Looking at Numbers/Stats for the Southeast Guilford Falcons and their opponent for Friday night, the Cleveland Rams

Looking over those numbers/stats going into Friday night’s game at Southeast Guilford’s Bill Slayton Stadium, featuring the Southeast Guilford Falcons at (13-1) vs. the Cleveland Rams(12-2)….This battle is for the NCHSAA 3-AA East Regional Championship….Game time at 7:30pm, with kickoff coming at 7:31….

The key numbers/stats for both teams….Stats for teams coming in off of 14-game seasons….
*****SEG QB Ryan Douglas is 144-255 passing for 1,997 yards, just three yards shy of 2,000 for the season…..Douglas with 12 TD’s and 6 INT’s for the year….142.6 yards passing per game for SEG’s Ryan Douglas…RD has run the ball 153 times for 714 yards and 16 touchdowns…Right at 2,711 yards for Ryan Douglas and 28 total TD’s, for RD….Last week vs. Dudley was 13-23 passing for 181 yards with 1 TD and 1 INT…Douglas with 69 hard-earned rushing yards on 18 carries and 1 TD…

**********The Cleveland Rams QB junior Darius Ocean has gone 215-323 for 3,525 yards, good for 34 TD’s, with 9 INT’s…Ocean throwing it into the ocean and beyond, good for 251.8 yards per game…Ocean on the ground with 62 carries for 163 yards and 8 TD’s…Ocean good for 3,688 yards and 42 TD’s…Last week vs. Durham Hillside, Ocean was 8-13, for 132 yards with 0 TD’s and 1 INT…Ocean ran the ball 7 times for 22 yards vs. Hillside…The week before, Ocean passed for 455 yards and 4 TD’s vs. D.H. Conley…

*****The Southeast Guilford Falcons top rusher Jalen Fairley is at 1,130 yards for the year and those 1,000-plus yards on the ground have come on 177 carries, resulting in 15 touchdowns….Versus Dudley Fairley ran the 8 times for 13 yards and coughed the ball up twice and over the past two weeks, Fairley has run the ball 16 times, for 13 yards….

We mentioned Ryan Douglas and his 714 yards on 153 carries, and SEG has Chad Stephens with 240 yards on 48 yards and 7 TD’s…Versus Dudley Stephens with just 1 carry for 3 yards and Stephens had been out of practice the week prior to the Dudley game with foot issues and he got himself ready for defense last Friday night and made it happen on that side of the ball…The man who stepped in vs. Dudley was running back Braxton King with 36 yards on 5 carries and 1 TD….King also played DL with three sacks and he had a very solid night punting the football last Friday night vs. the Dudley Panthers….

**********Tyson Dew leads the Cleveland Rams’ runners….Dew breaking through with 1,356 yards on 162 carries, with 17 TD’s….Dew ran the ball 12 times for 19 yards vs. Durham Hillside last week, and he ran for 2 TD’s….Dew with 146 yards on 19 carries the previous week vs. D.H. Conley and he ran for 1 TD in that game….The #2 rusher for the Rams is Jalen Chadwick with 734 yards on 102 carries and 11 TD’s…Vs. Hillside, Chadwick ran the ball 15 times for 153 yards and 3 TD’s….Cleveland also has Omarion Hampton who has been good for 312 yards on 43 carries and has 1 TD…Vs. Hillside last Friday night, Hampton good for 73 yards on 7 carries….

*****Southeast Guilford’s top receivers are Adam Douglas with 395 yards on 26 receptions and he has 2 TD’s, next up you have Tyler Hoff with 318 yards on 14 receptions and he has 3 TD’s, then comes Octavious Benton with 278 yards on 22 receptions, good for 1 TD, and you also have Jalen Stockham with 16 receptions for 199 yards and 2 TD’s….Vs. Dudley you had Douglas with 5 receptions good for 71 yards, while Hoff came in with 3 receptions for 26 yards and 1 TD…Benton had 3 receptions for 26 yards vs. Dudley…Stockham had one catch good for 48 big yards vs. Dudley….

**********The Cleveland Rams are pretty big in the receiving area with for starters, Joi Williams who has 58 receptions good for 1.132 yards and 12 TD’s….You also have Jon Barnes with 918 yards on 61 receptions, with 10 touchdowns…The third top receiver for Cleveland is Kaleb Scott with 411 receiving yards coming in on 24 catches and good for 3 TD’s…Then you also have Kouren Artis who has 470 yards on 28 receptions and 6 TD’s…
Artis and Scott did not have any catches vs. Durham Hillside and it makes you wonder if they played at all vs. Hillside, but you had Joi Williams with 3 receptions for 100 yards vs. Hillside…Jon Barnes had 3 catches for 24 yards vs. Hillside…

*****On defense, SEG just does not list Tackles, but we do know that Jalen Stockham still leads the team with 6 interceptions and Chad Stephens has picked off 3 passes good for 75 yards in return yardage….If we were guessing, Stephens, Brett Shreve, Stockham and Johnny King would be your top Falcon tacklers….

**********Top Tacklers for the Cleveland Rams are Jaylan Vinson with 119 total tackles, Hunter Morris has 97 tackles, Dakota Marquess is in there with 89 tackles, Tayvon Sutton has 82 tackles and Jacquez Durham has 78 tackles for the Rams…Tayvon Sutton leads the Cleveland team with 8 sacks, while you have Jacques Durham as the top take-away man with 7 Interceptions….

*****In the kicking department for SEG there is Jonathan Medlin who has gone 50-51 on PAT kicks, plus Medlin is 6-12 on his field goal tries..

**********For Cleveland you have Wyatt Covey who is 58-66 on PAT kicks, and Covey is 4-5 on Field Goals….