Eastern Guilford football coach Joe Glass looking to head back home

Got word today from the football loop that Eastern Guilford head football coach Joe Glass is looking to head back toward home…Glass will step down as the head football coach at Eastern Guilford after one season/year, and head back to Lincolnton, N.C. and look to become the head coach at Lincolnton High School…

Last season under Coach Joe Glass, the Eastern Guilford Wildcats were (10-3), and finished second in the conference(Mid-Piedmont 3-A) to the Southeast Guilford Falcons…Easter Guilford made it to Round Two of the NCHSAA football playoffs and were stopped by Southeast Guilford, 9-3, in Overtime….

The Lincolnton High School Wolves finished (2-9) last season(2018) and with a conference mark of (1-6), the Wolves did not qualify for the NCHSAA playoffs…

Coach Glass will get with his players sometime this week or early next week and officially share the news of his departure with the EG Wildcats and after one year in Gibsonville, he will begin to try and line up a job/position at Lincolnton High School and hope to make the transition to Lincolnton, ASAP, so he can be there for the Spring football practices/workouts…

It will not be a fast move, but it will be a timely move, and Eastern Guilford will begin to move on looking for and finding a replacement for a very effective football coach, as they begin the job search of replacing Joe Glass….

Coach Glass did a super job with the EG ‘Cats in transitioning to the lead role at Eastern, after former EG head coach Doug Robertson resigned and took the head job as football coach for the Thomasville Bulldogs at the end of the 2017 season…..

We are gonna miss Coach Glass and it was always good to talk to him prior to the Eastern Guilford football games, although we did not bring him much luck, but this was the “Year of the Falcons”, in Guilford County and I don’t think me and Ethan Albright, with a pack of wild wolves and tar babies, could have stopped SEG this past season….

We will miss Coach Glass and it was good to see him at the Eastern Guilford girl’s basketball games, there in support of his daughter, Jayda Glass, one of the better three-point shooters and passers we have seen on the girls basketball floor this season/year…

All being said and the time with the players and others to come, Eastern will start that tough task of trying to find Coach Joe Glass’ successor….There will be a lot of names being tossed around, and we will toss around a few, in a few days…..

We got the word from the coaching loop on the move today and our announcement here might be a bit premature, but with our connections to Eastern Guilford, we thought it best to get the word out and after doing some follow-up research and checking, this is what we have for you tonight….

The news has already started to spread on social media, and with us being one of your key local connections, and with our close ties to the Eastern Guilford fan-base,(we were just down there for the basketball games last Friday night), it seems like we are somewhere around and close to Eastern Guilford all of the time and this is our report for you on this Wednesday evening….

Good luck to Coach Joe Glass, no matter where he ends up in the years to come, and we will be thankful for having the chance to watch Jayda Glass set up and shoot that three…..


  1. So, is this being released to the public before he’s even had a chance to get with his kids to inform them???

  2. Good coach and going to a place to where he will not have to do all the paperwork that Guilford county coaches have to do. If true Lincolnton is a class program that many coaches would love to coach at and work.

  3. I would be calling Earl Bates and/or Hal Capps — EG would not miss a beat with either of those two guys. Great coaches and class acts!

  4. From what I gather the HC is responsible for tracking players residence and has to collect that paperwork and document it among other papers . In any other county that’s the AD job. In Guilford county it’s a paper chase county and the HC does a lot of what ADs do in other counties.

  5. I don’t know all the details so if the HC does all the paperwork why did the Page AD get let go/retire

  6. Is there someting going on at EG. The DC coach Mardis and LB coach Goss resigned after the season. EG will have a lot of work to do replacing a HC and a big hole in a very succesful defensive staff.

  7. Well Andy,

    I sure hope you have not jeopardized Coach Glass’ current or possible job(s) by “scooping” everyone who may have had such information, but out of respect and good common sense for those that were interviewed and had not been officially contacted yet, chose to be responsible by not reporting it…. and a job is not official until a School Board, of a system, approves the personnel agenda. It is poor judgement and just bad common sense to report something just because you can.

  8. Andy,
    Pray tell. If your story is premature, and we agree on that… Why on earth would it best to “get the word out”?

    The people who needed to know, did know. I suppose you got exactly what you wanted, by using privileged info to burn this great ‘friend’ of yours

    You are a real friend to EG and its kids. They are lucky to have you.

    I’ll look forward to reading the real story in the Times News, whenever they decide to publish the real story.

    Attaboy, scoop. You were first.

  9. Poor taste. If you know this is not official, why do this? If you know his character and have respect for any coach, you allow them to tell their players, definitely not your place. But you kept respect for your sources? Pathetic.

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