready for them and beat them, it is as simple as that, but you must be aware and ready for them…

    What lies in the road ahead? We will know by the next name up on our schedule….

    September 14 next opponent and it is “Go Time”….and the other teams that lie ahead, I want to be ready for them too, when that time arrives….

    It is all staring us in the face and we must be ready for it….

  3. SEG vs SA going to be good game in a couple weeks. Hopefully this one will remain a “civil” meeting. Thanks to our principal for maintaining order at SEG Grimsley game this weekend. Not a close game but some SEG students tried to come over and cause some problems on the visitor side. Our principal and a deputy stepped in and ushered them back to their side.

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