High School Football Stats and Numbers as we hit the Conclusion of the Regular Season(Playoff Predictions now Posted/Surfacing)

Here are the High School Football Stats and Numbers we have for the local high school football players and have put together a Top Ten for passing, rushing and receiving leaders….

Numbers and Stats based on available info at MaxPreps.com and we have included stats and numbers for all schools that have reported and posted stats…Some schools chose not to post stats and some schools have not updated their stats….Here is what we have for the Top Ten players in each category, based on available info…..

All Top Tens based on the Top Ten yardage gainers in Passing, Rushing and Receiving…..John Saunders Jr., at the High Point Christian Academy, is only young man to rank in the Top Ten in all three categories……

Passing Leaders:
Ryan Douglas(Southeast Guilford High School) 114-193 passing/1,640 yards/11 TD’s/5 INT’s/149.1 yards per game
Javondre Paige(Page HS) 105-216 passing/1,471 yards/16 TD’s/6 INT’s 133.7 yards per game
John Saunders Jr.(High Point Christian Academy) 85-162 passing/1,460 yards/18 TD’s/4 INT’s/121.7 yards per game
Johnny Pagano(Northwest Guilford HS) 89-168 passing/1,283 yards/11 TD’s/12 INT’s/142.6 yards per game
Jenoah McKiver(High Point Andrews HS) 120-207 passing/1,258 yards/10 TD’s/16 INT’s/114.4 yards per game
Tyler Flippen(Northern Guilford HS) 67-131 passing/1,233 yards/12 TD’s/6 INT’s…123.3 yards per game
Jordan Williams(Smith HS) 84-130 passing/1,166 yards/7 TD’s/2 INT’s/116.6 yards per game
Keith McDuffie(High Point Central HS) 77-121 passing/1,070 yards/5 TD’s/8 INT’s/97.3 yards per game
Chris Zellous(Grismsley HS) 66-143 passing/1,037 yards/9 TD’s/6 INT’s/94.3 yards per game
Justin Wilson(Northeast Guilford HS) 60-134 passing/916 yards/7 TD’s/5 INT’s/83.3 yards per game

Rushing Leaders:
Keith McDuffie(High Point Central HS) 157 carries/1,113 yards/8 TD’s
Jalen Fairley(Southeast Guilford HS) 147 carries/1,077 yards 14 TD’s
Monterious Godfrey(High Point Central HS) 144 carries/1,077 yards/6 TD’s
Quan Nora(Grimsley HS) 169 carries/1,051 yards/14 TD’s
Davion Swain(Northeast Guilford HS) 117 carries/689 yards/10 TD’s
Nahson Wilhite(Dudley HS) 92 Ccarries/676 yards/4 TD’s
John Saunders Jr.(High Point Christian Academy 103 carries/654 yards/6 TD’s
Javondre Paige(Page HS) 127 carries/604 yards/10 TD’s
Chris Thacker(Smith HS) 540 yards/3 TD’s**********Late addition to the Top Ten Party**********
Jacob Hardy(Northwest Guilford HS) 110 carries/529 yards/7 TD’s
Nyles Moseley(Northern Guilford HS) 107 carries/526 yards/7 TD’s

Receiving Leaders:
Brycen Thomas(High Point Christian Academy) 47 receptions/833 yards/9 TD’s
Ramar Thomas(Northern Guilford HS) 33 receptions/630 yards/7 TD’s
Isaiah Davis-McCollum(High Point Andrews HS) 56 receptions/620 yards/7 TD’s
Michael Frogge(Northern Guilford HS) 33 receptions/613 yards/6 TD’s
Brandon Thomas(Northwest Guilford HS) 28 receptions/611 yards/7 TD’s
Ford Moser(Page HS) 33 receptions/482 yards/5 TD’s
Cody King(Page HS) 20 receptions/406 yards/5 TD’s
Xavier Garner(Smith HS) 400 yards and 4 TD’s….**********Late addition to the stats party…….**********
Michael Wyman(Dudley HS) 28 receptions/396 yards/4 TD’s
Cameron Cloud(Northwest Guilford HS) 30 receptions/374 yards/5 TD’s
John Saunders Jr.(High Point Christian Academy) 13 receptions/336 yards/4 TD’s