A few Saturday Stats to chew on:SAT STAT Report

Here are some of the key offensive Stats that we have been able to find over on MaxPreps for the first few games of the season and it is interesting to see the QB #’s in several key cases and it doesn’t seem to matter who High Point Central has at QB, the Bison always seem to put up top-tier #’s for their QB’s in passing and rushing…..

Here are the numbers we came up with on this Saturday and maybe we can do something with the defensive #’s in the near future…

I’m thinking your Top Three in Total Yards are Keith McDuffie Jr.(HP Central) 1,065 yards, Javondre Paige(Page HS) with 1,009 yards and John Saunders Jr.(High Point Christian Academy) with 932 yards…..

This is the order pretty much in how we looked them up/researched them….

Dudley 4 Games:
Richard Monroe 18-29 passing for 233 yards with 4 TD/2 INT’s
Alston Hooke 19-38 passing for 246 yards and 1 Int.
Myles Smith 32 carries for 289 yards and 4 TD’s
Nashon Wilhite 34 carries for 279 yards and 3 TD’s
Michael Wyman 8 receptions/110 yards/1 TD/2 Games
Tawhan Young 6 receptions/100 yards/1 TD

Page 4 Games:
Javondre Paige 39-83 passing/707 yards/10 TD’s/2 INT’s
Paige with 56 carries for 302 yards/4 TD’s
Cody King with 33 carries for 170 yards/1 TD
King with 8 receptions for 236 yards/4 TD’s
Ford Moser with 14 receptions for 213 yards/2 TD’s

Ragsdale 2 Games:
Devin Boykin 11-23 passing for 150 yards/1 TD
Trey Jackson 9-19/50 yards
Willie Brown 39 carries/172 yards/1 TD
Cameron Chatman 3 receptions for 62 yards/1 TD

Southwest Guilford 3 Games:
Devin Flowers 26-41/305 yards/3 TD’s/1 INT
Kolby Cuthrell 26 carries/175 yards/2 TD’s
Tyrey Graham 26 carries/128 yards/4 TD’s
Graham with 6 receptions/65 yards/2 TD’s

Southeast Guilford 4 Games:
Ryan Douglas 49-80/576 yards/3 TD’s/0 INT’s
Douglas 53 carries/223 yards/6 TD’s
Jaylen Fairley 54 carries/349 yards/4 TD’s
Tre Caldwell 11 receptions/188 yards/1 TD

Smith 5 Games:
Jordan Williams 31-50/280 yards
C.J. Thacker 26 carries/255 yards/1 TD
Nkosi Alston 49 carries/209 yards
Xavier Garner 8 receptions/109 yards/1 TD

Western Guilford 4 Games:
Robbie Boyd 29-72/345 yards/4 TD’s/5 INT’s..3 Games
Dante Bovian 48 carries/264 yards/1 TD
Amaah Achina 30 carries/164 yards/1 TD
Niles Wright 14 receptions/153 yards/3 TD’s

Northwest Guilford 4 Games:
Johnny Pagano 34-57/533 yards/7 TD’/4 INT’s
Pagano with 58 carries/222 yards/1 TD
Jacob Hardy 55 carries/341 yards/4 TD’s
Andre Donnell 28 carries/214 yards/1 TD
Cam Cloud 15 receptions/199 yards/1 TD

High Point Central 5 Games:
Keith McDuffie Jr. 34-52/445 yards/3 TD’s/3 INT’s
McDuffie with 77 carries for 620 yards/5 TD’s
Monterious Godfrey 49 carries for 339 yards/3 TD’s
Elijah Kennedy 29 carries/250 yards
Trey Westray 7 receptions/222 yards/2 TD’s
Elijah Kennedy 10 receptions/109 yards
Tawan Thompson 8 receptions/102 yards/1 TD

High Point Andrews 3 Games:
Jenoah McIver 22-39 for 236 yards/2 TD/4 INT’s
Braylin Brown 8 carries/81 yards
Isaiah Davis-McCallum 11 receptions/169 yards/2 TD’s

Grimsley No Stats

Northern Guilford 4 Games:
Tyler Flippen 21-47/347 yards/2 TD’s/4 INT’s
Flippen with 52 carries for 240 yards/5 TD’s
Rakeem Murchinson 38 carries/3 TD’s
Ramar Thomas 4 receptions/131 yards

Northeast Guilford 4 Games:
Justin Wilson 27-54/458 yards/5 TD’s/1 INT
Kobie Perez 53 carries for 226 yards/1 TD
Davion Swain 34 carries for 201 yards
Jaydon Hall 9 receptions/110 yards/1 TD
Antonio Greene 6 receptions/104 yards/1 TD

Eastern Guilford 2 Games:
Kamell Smith 18-37/210 yards
Hezekiah Newby 23 carries 212 yards
Damon Coleman 4 receptions/41 yards

Southern Guilford 3 Games:
Myles Crisp 18-48/261 yards/2 TD’s/1 INT
Crisp with 28 carries for 103 yards
Amai Lee 8 receptions/108 yards/1 TD

High Point Christian Academy 4 Games:
John Saunders Jr. 32-65 passing/595 yards/5 TD’s/1 INT
Saunders 46 carries for 337 yards/5 TD’s
Caleb Andrews 19 carries for 112 yards/2 TD’s
Jamarii Thomas 8 carries for 104 yards/1 TD
Jaquan Jones with 24 carries/102 yards/2 TD’s
Brycen Thomas 13 receptions/245 yards/3 TD’s
Jamarii Thomas 8 receptions/207 yards/2 TD’s


  1. A lot of talent listed here. We have a lot to be proud of in our area. Not necessarily a Grimsley fan…but wish they would post their stats so we could recognize their players as well.

  2. Don’t seem to have that big-time RB this year in Guilford County. A number of the top rushers are dual-threat QBs, and we also don’t seem to have anybody putting up the kind of passing numbers we’ve seen in recent years. A lot of very promising sophomore QBs, though, so this may be a bit of a rebuilding year offensively.

  3. The prime running backs seemed to have primed the pump and it does seem like the QB’a are becoming more like Cam Newton-style QB’s where they run just about as much as they pass and they are taking over the run landscape…

    Prime examples are McDuffie at HP Central, Paige at Page, Saunders Jr. at HPCA, Douglas at SEG, Flippen at Northern Guilford, Boykin at Ragsdale, Flowers at SWG, Monroe/Alston at Dudley, Pagano at NWG, to some degree Smith at Eastern Guilford, Crisp at Southern Guilford and we could keep going…The QB’s are taking off and running and they are picking up big yards….

    We are seeing numbers increase for the skill players on the outside too…But the old days of run-first with the running backs, seem to running out of time….

  4. Not many big time arms out here from what i have seen. Yet to see any qb set those feet and lay a high level strike. suspect most these qbs have running tds. NC a run and play defense state.
    Swg guy look like he can sit in the pocket and make some throws. Best I seen SO FAR as a passer.

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