High School Basketball Tonight(1/2/19) in and around Guilford County:Ragsdale girls(10-0) at Roxboro Person(10-0)

Ragsdale at Roxboro Person Girls at 6/Boys at 7:30pm…Ragsdale girls(10-0) and Person girls(10-0)….Ragsdale boys(6-4)/Person(5-5)…Roxboro Person AD is Jeremy Clayton and not sure if that is the former Smith Golden Eagle Jeremy Clayton, but could be….Big local name from the past, Jeremy Clayton……Played college basketball at Appalachian State…..
Penrith(Australia) at Page Girls at 5pm/Boys at 7:30…Page boys(6-5)/Page girls(3-9)
Dudley boys(6-5) at WS Parland(5-3) 7:30pm
High Point Andrews at Jordan Matthews Girls at 6/Boys at 7:30pm…HPA girls(2-3)/Jordan Matthews(4-7)…HPA boys(2-5)…Jordan Matthews(4-6)
Westchester Country Day at Greensboro Day School Girls at 4:30/Boys at 6pm…GDS boys(13-4)/WCD(5-6)…GDS girls(10-5)/WCD(2-7)

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  1. Ragsdale 56 Person 41. Crass low class fans up there at Person apparently. High school kids should feel safe in a gym. Go Tigers!!

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