High School Football on Monday Night with your Finals:SEG making a statement for a Conference Championship tonight(Key Links to Monday night’s games now available)

JV Football:Southwest Guilford JV 25 Smith JV 6

*****************Monday Night Varsity Football:**************
Southeast Guilford 37, Eastern Guilford 24
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SEG home vs. Southern Guilford on Friday night…Eastern Guilford at Southern Alamance on Friday night..

SEG led Eastern 30-7 at halftime and then EG responded/reacted after the intermission and EG won the second half 17-7, but way too many turnovers by EG with at least three INT’s and most of those picks led to SEG points…Ryan Douglas, from SEG with a very solid football game running the controls at QB, for SEG…Douglas with two touchdowns running the ball and at least two TD passes…Favorite targets for Douglas tonight were Adam Douglas, Octavious Benton and Jalen Stockham….Ryan Douglas is making a strong run now for Guilford County Player of the Year….He is the true leader of the Southeast Guilford Falcons…The SEG offense and the SEG defense were really clicking tonight, especially in the first half at Eastern Guilford….Brett Shreve, Quantez, Mansfield, Kyree Burns, Chad Stephens, Justin Fleming, Jalen Stockham, Johnny King and all playing well on the SEG ‘D’….Douglas(Ryan), is playing more like the old Chicago Bears QB Bobby Douglas, every week….

For EG’s Collin Smith, a 46-yard FG tonight and for SEG’s kicker Jonathan Medlin, a 42-yards field goal…Three excellent kickers in this game at Tommy Grayson Stadium tonight, in Collin Smith from EG, plus Jonathan Medlin with the field goals, PAT kicks and these Joseph Lowes from SEG the Falcons’ punts and Kickoffs…Lowes was working with a strong foot tonight for the Falcons….Collin Smith attempted a pass on a fake punt and the pass should have been completed, the EG receiver, just could not come up with the catch…

We were loving some of those kickoff returns by Eastern Guilford’s Cameron Myers tonight….Myers had on wings, and he was flying down the field at 30-35 yards per clip on his kickoff returns for the EG Wildcats….

Coach Kennedy Tinsley, the head coach for SEG, really had his Falcons primed for the Monday Night Football Game…Defensive coordinator Damon Coiro, from SEG, had his defense ready from the opening whistle and the Falcon defenders brought their “A” game with them to Gibsonville tonight/Monday night….

SEG is learning to make the “Big Plays” and the Falcons have found ways to win the “Big Games”….I have seen them defeat Dudley, Southern Alamance and now Eastern Guilford, all in “Big Games” this season….Very impressed right with SEG….Steady running by Jalen Fairley in the SEG offensive backfield, he had over 200 yards and 2 TD’s vs. Southern Alamance and followed that up, with another strong effort this evening….EG got good running from Hezekiah Newby and Rufus Williams….

SEG just has to make sure they let these recent wins go their heads….Must stay down to earth and realize on a given night, you could end up giving the game up to anybody, even a team with a losing record…Must stay focused and ready to play at your highest level for a full season…

Page 26, Northwest Guilford 6
Player of the Game, “The Page Defense”, led by Isaiah Oglesby, Cam Gavin, Stephen Scott, Alex Angus and Demarkus Bailey….
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Page at High Point Central(3-5) on Friday night….NWG home vs. Ragsdale(4-4/0-1)) on Friday night

Southern Guilford 47, Asheboro 27
Southern Guilford at Southeast Guilford this Friday night….SG has now won two games in a-row….

Randleman 30, High Point Andrews 8
Randlman(8-0/4-0)/HP Andrews(2-6/1-2)


  1. Go Falcons. A great birthday present for me from a great bunch of kids. I am proud of all of you guys. KEEP Playing HARD !!

    Coach Charlie Pannell

  2. Southeast is the best team in the area this year bottom line. Now the falcons have to focus up and finish conference play and make a big run come playoffs

  3. Southeast kids are doing a great job of ” Next man stepping up” in the absence of Tre Caldwell and Braxton King. Hopefully that will make us stronger for the playoffs.

  4. Great win for Southeast Guilford last night. The kids stepped up and took another step toward accomplishing some of their goals. That being said should they win the conference title and win out the real competition will come in the playoffs. Gotta keep getting better each day.

  5. “Sorry Circumstance”, why do you continue to talk about old news. Most the players, coaches and parent who live off 421 in Pleasant Garden have moved on to greener pastures. Why continue taking the shine away from the kids who are “Winning it on the Field”. Find something else to talk about, like 1) They beat Dudley, 2) they are in position to win a conference championship on the field, 3) and the players are playing for each other and a bigger prize. If your okay with being 7-5 over a 14 year period, obviously your “Sorry Circumstances” aren’t that great. Keep the hate in your new neck of the woods, because these players, coaches, parent, teachers, administration and community are Falcons on a mission and not living in the past. Love for each other, is a powerful thing, try it.

  6. I will go with what that last guy said…Sorry Circumstances, I would say things are looking very good right now for the SEG Falcons and their football program…

    Time to move on and this is now and the past is in the past and the Present/Current Time looks great for SEG…A great chance to win their conference and do well in the playoffs…

    If you are not happy with SEG right now/current day, then I would say you are not a Southeast Guilford Falcon fan and you are not with the program…

    Don’t insult the Falcons and their program, their kids and coaches have worked too hard for this…

    Things were good in the past and now they are even better…

    Time to get with the program man…And if you can’t get on board, don’t come in here with your crying and bad-mouthing, we don’t need it..

    We are trying to promote the kids and build a better community….

  7. Also let’s don’t be blasing any of our former or current coaches..

    We all have to be above that…

    It is a good day out here…

    Don’t worry, be happy and get and out and make the most of this day….

    Let’s get some good comments going, and promote these kids and one problem with our society today is nobody wants to read the good, everybody wants to seem to go after and read that juicy negative stuff, where somebody got cut down, or got cussed out, we need more of THE GOOD STUFF….

  8. Amen Andy!!! Another great win for SEG…beyond SEG winning the game, who really stood out to me was Colin Smith, what a weapon. That kid kept EG’s back from being against the wall and pinned SEG deep on a few occasions. Smith also kicked a 45 yard field goal that woulda been good from 50 or so. You don’t see that often in high school.

  9. You are on the money on Collin Smith….Kickoffs to the end zone or the two-yard line, averaged near 48 yards per punt, had the field goal and we gave him 46 yards on that, and he threw a pass on a fake punt and the pass should have been caught…He is a key weapon for EG and I was also impressed with SEG’s kicking game with Jonathan Medlin and Joseph Lowes and Medlin had a 42-yard FG for SEG…That Lowes kid is a big kid, at 6’3/250….

    Lots of talent and top-notch athletes on that field last night at EG….

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