11th Annual Tony Perrou Classic Basketball Tournament at Southern Alamance High School:GDS boys and girls, SWG girls and NWG JV boys are in!!!!!

11th Annual Tony Perrou Classic Tournament Schedule
(9 Games)
? 8:30AM SA JV Boys vs WA JV Boys
? 9:45AM WHS JV Boys vs. NWG JV Boys
? 11:00AM WHS V Girls vs. SWG V Girls
? 12:30PM WHS V Boys vs. RICHMOND V Boys
? 2:00PM BUR. V Girls vs. G-BORO DAY V Girls
? 3:30PM BUR. V Boys vs. G-BORO DAY V Boys
? 5:00PM SHS JV Girls vs. WA JV Girls
? 6:30PM SHS V Girls vs. WA V Girls
? 8:00PM SHS V Boys vs. WA V Boys

**ALL GAMES @ SAHS GYM on 1/21/19 (Address: 631 Southern High Rd, Graham, NC)

**Parking: Please have your Coaches Park in the back as if you were coming to the home-side of the Football
Stadium. Locker rooms will be assigned upon arrival.

**We will start every game as close to on-time as possible. If you have any questions or concerns please email or call.

** All teams listed first in the list above will be HOME and the second listed team will be the AWAY team. Please
wear jerseys accordingly.

** Lastly, SHS would like to thank you for playing in our MLK day tournament that honors one of our late Coaches;
Coach Tony Perrou. A $1,000.00 – $1,500.00 scholarship is given to a well-deserving Senior Athlete annually that
displays the highest leadership qualities. Again, thank you for your support.

Athletic Director, Jon Russell