The Southeast Guilford Falcons have won BIG Football Games all season long and they have another BIG ONE coming up next Friday night at home vs. the Cleveland Rams:The SEG Falcons have not been this deep in the NCHSAA Playoffs in Fifty(50) Years[This is your “Friday Night Finish”]

The Southeast Guilford Falcons have won BIG football games all season long and tonight they won another one of those BIG GAMES, defeating the Dudley Panthers 21-18, and now the SEG Falcons move on to the NCHSAA 3-AA East Regional Championship Game vs. the Cleveland Rams, at Bill Slayton Stadium, now known as “The Slate”

SEG wins 21-18 over Dudley tonight, the Falcons beat Dudley, at Dudley back in September, 22-12, SEG topped Eastern Guilford, 9-3 last Friday night at “The Slate”, and it was in OT of all things vs. EG, SEG took care of Eastern during the regular season, 37-23 at EG, and SEG also handed Southern Alamance a 27-8 loss, and that makes FIVE BIG GAME WINS for the SEG Falcons and heck, the only SEG loss was 28-27 in OT to Northwest Guilford, way back on August 31….

This 2018 Southeast Guilford team is (13-1) and the Falcons are legit…Time to show these kids some respect, seeing as they are the only Guilford County team we have left in the playoffs…

The 2018 BIG GAME Wins for Southeast Guilford:
Southeast Guilford 22, Dudley 12
Southeast Guilford 27, Southern Alamance 8
Southeast Guilford 37, Eastern Guilford 23
Southeast Guilford 9, Eastern Guilford 3 (OT)
Southeast Guilford 21, Dudley 18…..

And those are five real BIG, BIG-GAME wins for the SEG Falcons…….I spoke with SEG head football coach Kennedy Tinsley way back in early August, when football practice was getting cranked up and I told him point blank, that “Southeast Guilford has to win the BIG GAMES”, and Coach Tinsley agreed with me, and now his Falcons have gone out and done it…

The SEG Defense let the Falcons hang around long enough tonight/Friday, until the Southeast offense was able to get rolling..

Dudley led 12-0 at halftime and Dudley owned the first half and they got there by a super effort of finishing off what Southeast Guilford was giving the Panthers, and that was great field position, after SEG fumbled the ball away and Dudley took advantage and turned the SEG fumbles into points, and with Tawahn Young back there at QB, Dudley was moving the ball up and down the field and Dudley probably should have led by at least 3 TD’s at halftime, instead of just two, but the SEG defense was keeping their team in the game…

But all of that Dudley momentum was fleeting, as SEG came out in the second half and began to dominate on both sides of the football…

Ryan Douglas took the football into the end zone on a one-yard TD run, then later on Douglas found Tyler Hoff open in the left corner of the end zone, and sent a high arching pass that way that came down in Hoff’s hands, for 15-yard Falcons touchdown….And to top it off, after the BIG play by Douglas to Hoff, Braxton King went charging into the end zone of a 20-yard touchdown run and with Jonathan Medlin going 3-3 on SEG PAT kicks, SEG wins the BIG Football game, by those three points, 21-18….

As strong as the ‘Dudley Machine’ was the first half, Southeast Guilford was just as strong if not stronger in the second half, and in the end, the Falcons proved and earned it, with their 21-18 victory over the Dudley Panthers…

**********Again next week at the Bill Slayton Stadium, it will be the #2 seeded Southeast Guilford Falcons(13-1) vs. the #4 seeded Cleveland Rams(12-2)….**********

Tough way for kids like Jurriente Davis and Landen Johnson to see their high school careers end, #1 Davis was playing his tail off on defense and if you go back and listen to the tape of the game, you will be hearing Jurriente Davis name being called out more than Dudley Coach Steven Davis’ name…Jurriente Davis will not play for Dudley again, but he will play for Coach Steven Davis one more time, as he will suit up and play in the NC-SC Shrine Bowl, in just a couple of weeks…Landen Johnson, #21, the Dudley LB there beside J. Davis, also had a solid game and he recovered a key fumble that ended a SEG Falcon drive….Gonna miss ole’ LBJ…..Richard Monroe IV, one of the top DB’s for Dudley, had to be helped off the field in the later stages of the game, with what looked like a leg injury…

Gonna miss those Panthers and others, and Demetri Fitzgerald is a kid that plays with a ton of heart on the offensive line for the Dudley Panthers and he is another senior that will be missed…

I tell you what, Boateng Woodson the Dudley sophomore kicker, had an on-side kick toward the end of the game, and it came right after Dudley scored to make it a 21-18 game and Boateng could not have struck that on-side kick attempt any better…The kick traveled the required 10-yard distance and it took two hops along the way and the SEG Falcons finally got their hands cleanly on the ball along the SEG sideline at around the 47-yard line in SEG Falcon territory…

SEG QB Ryan Douglas played like the young man he his, with the “heart of a champion” on Friday, night and Douglas and his Falcons couldn’t get it going in the first half, but sure took over the game, in the second half…Douglas began to complete passes that he had been missing on, over the last 4-5 weeks….

A forty-six yard pass play to his brother Adam Douglas, a 35-yard catch-and-run pass play to #11 Jalen Stockham, who had another huge game on offense and defense….Douglas hit Tyler Hoff in traffic and he fit a short pass into a very small window and then Ryan connected with Hoff on the 15-yard fade route, for the SEG TD…Douglas also had #22 Octavious Benton to throw to on the outside as well…

Ryan Douglas became a “Football Man” tonight/on Friday night and to go along with his passing, he ran the ball like a man possessed…..

