At Southeast Guilford Practice Today(Proehlific Park) and SEG Falcons hoping to be on the road on Thursday(We have Updated SEG Offensive #’s/Stats) was at the SEG Falcons practice today, as the Falcons went to work for the second straight afternoon indoors at Proehlific Park, and with the excellent turf surface field at Proehlific Park, it is almost as if you are working out, outside with a roof over your head…

The turf, inside there at the Proehlific Park, is almost like a real field surface…It does not get much more real than this, and to make matters even more down to earth/detailed, the Southeast Guilford Falcons, were going real hard in practice…

It wasn’t one of those things where you do it a few times and, “Boys I think you have it”….It was more like, “fellas this is not right, and we are going to keep running this play until you get it right, and you have the right reads”….

We might be doing/running this play 10 times, our until we get all of our offensive and defensive assignments correct….

The Southeast Guilford Falcons were trying to find their “Falcon Focus” today and it wasn’t coming easy…Coach Tinsley, plus assistant coaches Damon Coiro, Adam Clay, Kyle Faust, David Owens and others were challenging the “Orange Army”, and after about two hours of work, you could see the team start to, break through…(Did not see Slayton, Hogan, Kemp or others from the SEG past at today’s workout, but I am sure they were there in spirit.)

You need days like this and you hope after a not-so-perfect practice, that SEG will have the bad karma out of their system and the Falcons will be in full flight come Thursday’s workout….When one player goes down, it’s all about the next man up and when one of your practices does not go just the way you want it, you know another good practice is just waiting to be released, and that as a coaching staff, you just have to find a way to bring it out of the players, and sometimes you might need a snow shovel, because it may be time to dig it out of your football team….

QB Ryan Douglas seemed to be on the money with his passes most of the day, he just needs to make sure that every one of his offensive teammates are on the same page with him, because when Southeast Guilford steps on the field with Weddington Friday night, there will not be any room for error, when the Falcons face the Warriors….

Another thing you don’t realize about Douglas is how hard he can throw that football and today, having a chance to get up close and near the line of scrimmage, you could really see just hard the football is being released…..And you could take into account the distance the ball was traveling on the long balls, with the size of the Proehlific Park indoor facility, those Douglas long balls were easily going 40-50 yards,,,,,

#12 Adam Douglas, #80 Tyler Hoff, #22 Octavious Benton, #11 Jalen Stockham, #3 Chad Stephens, #10 Braxton King and #25 Jalen Fairley, they all need to be in position and ready to catch those #18 Ryan Douglas footballs on Friday night, at Kenan Stadium, vs. the Weddington Warriors…..

The SEG “D” was working on getting their end of the bargain right today too….

Repetition work for the SEG Defense paid off and their enthusiasm was a plus, but they must all be together as one, as they go after Weddington, on Friday night….QB Litton, the Shipleys(Will and James), RB Wayne Dixie, WR’s Chazton Jordan and Max Brimigion, these Weddington Warriors must be stopped and it is going to take 11 members of the “Orange Army” defense on the football, to take down the opposing Warriors and accomplish the SEG mission/Game Plan….

Injury-wise Coach Kennedy Tinsley said the SEG Falcons should be good, with everyone planning to give it go on Friday night, with the exception of Tre Caldwell, who was lost for the season, back during the Southern Alamance game….

All ready and accounted for, for the “Orange Army”, including big junior Offensive Lineman/Defensive Lineman Johnny King, who fittingly had his foot in a walking boot today, but King will put his best foot forward and be ready to take the field, along with his SEG “Orange Army” teammates on Friday night…If SEG gets loaded up and is wearing a lot of Black on Friday night, we might want to call them the “Black Knights”, from the “Orange Army”…..

All troops ready and accounted for and ready for action this Friday night, and the SEG ‘Practice Plan’ for Thursday is to hit the road and practice either indoors or outdoors at N.C. State in Raleigh, stay overnight in Chapel Hill, N.C. and then get an outdoor workout in on Friday morning, with an SEG walk-through at a field just outside the Kenan Stadium facility, on the UNC campus….

