Texas Roadhouse High School Football Picks Week #18 – State Championships

Complete Name, Email Address and Contact Telephone Number.
Select 8 Winners, plus Total Points of Tie-Breaker Game.

Full Rules at the Bottom of the Page. Weekly Winner receives $15 Gift Certificate from the Texas Roadhouse.
Previous winners are at bottom of the page.

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Southeast Guilford (14-1)
Weddington (14-1)

Wake Forest (13-0)
Vance (14-1)

Northeastern (14-0)
Reidsville (15-0)

Jacksonville (11-1)
Charlotte Catholic (14-1)

North Davidson (13-2)
Shelby (12-3)

Pamlico County (13-1)
Murphy (12-1)

Tarboro (14-0)
East Surry (11-3)

Scotland (9-5)
East Forsyth (14-0)

TIE BREAKER – Total Points of Southeast Guilford vs. Weddington –

Week #01 – OJ Caldwell (Missed 2 – won by Tie-Breaker)
Week #02 – Kenneth Grimes (Perfect – win by Tie-Breaker)
Week #03 – Mary Anderson (Missed 1)
Week #04 – Marcelle Millner (Missed 2 – won by Tie-Breaker)
Week #05 – Clint Miller (Missed 2 – won by Tie-Breaker)
Week #06 – Brad Curtis (Perfect)
Week #07 – Clarence Middlebrooks (Missed 1 – won by tie-breaker)
Week #08 – Steve Smith (missed 2 – won by tie-breaker)
Week #09 – Bobbie E. Chavis (2 previous winners – missed 1 – won by tie breaker)
Week #10 – Brandon Cannon (Missed 1- won by tie-breaker)
Week #11 – Michael Courts (Perfect – won by Tie-Breaker)
Week #12 – Alan Clapp (perfect – won by tie-breaker)
Week #13 – (played Week #09 games)
Week #14 – Kenneth Finerty (missed 3 – won by tie-breaker)
Week #15 – Chuck Salmon (missed 4 – won by tie-breaker)
Week #16 – Micah Salmon (missed 3 – won by tie-breaker)
Week #17 – Quincy Bell (missed 1)

Contest starts immediately.

1. One entry per person.

2. In the event of multiple entries, the last one submitted will be used. All previous entries are void.

3. All entries must include an email address and contact telephone number.

4. We will post 13 (or more) games, not selecting a game is counted as a loss.

5. Deadline for Entries is 7:00 PM on Friday (Exceptions will be noted.)

6. There will be one winner each week. The Winner will receive a $15 Gift Certificate from Texas Roadhouse Restaurant (Battleground Avenue, Greensboro). At the end of the season, all the winners names will be placed in a hat, with one name drawn for $100 Gift Certificate from Texas Roadhouse.

7. The Winner is determined by the most wins selected. In case of ties, the winner determined by closest to the Tie Breaker Total Score, without going over.

8. Once an individual has won, they may continue playing. They will be ineligible for the weekly prize.

9. There is no fee to entry.

10. All entries are the property of GreensboroSports.com.

11. GreensboroSports.com is not responsible for late submissions, errors or other issues that may result in a contestant’s entry being not submitted.

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13. Winners may be required to have picture taken for publicity purposes.