Give it up and hand it to Ryan Douglas, he might just be the top high school football player in Guilford County this season….

But what about Chad Stephens, Brett Shreve and all of those SEG defenders?????

Yes sir, they were getting the job done and the SEG Defense started getting to Dudley QB Tawahn Young in the second half and it made a difference my friends….

It is getting close to my 2am Saturday morning deadline/bedtime so now it is time to say goodbye and you all know where GreensboroSports Radio will be next Friday night…..Hey wait a minute, I can’t be there next Friday night, I have a prior commitment…Wait just another minute, I have not missed a SEG Falcon BIG GAME win all season long, I am a perfect five-for-five and if I am alive next Friday night I will be there, even if I do have to miss “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer Goes to Czechoslovakia”, on TV 4/PBS……

We’ll see you there next Friday at “The Slate”/Bill Slayton Stadium, and if you want to whet your whistle for the game next Friday, be sure to listen to GreensboroSports Radio all week long leading up to the game and as you listen over the next week, you can hear the Southeast Guilford Falcons, take down the Dudley Panthers…..


  1. Proud of all my Falcon kids and coaches !!
    The defense was strong again and the offensive line kicked tail in the second half. A little Falcon told me that coach Tinsley gave the best halftime talks ever heard.
    Win it all one play one game at a time. Play as a team NEVER quit. Love u guys.
    Big Charlie P.

  2. Congrats to the Falcons, this was more of a “gut check” game than last week IMO. The kids showed how much they wanted to win in the second half. They played harder and executed better. It wasn’t perfect, and they still have to be better in the next round, but they rose to the occasion. Dudley was really bringing the wood in the first half that is for sure.

    Also, big ups to the coaching staff as well, they got the kids focused at halftime and pulled one out. A lot of teams would have fallen apart at that point.

    Either way I’ve been saying it for three years, maybe people will believe me now “Southeast Guilford has Talent”……….and heart. 🙂

  3. One of the best games I’ve seen in a longtime .Hats off to both teams . Glad our Falcons pulled it off. Congrats to our boys for getting us back in the game against a tough team. I happen to know kids on both sides and they are all quality kids . Dudley’s entire Defensive Squad should be commended .That big kid Duarte had a great game.Johnson had a 2 FF’s and a Recovery .What a play maker. I’ve been watching him since middle school. We did a great job holding Page and Johnson on the double team .Way to go Falcons ! Great job Dudley also .

  4. Great Job Falcons!! Defense was awesome, and so was offense when it needed to be. Also I think it was 1983 since the Falcons have been this far.

  5. Let’s all get together here and dig deeper into the SEG Falcons’ football history…

    In 1983 they were playing for what was a one-year experiment, with the NCHSAA having a Division II Championship that year for the teams that finished second in their conference and did not qualify for the regular NCHSAA playoffs that year…

    This gave more teams a chance to get into the playoffs and that year, I think SEG was able to maybe win the DII Title for the 4-A’s, but it was again, not the top flight playoffs, where you play in the State Championship field…

    I could stand corrected, but I think I am right on this one and Coach Richard(Dick) Kemp was the coach of that 1983 SEG and his son, Scott Kemp was the star player, as a running back..

    Again, 1983 was a Division II deep run for SEG, but it was not the same as what we have today, and this experiment only lasted one year and I am pretty sure on that…..

    Pretty sure Eastern Guilford also grabbed a DII Title, that same 1983 season….

    In 1968 SEG made it to the State Semifinals of what was the 3-A rankings….The SEG team lost to Mount Tabor in the semifinals, in a game that was played at East Forsyth High School, in Kernersville…Biggest high school stadium available at that time…..

    Back in those days the NCHSAA football playoffs only went 4 rounds, so the semifinals would have been Round Three, so technically SEG is going further this season than in ’68, but if SEG goes all the way to the finals this year, they can for sure say, that this has NEVER been done before……

    That is pretty much the SEG football playoff story from over the years as I have collected it upstairs in the memory locker….

  6. SEG defeated Williamston, 21-7 for the DII East Championship….They had East and West winners and it only went Three Rounds….

    SEG won the DII 3-A East Championship in 1983….

  7. More on the DII Championships, they must have lasted at least four years, because Eastern Guilford won their DII 3-A East Title in 1981, with a 7-6 victory over Bertie…

    And Ragsdale won the DII 3-AA East Title in 1984 with the Tigers 27-21 win over Greene Central in the East Championship Game….

    Eastern Guilford, Southeast Guilford and Ragsdale, with DII East Titles…..

  8. No DII Title Games in 1980 or 1985, so it must have been a four-year DII run of 1981-1984…..


  9. Congrats to SE.Great game.As always,the defense brought their A game as they have all season(Johnson, Davis, Page, Durate,Rankin,etc.)do an outstanding job and is the most consistent players, I’ve ever seen.We need to figure out things on offense at the QB level.Defense can’t continue to do their part and we struggle on offense. We practically handed the game away. Defense put us in position to score and we just couldn’t make it work.Win or lose, I am still proud to be a Panther.

  10. If you were at the game, you know it was a great playoff atmosphere. Great support from the Dudley and SE fans.

    Both teams gave it all they had, and it’s great for them to feel supported.

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