Today’s High School Basketball Tournament Games at the HAECO Tournament, Eastern Guilford Tournament and the Sheetz Invitational at SWG:All HAECO Tournament Semifinal Games today on GreensboroSports Radio

HAECO Invitational Basketball Tournament
All games played at Greensboro Coliseum Special Events Center
(All of the Semifinal Games today will be broadcast on GreensboroSports Radio, from Court 1 at the Special Events Center.)

Girls’ Semifinals (Court 1)
#1 Northwest Guilford vs. #5 Greensboro Day, 2:30 pm
#2 Ragsdale vs. #6 Page, 4:00 pm
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Boys’ Semifinals (Court 1)
#1 Greensboro Day vs. #4 Page, 6:00 pm
#2 Northwest Guilford vs. #3 Smith, 7:30 pm
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Girls’ Consolation Round (Court 2)
#8 Smith vs. #4 Dudley, 1:30 pm
#7 Grimsley vs. #3 Northern Guilford, 3:00 pm

Boys’ Consolation Round (Court 2)
#8 Northern Guilford vs. #5 Dudley, 5:00 pm
#7 Grimsley vs. #6 Ragsdale, 6:30 pm

Eastern Guilford Christmas Holiday Basketball Tournament begins today at Eastern Guilford High School
10am Southeast Guilford girls vs. Northeast Guilford
11:30am Northeast Guilford boys vs. Hillsborough Orange
1pm Reidsville girls vs. Western Alamance
2:30pm Southeast Guilford boys vs. Reidsville
4pm Graham girls vs. Tasmania(Australia)
5:30pm Graham boys vs. Tasmania(Australia)
7pm Eastern Guilford girls vs. Western Guilford
8:30pm Eastern Guilford boys vs. Western Guilford

Sheetz Holiday Christmas Classic at Southwest Guilford High School
High Point Christian Academy vs. North Davidson 1:30pm Coggins Gym
The Burlington School vs. Southern Guilford 3pm Annex Gym
High Point Central vs. Forsyth Country Day 4:30pm Coggins Gym
Southwest Guilford vs. Davidson Day 7:30pm Coggins Gym

North Davidson vs. Pinecrest 1:30pm Annex Gym
Southwest Guilford vs. WS Reynolds 3pm Coggins Gym
The Burlington School vs. Southern Guilford 4:30pm Annex Gym
High Point Central vs. High Point Christian Academy 6pm Coggins Gym


  1. Northeast Boys 77, Orange 75
    Anthony Hairston- 17
    Jaydon Hall- 16
    Jeremiah Malone- 16
    Damir Swain- 14

  2. Now that’s hilarious. NW Vikings has been full of Gaters for years & this year is no different. So I guess it will be Ragsdale Gaters vs NW Gaters. Betcha had no clue…..haha. Bless your little hateful heart….lol

  3. @HaHa thank you, WhirlieTom is clueless and extremely special. Sad how suppose to be adults attack kids. Ragsdale played Page tonight that their starting 5 are Gaters, NW starting 5 are Gaters, so im wondering where the problem lies. When Kargo went to NW not a word said, Roberts went to SE not a word said, Jackson to Dudley not a word said. Lets not talk about the boys, Mullins to SE not a worf said. Your problem isn’t with Ragsdale its with the coach because he been kicking tails on the AAU circuit for years. But you crying cause you kid dont have any offers. He has 4 D1 players with several college offers and 3 more with offers at various levels that will use basketball to pay for their college. What other school in the county has 7 girls on the team that’s going to college for free. Can’t hear you, NONE. See you are worried about the wrong thing you have kids reading this junk but you are not thinking about their feelings. I challenge you to go speak to the parents if you have issues. See how that turn out! I’m sick of it myself. Leave the girls alone and speak to the adults like a real man. We will be the ones in Royal Blue Ragsdale attire cheering our girls on. We are Tiger focus, what you are insinuating is nonsense. LETS GO PAGE GATERS, NORTHERN GATERS, NW GATERS AND RAGSDALE GATERS! GATER PRIDE. GCS FULL OF GATERS

  4. Ha! Yeah, except all the gaters on NW team are in disctrict and legal. The fact that people are still trying to justify public school recruiting is comical and is the exact reason for the declining integrity in high school athletics. If Guilford County chooses to overlook this fine. Just treat them like they did Northern Guilford boys from once upon a time. Let them get to the ship then strip them of their title once the NCHSAA gets ahold of the eligibility complaints.

