Middle School Basketball and High School Basketball Updates:Ledford at Ragsdale HS with Lady Tigers now at (15-0)/Middle School Girl hits for 25 points this week/Ragsdale Boys and Girls both WINNERS over Ledford HS!!!!!

HS Basketball Tonight Finals:Ragsdale girls 68, Ledford 50…Ragsdale goes to (15-0)/LED(9-5)…
Ragsdale boys 84, Ledford 51..RHS(10-5)/LED(9-5)

*****High School Basketball Tonight:*****
Ledford at Ragsdale Girls at 6/Boys at 7:30pm…Ragsdale girls(14-0)/Ledford(9-4)…Ragsdale boys(9-5)/Ledford(9-4)

Middle School Basketball Update:
Northern Guilford Middle School boys beat Southwest Guilford Middle School by 18…..
Damani Whitehead, from the Penn Griffin girls team, had 25 points against Ferndale on Monday…..Final score was Penn-Griffin 35, Ferndale 8…And Whitehead led her team in scoring, and there is no doubt about that….But she had 25 points instead of 35 points, and here’s the first E-mail we received:she had 35 points against the Academy at Lincoln on this past Monday., and we did get the team vs. Penn-Griffin changed, and now we got that scoring total changed too….Always got to read those correction E-mails twice…..But we get quite a few, and for that we say thanks….Get those E-mails coming….
Allen Middle School boys 42, Swann Middle 34
Allen Middle School boys(7-0)
Allen Jay Prep boys 33, Hairston Middle 23
(We heard the AJ Prep girls won big….
Western Guilford Middle School boys 59-12 over the Jackson Middle Trojans
Western Guilford Middle School girls 40-7, over Jackson Middle
++++++++++Also from Monday:….Penn Griffin boys won at Ferndale 55-31…..
Kobe George had 23 Woodrow Jackson Jr had 15 points each for PG…..
Thursday 1/10/2019 PG beat Hairston 50-14 at Hairston….
Monday 1/7/2019 PG beat Southern Guilford 45-28 at home…..
Penn Griffin boys team sits at 6-0

++++++++++Looks like the Allen boys(7-0) and the Penn-Griffin boys(6-0) are both running strong this season….++++++++++
(As crazy as the Roundball Trail goes, we saw both Kobe George and Damani Whitehead, from Penn-Griffin, in action last season for PG, in games at Hairston Middle….++++++++++

Today/Wednesday:Northeast Guilford Middle at Eastern Boys at 4:45/Girls at 6pm


  1. Penn Griffin boys team sits at 6-0…. won @ Ferndale 55-31
    Kobe George had 23 Woodrow Jackson Jr had 15.
    Thursday 1/10/2019 we beat Hairston 50-14 at Hairston
    Monday 1/7/2019 we beat Southern Guilford 45-28 at home.

  2. Yes, and I’m just saying we got the post partly fixed, but I had to go back and change the scoring total too…

    Here was our original E-mail:
    she had 35 points against the Academy at Lincoln on this past Monday.

    We got it all adjusted and all is good and I am still waiting/looking for that 35-point game and as crazy as it may seem, we have seen two shutouts in high school girls basketball in the past week…

    There was a 49-0 game last night and we saw a 69-0 game that came through last week….

    Crazy is, as Crazy does….

  3. Please look at Ragsdale.It is great to have a great team but was it done by the books. I hope that it is but a lot of people are saying otherwise

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