Lewis Newman has stepped down as the Athletic Director at Grimsley High School

Lewis Newman has stepped down at the Athletic Director at Grimsley High School

Here is the E-mail sent out today by Grimsley High School:

“As the Athletic Director of Grimsley High School, it has been an honor and privilege to serve the Whirlie Nation for the past 13 years…”
“Grimsley is an incredible high school with a rich and wonderful history. I am very proud of the many accomplishments from our student-athletes over the years, and I am confident that with our outstanding coaching staff in place, they will continue to lead the Whirlies to great success. I hope you continue to keep your timeless traditions as you move forward!”

As we noted here at GreensboroSports.com two weeks ago today, that is when we had mentioned that Grimsley had brought on board Ethan Albright to be their assistant athletic director, and Ethan was on the scene when we did the Page-Grimsley basketball game at Grimsley two weeks ago and then again Ethan was there at Grimsley last Friday night, for the Grimsley-Ragsdale games, and both weeks/nights, Ethan was serving and working with Lewis…..
**********Here is our note from the Page-Grimsley Friday night game:Congratulations to former Whirlie Ethan Albright, on being named the new assistant Athletic Director, at Grimsley High School….**********

Best of Luck to Lewis Newman in the future and we still remember when he first came to Grimsley as the new AD, and with Lewis they had another AD their with him in the beginning and Grimsley was going with Co-AD’s for the first few months then…Lewis followed Neil Hatcher as the Grimsley AD and Neil had come on board, after the legendary Bob Sawyer had retired…..

Recently on ArbiterLive.com Lewis Newman has been listed as the Athletic Director at Kiser Middle School…Not sure what is up with that, but that is on there….

On to more news of the day and for more news on this one, you can turn to the Spencer Turkin post, at www.greensboro.com…..

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