Fight in Wilson County has Wilson Fike and Wilson Hunt high school football teams banned from this year’s playoffs and this brings the total to six teams that will miss the NCHSAA Football Playoffs due to fighting/D.H. Conley and South Central fought but they will play on, but not without penalties/On the Page-Durham Jordan soccer game

Wilson County Schools ends season for Wilson Fike and Wilson Hunt football teams after post game fight last Thursday.
(The police had to use pepper spray on the coaches and players to get them under control at the end of the game.)
*****The fight broke out as the teams were shaking hands in the post-game handshake line…….******

Both teams had one more regular season game to play and both Fike and Hunt were in contention to qualify for the 2018 NCHSAA Football Playoffs….

Wilson Fike and Wilson Hunt join East Mecklenburg, Hickory Ridge, Charlotte Independence and Rocky River, as high school football teams that have been banned from the playoffs due to fighting and unsportsmanlike conduct…..

The one school mentioned above is Wilson Fike and should not be referred to as Wilson Fight……

Wilson County Schools released a letter signed by Superintendent Lane B. Mills, school system athletic director Jimmy Tillman, and the principals, athletic directors and football coaches for both schools, announcing the seasons for both teams would be ended.

“After investigating the incident, we – the district officials who have signed this letter – have made a unified decision to end the football season for both teams even though each have one more game to play in the regular season and are in contention for the playoffs,” the letter read. “The students involved in the fight will also face disciplinary action.”

“The poor decision by several students ended the football season not just for themselves but for their entire team. We hope that they learned a valuable lesson,” the letter read. “We commend the players who did not take part in the fight and demonstrated the level of sportsmanship we expect from our players.”

++++++++++Another fight occurred on Nov. 1 in Greenville between rivals D.H. Conley and South Central, but as of Monday evening, no penalty had been handed down.+++++++++++

Conference Play Ends, NCHSAA Discipline Rulings for SCHS and DH Conley Handed Down
GREENVILLE – On Thursday, November 1st, following the final varsity football
conference game between South Central High School and DH Conley High School, an
unfortunate incident involving players and fans occurred. The 3-A/4-A Eastern
Carolina Conference football game itself reflected a tremendous athletic effort by
both teams, with South Central High School pulling out the win in the final seconds
of the game. Immediately after the game, however, student fans stormed the field,
resulting in several altercations and some regrettable displays of bad
sportsmanship. Pitt County Schools has been reviewing video, speaking to school
officials and others and cooperating with the NCHSAA in its own investigation.

“It’s disappointing to have such a great game marred by the interactions between
fans, players and coaches. We have been investigating internally at each school and
cooperating with NCHSAA officials to determine the course of action and any
discipline that may be handed down,” says Ron Butler, Coordinator of Athletics and
Community Schools for PCS. “We have received the sanctions and are ready to
address them and move forward.”

In communication to the PCS Superintendent, school athletic directors and both
football coaches, NCHSAA Commissioner Que Tucker cited several disciplinary
actions for South Central High School and DH Conley High School. In short, school
fines were levied, several players were suspended, and several students were
banned from further games this season. Both head football coaches are also
required to take the NFHS Teaching and Modeling Behavior course prior to the next
contest. According to NCHSAA rules, teams may appeal the rulings. However, both
South Central and DH Conley have accepted the penalties and will not appeal.

Representing South Central High School, Athletic Director Chris Cherry says, “We
accept the decisions and are looking to move forward. After finishing an undefeated
season, South Central football doesn’t want this to interrupt the rest of the season
and playoffs.”

Representing DH Conley High School, Athletic Director Rob Maloney states, “This
afternoon, the NCHSAA informed us (Conley) of penalties that were handed down in
reference to our actions during this event. We have reviewed the penalties and have
accepted them with no plans of appealing. We also plan to use this experience as a
teachable moment for all of our student athletes, coaches, and fans. In addition, we
wish South Central the best of luck in the playoffs.”

Finally, PCS AD Ron Butler states, “Regarding the future of athletics, we are working
toward making sure the only people that come onto our fields are those who are
associated with each team.”

On the Page High School vs. Durham Jordan High School soccer game incident:
“Following the playoff game against Page High School on November 1, Jordan High administrators were made aware of allegations that hurtful comments about personal tragedies were shouted from the student section at specific players during the game. Game officials and Jordan administrators did not observe these actions during the match, and no inappropriate behavior was reported to the athletic director or assistant principal on duty at the game. The next day Jordan principal Susan Taylor received a letter from a Page High parent detailing the allegations; Principal Taylor responded to the parent the same afternoon.

from Twitter:
The letter from Page parent Nancy Winkler:

Ms. Taylor,
Last night I attended the first round playoff game at Jordan High School as a spectator and parent of one of the opposing players from Page High School, Eric Winkler. Despite our best efforts we were defeated and accept the loss as the result of a hard fought match. The reason for my communication, however, is not so much about what happened on the field as much as it is about what happened off of it. My son is the goalkeeper and is an easy target for heckling and jeering. Something he has tolerated may times without incident. What began with fans repeatedly chanting his name evolved into crude and vulgar comments about his girlfriend, whom they knew by name through researching social media. What comes next, however, no one could be prepared for, much less an 18 year old boy. They then proceeded to yell at him ” Where is your dad?” Why, you ask? Because they knew that his father had died three years ago from colon cancer. Let that sink in for a moment… and he wasn’t the only target of such vicious chants. Another player’s father committed suicide amidst allegations of embezzlement. These fans had researched this fact and shouted “Where’s the money?” multiple times at him as well. When the game ended, the verbal assault continued and escalated to an argument between my son and fans from Jordon. My older son , Jarod, who was also in attendance, proceeded to walk out onto the field and console and calm his brother. Jarod was then scolded by someone I presume was the athletic director and yelled at to “get off the field”. She was more preoccupied with what was happening with our team then she was about controlling the fans that instigated the argument and did NOTHING to de-escalate the situation.
The loss of my husband, Jarod and Eric’s father, is by far the worst personal tragedy of our lives. That tragedy was exploited, and most concerning, used in a premeditated attack on him and our family in order to gain leverage in a soccer game. His very last soccer game, mind you, as he is a senior this year. He gets to carry that memory with him for the rest of his life. Their attacks were relentless, purposeful and utterly shameful.
Your school’s reputation has been sullied by a culture of acceptance of anonymous bullying and the exploitation of personal tragedies that now permeates our society. Is high school where it begins? Or where it ends? What you do next defines who you are as a school, and who we are as parents to scholar athletes. I anxiously await your reply as to how this situation will be resolved. Nancy Winkler

**********The entire Durham Jordan High School student body will be required to take Sportsmanships classes in an effort to clear up the poor behavior that they showed in the Page-Durham Jordan soccer game…**********