We have our Christmas Eve Winner for the Texas Roadhouse $100.00 Gift Card:Among all our Weekly High School Football Picks Winners, we have our End-of-Season-Winner!!!

We drew the lucky name out tonight and we do have a Winner!!!!!

From all our season-long Texas Roadhouse High Football Picks winners, we have our end-of-the-season winner, and we put all of the weekly winners, over the 18-week season in a hat, and drew out that lucky name and it is?????

Bobby E. Chavis…..

Mr. Chavis wins the $100.00 gift card from the Texas Roadhouse on Battleground Avenue….

A fine season and we have our final Grand Prize Winner…..Bobby E. Chavis…..

Thanks to the Texas Roadhouse on Battleground Avenue, and congrats to our Winner of the $100.00 gift card, from the Texas Roadhouse……..