That is the “Falcon Plan of Attack” and there is no looking back…Spend a little time with the Pack and then pack-it-up and head over to “The Hill”/Chapel Hill…

This should make for a very fun, interesting and exciting next couple of days, for these young men on mission, from Southeast Guilford High School…

This time of year, they ask you what is “The Reason for the Season” and within our evangelical faith and fellowship we respond outwardly, “Jesus is the Reason for the Season”, and I’m sure many of the Falcon Following would be in agreement with that holiday statement…

But for this community football team from the Forest Oaks and Pleasant Garden communities of our county, this year, the “Reason for the Season” means a little bit more in 2018….For the SEG Falcons, the “Reason for the Season” also becomes the “Reason for this Football Season” and over the past 4 and a-half months, that REASON has become clear/evident….

The “Reason for the 2018 Southeast Guilford High School Football Season”, is to bring home a Championship Trophy that will be representative of all of the SEG Falcon Nation, both past and present….Sort of like Christmas past and present you know, and what a Christmas Present this would be for all of those on the South Side of Highway 421….

**********Updated SEG Falcons’ Stats:**********
QB Ryan Douglas 154-276 passing for 2,178 yards, with 14 TD’s and 8 INT’s/55.8 passing completion % and 145.2 yards per game passing….Douglas vs. Cleveland Rams 10-21/181 yards and 2 TD’s/2 INT’s…
Douglas rushing 855 yards on 171 carries, with 18 TD’s….Douglas total yards at 3,033 and 32 TD’s accounted for….

RB Jalen Fairley with 1,133 yards rushing on 183 carries and 15 TD’s…Fairley added three yards to his total vs. Cleveland…
RB Chad Stephens with 252 yards on 52 carries and 8 TD’s…..Stephens with 4 carries for 12 yards and a TD, vs. the Cleveland Rams.
RB Braxton King now with 169 yards, on 22 carries and 1 TD…King vs. Cleveland with 47 yards on 10 carries….

WR Tyler Hoff now on the season with 17 receptions, good for 425 yards and 4 TD’s…Hoff averaging 25 yards per catch…Hoff with 3 receptions good for 107 yards and 1 TD vs. Cleveland…One TD by way of Punt Return in 2018 for Tyler Hoff, and that gives him 5 touchdowns total for the season..
WR Adam Douglas good for 412 yards on the season, coming on 28 receptions and A. Douglas has 2 TD’s on the year….Versus Cleveland, A. Douglas had 2 receptions good for 17 yards….
WR Octavious Benton with 25 receptions for 298 yards and 1 TD….Benton vs. Cleveland had 3 receptions good for 20 yards…
WR Jalen Stockham on the season with 16 receptions for 199 yards and 2 TD’s….No receptions for Stockham vs. Cleveland…
RB Chad Stephens on the year with 15 receptions for 164 yards and 0 TD’s…Stephens with one reception, good for eight yards vs. Cleveland…

SEG Kicker Jonathan Medlin good on 54-56 PAT kicks, plus he’s 7-13 on his Field Goals….

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  1. I hate these kids, students and faculty didn’t get to celebrate at school for this historical game. Would have been a fun and memorable week, one they would tell their grandkids. Bring it home men, Everyone is rooting for you guys!
    P.s. don’t let #9 even see his shadow!!

  2. Falcons are heading out tomorrow afternoon !!! Whoever wants to cheer on our Football team, come to Tabernacle Methodist for 3:00pm tomorrow . Players will be coming through on the bus at 3:30! Make posters, bring the kids, spread the word. We need to encourage these guys! Go Falcons !!!! Whooo hoo!!!

  3. Ragsdale Boosters
    Following Following @RagsdaleBooster
    Ragsdale Athletics is sending our best wishes for a huge win to Southeast Guilford High School this weekend! Bring home the State Championship!!

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