Guilford College’ Gauldin(Northwest Guilford HS) has been Golden so far this season for the Quakers women’s basketball team

Just saw the game report today on Lindsay Gauldin and the Guilford College women’s basketball team, as they fell on Sunday to Oglethorpe, 47-42, but Lindsay Gauldin(Northwest Guilford High School) has been “Golden” for the Quakers this season…

It is like “Gauldin is Golden” and the former NWG Viking, ‘Little Lindsay’ is playing big for the Quaker women…

I mean Lindsay Gauldin is scoring big, but the crazy thing, since she came over to Guilford College, has been her big rebounding….

Just glancing through the Guilford College student newspaper yesterday(The Guilfordian) and couldn’t help but notice that Lindsay Gauldin is averaging 9.3 rebounds a game for the Quakers and on Sunday versus Oglethorpe, Gauldin had a game-high 19 points and 13 rebounds for the Quakers, and those rebounds are really getting ‘Little Lindsay’ on up there, on the Quakers’ rebounding charts….

The kid is almost going “off-the-charts, in this her freshman year of college basketball…

Good to see this young lady doing so well and according to the Guilford College women’s basketball game notes, the double-double by Lindsay Gauldin on Sunday, was her sixth double-double of the 2018-2019 season…..

The kid is getting it done and that just goes to show you, big things come in small packages and “Little Lindsay” Gauldin has grown up and now and she is playing BIG for the Guilford College Quakers….

I saw her a while back and she even looks taller than she did last year, as a senior with the Northwest Guilford Vikings….

“Gauldin is Golden” and the Guilford College Quakers are reaping the benefits…….