Here are your Average Daily Memberships(ADM’s)/Enrollments for our Guilford County Schools:They will use these numbers in forming the NCHSAA Football Playoffs/Football Playoff Projections from the High School OT

**********Average Daily Memberships(ADM’S)/Enrollments for our Guilford County Schools**********
Northwest Guilford 2276
Page 1942
Grimsley 1793
Southwest Guilford 1719
Ben L. Smith 1578
High Point Central 1565
Ragsdale 1548
Dudley 1488
Northern Guilford 1445
Eastern Guilford 1421
Southeast Guilford 1384
Western Guilford 1323
Southern Guilford 1120
Northeast Guilford 1084
T. W. Andrews 830

CLICK HERE to see the ADM’s/Enrollments for all of the high schools in the North Carolina High School Athletic Association……

Page and Grimsley look to be shoe-ins for 4-AA football, Southwest Guilford is larger enrollment-wise than several of our 4-A schools, so SWG will be going 3-AA, Ragsdale should be in as a 4-A participant in the playoffs…..Dudley, Northern Guilford and Eastern Guilford should all be 3-AA, Southeast Guilford looks to be right on the line between 3-AA and 3-A and Northeast Guilford will be in as a 3-A bracket team…..I read at one site where Northern Guilford will be the western-most Eastern Bracket team in the 3-AA bracket and the same site said Northeast Guilford could be the most-team in the Western bracket….

Again the NCHSAA will use these attendance numbers in building the football playoff brackets this Saturday……

**********Football Playoff Projections from and the High School OT:**********

CLICK HERE 4-A Football Playoff Projections
Looks like they are having to do some reaching out and bring in 4-A teams to fill out parts of the Brackets….With the four Charlotte-area teams getting booted due to fighting, that could have also changed the lay-of-the-land/landscape….

CLICK HERE for the 3-A Football Playoff Projections and they have some wild ones with Northern Guilford at Eastern Guilford in Round One and Southern Alamance at Southeast Guilford in Round One…

CLICK HERE for the 2-A Football Projections…HP Andrews showing up on the bubble…

CLICK HERE for the 1-A Playoff Projections…..

++++++++++There is some pretty wild looking stuff in here and who knows, it might come true, come Saturday afternoon…..++++++++++


  1. Andy, if you look at the predictions on…..they have Page in 4A not 4AA. Obviously things can change some this week. We may get to see a Page v EF rematch?

  2. Interesting, Page has always been 4-AA in the past years pretty much every year to my recollection….If I am Page, I’m not sure if I want to see East Forsyth again, any time soon….Maybe next year, but after the way that game went this year, I’m not sure….Who knows Page might be better off at the 4-AA level, but you never know…

    I was thinking the same thing about Southeast Guilford….They might be better off in the 3-AA East as opposed to the 3-A East, and stuck in there on the same side of the bracket with Havelock….

    When you get this far in the season, most coaches and teams will tell you they are ready to take on anybody, but if it was me, I would like to start out a little slower and build up steam, instead of starting out the playoffs Red Hot and then cooling down and going out in say, Round Two…

    I want my team to at least reach the Third Round, and by then we should be ready to face whatever they set in front of us…You get to Third Round and then it starts to become almost anybody’s game…It could go either way….

    With the 4-A First Round byes, you need to have a load of firecrackers at your practice field to get your guys popping again in practice, after sitting out a week or two and no games……

    It is just around the corner…Saturday/Selection Day, which will be like Christmas Morning/Christmas Day for some is getting close…

  3. As a SE Falcons fan I have to say that it kind of sucks, IMO, to play at team in the first round that you played in the regular season……..if that is how it shakes out.

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