Dominique Graves(Eastern Guilford HS) climbing the ladder quickly for WS State Rams:Now #1 Punter and backup QB(Reminds Rams’ coaches of former WSSU punter Will Johnson)[Look out for the Graves Brothers]

Dominique Graves is moving up fast at Winston-Salem State….The freshman football player, out of Eastern Guilford High School, has become the WSSU Rams’ starting/#1 Punter and he is currently the backup at Quarterback, and may be pressed into starting duty at QB this weekend…

All of that is fine with Dominique, as he wants to nail his feet down to the football field and stay on it, as much as he can….He has become the top punter for WSSU, and the coaches say he reminds them of another left-footed punter the Rams had a few years back, by the name of Will Johnson, who punted, kicked extra points, kicked field goals and was the man in charge of kickoffs…

If Dominique can get and stay in the ‘Little’ Will Johnson zone, then Graves will be the man that saves the season for the WSSU Rams….Dominique becomes “The Man” and they are just about ready to start him at QB, at WSSU…

Dominique Graves brother Kendyl has been starting on the offensive line all season long, and he is seeing plenty of game time…Dominique wants that same shot Kendyl is getting and Dominique is getting close….

Keep an eye on these Graves Kids, from Eastern Guilford High School, and now making headlines for the Winston-Salem State Rams….

Read a whole lot more from the man that brought this all to our attention, John Dell, at the Winston-Salem Journal….

John Dell will take you to wishing well, and he will tell about how the Graves can sell their talents to Rams and then in turn, both the Rams and the Graves Brothers can benefit….

You never know, the Graves Brothers might be the next set of brothers, from Guilford County, to go big time in college football and then maybe on to the pros…Who knows?????

We had the Bostic Brothers(Joe and Jeff), out of Smith HS, who hit it big at Clemson and then on to the pros with the St. Louis Cardinals and the Washington Redskins; and then there was the Hackett Brothers(Joey and Dino), from Southern Guilford HS, who went on to Elon and Appalachian State, before going to the NFL, with the Kansas Chiefs and Green Packers/Dallas Cowboys; and then you had the Holt Brothers(Torry and Terrence), from Eastern Guilford HS, who both attended N.C. State and and starred at St. Louis with the Rams and with the Detroit Lions…..

And next up on their way up that ladder, and climbing fast??????? The Graves Brothers at Winston-Salem State and who knows where, next……….