High School Basketball Games Tonight(11/29/18) in Guilford County and building that list:Smith(2-1) boys at NWG(1-0) should be a headliner, game to tip at 7:30pm

Ben L. Smith at Northwest Guilford Tonight and should make for a ‘Game of the Week’-type feature in the boys game…Smith(2-1) with Mason, McMullen, Hinds, Williams and others, NWG(1-0) goes with Reiber, Hampton, Thomas, Pagano, Boulton and others….Should make for a very athletic encounter tonight in the Roger Nelson Gym, on the Northwest Guilford campus….Game was listed at 6pm on both schools MaxPreps sites, but the boys game will tip off at 7:30pm, following the girls game at 6pm, which comes right after the JV Boys game at 4:30pm…Three games for the price of one, tonight at the home of Big Ralph Kitley, the leader of the Vikes/their principal….
Game times:(at NWG)
JV Boys 4:30
Varsity Girls 6:00
Varsity Boys 7:30

Also tonight you have Page at Dudley with Girls at 6pm and the boys go at it, at 7:30pm….Boys Page(2-0) vs. Dudley(2-1)….

More games on the way, we are adding to the list….
*****This is the high school basketball list we have for tonight, and if you can think of any other games, send them along….*****

Orange at Northern Guilford….Girls at 6/Boys at 7:30pm
Pure wildness, MaxPreps showing NG boys at home and NG girls on the road to Orange…
Here is the copy from MaxPreps:The Northern Guilford varsity basketball team(Boys) has a home non-conference game vs. Orange (Hillsborough, NC) today @ 7:30p.

Noble Academy boys at College Prep and Leadership Academy 5pm
American Hebrew Academy at Trinity School of Durham and Chapel Hill…Girls at 5:30/Boys at 7pm