Football in Focus Tonight at KickBack Jack’s on Battleground Avenue:6pm Kickoff/Start Time from KickBack Jack’s(Page Pirates in the House tonight)

Football in Focus back Tonight at KickBack Jack’s on Battleground Avenue, with our startup time coming at 6pm….Playoff time and high school football playoff talk on the plate this evening and all of this coming your way LIVE on GreensboroSports Radio….

We will be rolling at 6pm, with Joe Sirera as our opening guest….Joe in the know for the show, as we go into the high school football playoff landscape….

Joe Sirera, from the News and Record’s HSXtra section with us, as the clock strikes six and the clock is hitting Week 14 for the high school football season, with a few weeks being tossed around a little bit this year…..

Will be looking at those high school football playoff games in detail and we will also give a look to the college football Saturday, that is right in front of us for our local ACC teams, and give an ear to the Carolina Panthers, and also a shout out or two to the Green Bay Packers and the Seattle Seahawks, as they get set to hit the field for Thursday Night Football, on the NFL Network and on the FOX Network…..Great place to watch a football game, KickBack Jack’s….And we will be hitting all of those football topics tonight on GreensboroSports Radio….

Lots of teams to look at tonight and they will have your team and your game on the 50 large TV’s rolling inside at KickBack Jack’s all weekend long…The College teams and NFL teams play here at KickBack Jack’s and you’ll love the games and the food that comes along with them…

Our high school team tonight will be the Page Pirates, who have a BYE this week in the high school football playoffs and we will talk about the Pirates’ playoff hopes, and where they hope to be, come season’s end….The Pirates will join us at around 6:30pm…..

There have been some ups and downs for the Page Pirates this year and lately, more ups, than downs and we will try and make it three-downs-and-up for the Defense from Page tonight on GreensboroSports Radio…..Hoping for more than three questions for each player tonight, as break down their 2018 season…..

Planning on stopping in from Page, we have Kam Gavin, Alex Angus and Evan Gill…..We are looking forward to seeing the Page Pirates tonight, right here LIVE, on GreensboroSports Radio

What to eat at KickBack Jack’s?????

Why not go ahead and order the Old Fashioned Burger….You’re gonna love that Old Fashioned Burger…..That great burger with chili and slaw and so much more…..The Old Fashioned Burger or a rack of Ribs is waiting on you at KickBack Jack’s, with Your Team and Your Game on the Large Screen TV’s surrounding KickBack Jack’s….

On the Large Screen TV’s tonight you will have the Green Bay Packers(4-4-1) at the Seattle Seahawks(4-5), as the NFL will be kicking at KickBack Jack’s….College football, pro football and we are talking some high school football tonight on GreensboroSports Radio….

And what about that KickBack Jack’s made-from-scratch food?????

Check out the Philly Steak n Cheese Sandwich, it is big and it is good, and this might be the ticket tonight….I’m hearing great things about the Wings at KickBack Jack’s, so be sure to check them out too…..And they have all kinds of Burgers, on that KickBack Jack’s menu, that is ready for you….Right around 50 Large Screen TV’s for football viewing at KickBack Jack’s….

(We tried those KickBack Jack’s Wings and they are really something/outstanding.)++++++Might try them again tonight, the Wings, at KickBack Jack’s…+++++Going for that $5.00 cheeseburger plus a side, all day every Tuesday…+++++
(Had the $5.00 cheeseburger back on Tuesday of this week, and got some fine macaroni and cheese for my side on Tuesday and what a great deal, on that great meal, from KickBack Jack’s….Got to git/get some of those wings tonight and maybe another side/round of that macaroni and cheese.)

We will see you tonight and be sure to check out our guests Joe Sirera and the Page Pirates, on GreensboroSports Radio, from the KickBack Jack’s on Battleground Avenue, with your game and your team and Football in Focus gets it all going at 6pm…..

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