  5. Guess you really don’t know, some NW players were reassigned and orhers moved. Same difference, just a different side of town. I agree with HaHa – Bless your little hateful heart.

  6. Lol You’re referencing a private school now for justification? The GDS programs have athletes from different counties, countries and states. We all know they are recruiting. Your rebuttals aren’t making a case, only further proving that you are part of the problem and most definitely a parent of one of the athletes in question.

  7. Kargo moved and is legal. Kitley’s dad is the principal at NW and is legal. Any other deflections you’d like to use or do you want to continue to talk yourself into a corner? No one is coming from a hateful heart. I’m speaking out as someone who thinks all schools should play fair and be held to the same standard regardless of what “side of town” you’re from.

  8. Pretty sure that Page’s starting 5 are not current Gaters. May have played for the Gaters in the past but of the current girls on the Page team there may be only two or three currently playing for the Gaters. Would have to check but I think that is the case.

  9. All questionable players at NW and Ragsdale completed the process and were cleared to play and were held to the same eligibility requirements therefore they are legal. Let it go!

  10. The ADat Ragsdale needs to explain how a Faculty Member who was D1 College Basketball player, was not awarded the High School coaching position there! Guilford County needs Mo Green back..

  11. And what was that process exactly? Last time I checked going to early college at GTCC didn’t qualify you for ‘school of choice’. What kind of long term message do you think the “jump ship” mentality teaches young athletes? You can play every card in your hand to try and justify what you as parents and coaches have orchestrated but at the end of the day you and the athletes themselves know that they are being dishonest and you’re the ones who have to live with that.

  12. Andy,

    It’s ironic as we can pull old issues and quotes from Ragsdale’s Shoemaker back in 2009 regarding Stank K @ Northern! How is Ragsdale’s different??

  13. @WhirlieTom you must know each of these kids personally, so personal that you know where each of them resides. I don’t think so, because the parents wouldn’t associate themselves with people like you. You are a very angry individual, do you have a dog in the fight? If so worry about yours and not anyone else. Truth is you don’t even know these kids, you are going off public perception which shows how bright you are. You are right going to GTCC doesn’t make you eligible to play at Ragsdale, however your domicile do and you don’t know where these kids live, so until you can say you been to each of these kids residents, do me a favor and hold your breath and count to 100. I’m sure some of the parents would love to talk to you personally about your concerns, but i know i know you just hide behind your keyboard because you are irrelevant and a non-factor. There is no known cure for hate-itis, so I do understand you can’t help it. Hahaha get a life.

  14. @WhirlieTom forgot to mention all the Ragsdale Gaters are legal and in district as well. Good night you silly rabbit, tricks are for kids.

  15. It’s always an issue when you’re on the outside looking in and don’t have all of the facts. Why do you think parents and coaches are being dishonest? Do you know what legal reasons were APPROVED? Do you know who MOVED? Why are you losing sleep over an approved process? A process that’s already been approved, investigated, and cleared. Maybe I’m a parent or maybe I’m just a fan of the game. I’ve been around long enough to know kids move around for different reasons. If you move, it’s legal. If you get reassigned, it’s legal and as far as I’m concerned it sounds like it’s none of your business and no one owes you an explanation. You’re either a sore loser or a pure hater. Check your blood pressure cause you’re over the top for no reason. That’s what’s wrong with this world today, people like you think you know everything and want to control everything. You make the rules but when the rules work against you, you cry & whine about it. Get a life and go to sleep. Smh! Ain’t going back & forth with you…

  16. @JTown33 just because someone was a D1 basketball player don’t mean they can coach. That sounds like someone was big mad the science or math teacher wasn’t hired, gee wiz let it go already. Fact of the matter is Bradford isn’t going anywhere, Ragsdale did what was best for there program and hired a coach that knows how to win basketball games and put kids in college. There have been over 20 colleges at Ragsdale this year, where else is that happening at other than NW and don’t forget he coaches those kids too. I was already told when people STOP talking about you, you are no longer relevant but as long as they keep your name in their mouth you are doing something right. Keep up the good work Coach Bradford. Your leadership and coaching abilities is surpassing everyones expectations.

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