Coach Sam Washington Prepares N.C. A&T Aggies For Morgan State University After Hurricane Florence

A&T Football Coach Sam Washington Prepares his Aggies for Morgan State University after Florence
Courtesy: NC A&T Sports Information

N.C. A&T Head Coach Sam Washington on the impact of Hurricane Florence
“It’s been a tough week for us, we’ve had kids to go home and many of them have not returned. I think the majority of them are on their way back at this time. We’re looking forward to them coming back to campus safely. And hopefully, they left their families in a good state. It’s been a trying time for all of us. But we’re anxious to get back to it, and we look forward to the challenge in Morgan this week. Their record does not indicate their capabilities. They are 0-3, but I thought they played two really good teams, and this past week I thought they had an opportunity to win the game. We’re excited about playing at home once again and we look forward to beginning conference play.”

Washington on how this break has affected the team
“We were able to practice only twice last week due to the campus closing, and many of our kids were really concerned about their families at home. We understood that. But both the storm and the bye week showed up at the right time. We’re pretty banged up, so this time off was very valuable for us and was an opportunity for the kids to heal and get back into form. “

Washington on possible changes to starting lineup
“We didn’t see any need to do so, but last week enabled us to learn our depth situation. We were able to see what everyone was capable of, so that was very valuable to us.”

Washington on the state of the offensive line
“We’ve learned that we have more depth than we thought and the kids who played, played better than anticipated. They gave great effort and very little to no mental mistakes and that’s huge for first-time players. Marquell Hardy and Michael Shaw will definitely be back this week. Marcus Pettiford, we find out tomorrow where he is, and if he will be able to play Saturday. But the experience the second team guys got was valuable, and the fact that they proved they can do what we ask them to do is valuable. So I’m happy for them, and happy for the team that we are gaining depth on the offensive line.”

Washington on defensive effort against Gardner-Webb
“Well you know I’m a defensive man and my philosophy is if they don’t score, you don’t lose. But I was very impressed with the offense, and I thought (Quarterback Lamar Raynard) did a really good job in the second half. He made some key adjustments, found weaknesses and was able to exploit them. That’s good coaching.”

Washington on offensive threat Bears pose
“The quarterback is very mobile, and the past three quarterbacks we’ve played were not. They were pretty much pocket passers but this week we have a young man who will take off with the football. If he doesn’t get the opportunity he wants or the read he wants to throw the football, he’ll tuck it and run. We’ve yet to see that, so I think that’s going to be the major challenge on defense this week.”

Washington on Bears defense
“Very aggressive defense. They’ll put eight in the box and they’ll send nine, so we’re going to have to take some shots. They’re going to bring a lot of pressure and it gives us the opportunity to go over the top. I’m looking forward to the challenge. “

Washington on offense second-half scoring
“What I would like to believe, is the coaching has something to do with that aspect. Coaches putting people in the proper position and giving them the opportunity to be successful. But a lot of it has to do with the kids on the field and their desire to win.”

Washington on if he will give up co-defensive coordinator title
“I see a lot of growth in (Courtney Coard) each week, and I relinquish some of the responsibilities each week. Hopefully, soon I’ll be able to turn over the reins to him fully.”

Washington on being ranked No. 4 nationally
“The kids are very deserving, but what we would like to do is be our very best and we have not done that yet. So that’s our goal, to be the best. And now everybody’s gunning for you once you reach the top. We understand that, and we’re prepared for it. We have to reach our potential and let the chips fall where they may.”

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  1. Be as it may, blame the weather the head coach did not have his team prepared for this game against MSU. Terrible offensive showing once again. Taking subpar teams lightly will get you beat every time.

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