Game Report on Smith-Southeast Guilford Boys Basketball:Second Quarter run by Golden Eagles takes down SEG Falcons:Mason with 18, Williams with 13 and McMullen with 12 points help make Ben L. Smith a Winner/Lars Nilsen with 24 points, leads Southeast

Final:Smith boys 66, Southeast Guilford 55

Smith-             14(1st)    18(2nd)     17(3rd)    17(4th)    66(Final)
Southeast Guilford-14 (1st)    7(2nd)     18(3rd)    16 (4th)   55(Final)

Smith scorers

Juwelz Hargrove 6
Jordan Williams 13
Khalid Hinds 9
Silas Mason 18
Nick McMullen 12

Southeast Guilford

C. Fuller 6
K. Vuchetka 8
L. Nilsen 24
A. Hooks 3
C. Kimber 10
K. Ginenolo 5

Courtesy of Coach Irv, from Ben L. Smith High School

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  1. Andy, we understand why you close the comments on different topics, but why not let the people voice their opinions? Otherwise, we don’t have anywhere else to have an open forum on different view points and opinions.

    Secondly, why are people so oppossed to some kids being able to be high achievers academically and able to change to any school they like, however, if their strength has to do with a ball, you can’t have a choice of schools for that? That’s almost like indentured slavery. This IS America. We should have a choice about our own lives and children and how we want to help their futures. Some kids balance both well, others need help with classes, others need help with being better athletes. That’s why there are so many different people, careers, for highly educated and lower educated people. Guilford county should let the parents make the choices, just like most of the rest of the country, let alone most of NC does. I love your idea of the Academy Andy.

    Funding is what would be key. Keep up the good work…let us speak though…Thank you

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