Jalen Fairley/SEG Offensive Line(Southeast Guilford HS) are our Week 8 Danny Pigge(Ameriprise Financial) High School Football “Players of the Week”

Jalen Fairley/SEG Offensive Line(Southeast Guilford HS) are our Week 8 Danny Pigge(Ameriprise Financial) High School Football “Players of the Week”

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Jalen Fairley/SEG Offensive Line(Southeast Guilford HS), are our Danny Pigge(Ameriprise Financial) High School Football “Players of the Week”….Fairley with 14 carries, for 209 yards and 2 TD’s in the SEG Falcons’ 27-8 victory over the Southern Alamance Patriots….Along that SEG offensive line you have Johnny King, Quantez Mansfield, Marcus Thompson, Reuben Thrasher, Jeremiah Faust, Tyrek Agoh and others….Fairley with 209 yards and averaging 14.9 yards per carry, with a long run of 87 yards behind that big offensive line….Fairley now with 585 yards on the ground and 10 TD’s for the season/year…That offensive line up front, has been getting the job done….

Jalen Fairley/SEG Offensive Line(Southeast Guilford HS) are our Danny Pigge(Ameriprise Financial) High School Football “Players of the Week”…
(In addition to their Player of the Week Plaque from Danny Pigge(Ameriprise Financial), Jalen Fairley and the SEG offensive line also will receive a trip to, and be a guest at Coach Jimmy Lamour’s Combine Football Camp next May, at Ragsdale High School.)

Week One Winner:
Collin Smith(Eastern Guilford High School)
Week Two Winner:
Javondre Paige(Page High School)
Week Three Winner:
Johnny Pagano(Northwest Guilford High School)
Week Four Winner:
Tyler Flippen(Northern Guilford High School)
Week Five Winner:
Brett Shreve(Southeast Guilford High School)
Week Six Winner:
Cody King(Page High School)
Week Seven Winner:
Tawahn Young(Dudley High School)
Week Eight Winner:
Jalen Fairley/The Offensive Line(Southeast Guilford High School)

Plaques will coming in for Collin Smith, Javondre Paige, Johnny Pagano, Tyler Flippen, Brett Shreve, Cody King, Tawahn Young and Jalen Fairley/The SEG Offensive Line courtesy of Danny Pigge at Ameriprise Financial and Mr. Roberto Cruz at Greensboro Trophy….

Our Player of the Game from last Friday night’s games that GreensboroSports.com and GreensboroSports Radio covered was Rob Dalton, from Grimsley High School….He will also be receiving a plaque in the near future as his award, for his offensive and defensive efforts….Dalton with 3 receptions for 64 yards and 1 TD on offense and then Rob Dalton with 2 Interceptions and another touchdown for the Grimsley Whirlies in their 34-21 win at Ragsdale High School….Dalton’s TD catch covered 40 yards and he took his interception back 33 yards for the touchdown…..

Marlon Darby and Nashon Wilhite(Dudley HS), were the Players of the Game from Kris Walser and Demitri Morrison’s Dudley-Smith football game….Darby with 162 yards on 20 carries and 2 TD’s for the Dudley Panthers, while Wilhite ran for 76 yards on 10 big/strong carries for the Panthers…..

Player of the Game in Wyatt Smith’s Grimsley vs. Ragsdale game was Rob Dalton, from Grimsley High School…..We had Jalen Fairley and the Southeast Guilford Falcon’s offensive line as our Player of the Game from the SEG-Southern Alamance game, but Fairley and the SEG O-line, moved up to the Player of the Week, with their overall combined efforts…..

That’s our look at some of the Top Players in Guilford County from last week’s games and the All-County Checklist will continue, as we head toward Week Nine of the 2018 Season….

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  1. Can’t overlook the performance by Jakob Lenard for NG stepping in for an injured T. Flippen against E. Alamance. Though a tough loss he threw for 325 yards on 24 completions with 4 TDs.

  2. ….but I agree with Spencer Dixon. Leonard has been stepping up for 2 seasons now. I’m sure Fairley is deserving….but Leonard had an amazing night.

    Good luck to both young men the rest of the season.

  3. Excellent night for Jake Lenard and if Northern goes on the win that game at Eastern Alamance, that would have been another feather in his cap/hat…Getting the win pays a bonus in the overall team category too and I have to say, I thought Northern had that game, down at Eastern Alamance…

    No need to get down if you are Northern, at (5-2), the Nighthawks are playing winning football right now and they need to keep that up…

    A nice system to have when you can lose your weekly starter in Tyler Flippen and then turn the team over to Jake Lenard and let him take you down the field, through the air….

    Flippen and Lenard are two excellent QB’s and Northern is lucky to have them both…Have had the opportunity to interview both of those young men and they are top-notch…..

    Was hearing today that Southeast Guilford has lost Tre Caldwell for the season, due to injury and that will be a big blow to the Falcons, with Tre covering both the WR and DB positions….Hope he can still return later on, but right now it looks iffy….This will force SEG to adjust and the better teams do, and I am sure that they will…..

  4. Congrats to Jalen and the O-Line. Jalen served as the spark that got SE back into that game last week. Southern Alamance looked like they were going to run away with it early. They walked the ball down the field on their first possession and we couldn’t move the ball……..then we actually put an 80+ yard drive together. Jalen had 70+ of those yards. Give credit where it is due. That is hard for a lot of people to do.

  5. Let’s don’t be too hard on our coaches, their job is not an easy job to do.

    And I think for the most part, they are all doing a very good job here in Guilford County…..

  6. Saw from Tre Caldwell(Southeast Guilford HS) that the injury he suffered in the game last Friday night, vs. Southern Alamance, the injury has ended his high school career…

    Tre said he has played his last high school football game. Headed to Appalachian State for college football….Committed to Boone…

  7. That is a tough deal for Tre. I saw how hard he was working before he got his scholarship offers, but he kept working hard AFTER he got his offers. Here is to a quick and full recovery. Continued success in the future.

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