Did we get any of these Middle School Football Games in Today???:Looking for Jackson Middle at Allen Jay Prep TODAY(Allen Jay Prep and Northern Guilford Winners)

Jackson Middle at Allen Jay Prep TODAY/Thursday September 20….
Final:Allen Jay Prep 22, Jackson Middle 6

*****If the games were a go, they were set to go at 5pm and 5:30pm today….*****

Northern Guilford Middle at Northeast Guilford…..Northern Guilford had a lead of 22-0, late in the game…Final:Northern Guilford 38, Northeast Guilford 6
Mendenhall Middle vs. Kiser Middle at Grimsley High School
Hairston Middle at Southwest Middle School
Northwest Guilford Middle vs. Southern Guilford Middle
Lincoln Middle at Western Guilford Middle
Swann Middle vs. Ferndale Middle