Holland Auto Care Middle School Today Scoreboard for Wednesday October 3:Mendenhall draws BIG crowd for Northern Guilford game/Ferndale keeps it rolling over in High Point

++++++++++Anybody got a Final, or can find a Final on Swann vs. Jackson??/++++++++++

Finals from Wednesday Middle School Football in Guilford County:
Hairston Middle School 50, The Academy at Lincoln 0

Western Guilford 32, Kiser 19….See more on this game down below, in the lower lot….

Southeast Guilford 28, Jamestown 22
Game-winning TD was scored with just seconds left in the game/contest….

Ferndale 38, Welborn 6
This either puts Ferndale at (3-0) or (4-0) and this for sure makes them one of the key teams to beat in Guilford County this Middle School season….Ferndale is for REAL and they are playing some real good football right now….

Northeast Guilford 12, Eastern Guilford 6
NE scored late in the 4th quarter to put it away with about a minute remaining in the game.
Justin Chronois with 2 TD passes, one to Nikell Hall and one to Lawrence Perry. Chronois to Perry for the game winner late in the 4th quarter…

Southern Guilford 14, Allen Jay Prep 8
SGMS improved to 2-0 in conference play and overall with a hard fought 14-8 victory over Allen Jay Prep. Zach Ware and Rydell Herbin each rushed for a touchdown and Jamias Ferere added a PAT run. The SG defense was lead by Jakyri Manning, Conner Fields, Ethan Cox and Rydell Herbin. Zach Ware, Latrell Wilson and Ethan Cox each forced a fumble and Conner Fields recovered one. A tremendous effort by both teams, a very exciting game to watch.
Courtesy of SG Coach McCoury

Final Score:Southwest Guilford 6, Northwest Guilford 0
*****Southwest was leading Northwest Guilford in the 4th quarter 6-0.*****
This was a defensive struggle with both teams running the ball A LOT.

Northern Guilford 14, Mendenhall 6
**********We were on our way into the Mendenhall Middle vs. Northern Guilford Middle School game today, but could not get in…There were NO available parking spaces at Mendenhall Middle School off of Willoughby Street….Got there a tad late, but the demand for parking was so great, all you could do was drive around the parking lot(s) and every parking space was taken…Not sure if they had another event going on at the school today, but they may have to resort to using a shuttle bus and bringing fans in from over at Page HS…Let them park at Page and shuttle them over to Mendenhall….Mendenhall Middle was a tough ticket today and if you wanted to get in, you better have arrived early, because parking was at a premium and NO spaces were to be found, and that just goes to show you how important it is to get your games listed up here on this site, when the fans see the games on this site, they in turn, turn out in droves for the games….But, I think they made history with the demand for PARKING over at Mendenhall today, and there was none…**********

More on Western Guilford at Kiser today, played at Jamieson Stadium, on the Grimsley HS campus…..We pick up the pigskin in the 2nd Quarter as the WG Tigers score to make your score WG 16, Kiser 6…WG got the TD and the two-point conversion run…Big #84 was running strong all day long for Western Guilford and he was stepping up and out, BIG on defense too…The WG TD came at the 2:52 mark of quarter #2…Maynard took off on a 70-yard run for the Kiser Tigers and Kiser’s two-point pass play attempt failed and now WG is on top of Kiser, 16-12, with 1:02 to go in the first half…
Halftime:Western Guilford 16, Kiser 12

Dontae Mason takes off on 14-yard run for Kiser with just :46 seconds left in the 3rd Quarter, and with James Tyler’s PAT kick good, Kiser grabs a brief lead over WG, 19-16…Kiser up 19-16 and that might have been Kiser’s first lead of the day/game, because the score was 8-6 WG, when I arrived after my visit to Mendenhall resulted in a a “NO Parking” sticker….

Things change again just 16 seconds later, as WG takes the Kiser kickoff back 68 yards for the TD and WG, with their successful 2-point run, moves back on top, 24-19 over Kiser…
End of the 3rd Quarter:Western Guilford 24, Kiser 19

Western Guilford cashes in on a 5-yard run with just 2:55 remaining in the game and the WG Tigers add on the two-point conversion to their Touchdown and now with just under three minutes left in the contest, Western is out front to stay, by the score of 32-19, over the Kiser Tigers…

WG has one more scoring opportunity inside the Kiser 10-yard line, but the WG Tigers take a knee and run out the clock and the Final Scores again reads, Western Guilford 32, Kiser 19…That should put records at something like WG(2-1) and Kiser(0-2)…

No names for the WG players on the horn today, it was a Kiser home game and the Jamieson Stadium announcer was from Kiser and did a great job giving us the Kiser info and all home teams ought to try and do the same thing….Hoping to head back toward Mendenhall next week, but I better get there before the first bell that lets the kids out of school at 3:30pm….Might try and hit nearby Northwest Guilford as well…Keep it close to home early in the season and then branch out more as we get closer to November….Saw SEG vs. SWG, late last season, at SEG and that was a cold night, on that “Wednesday in the Middle”…Kernodle is sort of close to the homestead, but I think they are OFF again next week…In the past we have hit Jamestown, SWG, SEG, Tarpley(for Hairston, Lincoln and others), plus Claude Manzi(for Jackson, Allen and others), and on the way we go, as we build the list…..Really, I’ve been to Hollywood, I’ve been to Redwood, I’ve crossed the ocean for a Heart of Gold…..And on we go, sing it, sling it, or just “Bring It”…..

Send us your games tonight, so we can get them all posted here on the BIG BOARD!!!!!

Middle School Football Today in Guilford County:
Swann Middle at Jackson Middle 5pm….We are thinking this game would have been played at Claude Manzi Stadium, at Ben L. Smith High School…..

Allen Middle
Kernodle Middle
Penn-Griffin Middle


  1. Northeast Guilford 12 Eastern Guilford 6
    NE scored late in the 4th quarter to put it away with about a minute remaining in the game.
    Justin Chronois with 2 TD passes, one to Nikell Hall and one to Lawrence Perry. Chronois to Perry for the game winner late in the 4th quarter

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