Ragsdale Lady Tigers 2019 Metro 4-A Conference Basketball Champions

from Brian Herndon, Ragsdale High School Director of Athletics

Congratulations to our Lady Tigers Basketball team on its Conference Championship victory on the road at Northwest Guilford Friday night. Our Tigers defeated the defending State Champion Vikings, 39 – 29 to claim the 2019 Metro 4A Conference Crown! Great job to head Tiger Coach, Ben Bradford, our Women’s Basketball Coaching Staff, and our INCREDIBLE DIAMOND WOMEN’S BASKETBALL TEAM on this fantastic accomplishment!


  1. I saw Ragsdale won the Conference tournament but how are they the Conference champs? Did NWG lose some regular season games that made the conference tournament the tie breaker?

  2. I saw that Ragsdale won the Conference tournament but how are they the Conference champions? Did NWG lose some regular season games that made the tournament a tie breaker?

  3. The way it stands now you will need a Tie-Breaker….

    NWG won the regular season title and Ragsdale just won the Conference Tournament Title this past Friday night…

    The teams are tied at 2-2 in games played this season…Ragsdale won the HAECO meeting, NWG won both regular season meetings and then Ragsdale won the conference tournament this past Friday night…

    So they(NWG-Ragsdale) are 2-2 for the season…NWG Regular Season Champs and Ragsdale Conference Tournament Champions and both are Metro 4-A Conference Champions…..

    Will there be a meeting in the playoffs to settle the 2-2 tie and is a Liz Kitley return possible for NWG in the playoffs???

    Those are key questions that will be answered over the next several days….

  4. State recognizes regular season champions as the conference champion.
    If Ragsdale and NW had tied for first in the regular season contests then Ragsdale would be conference champs but since NW went 8-0 and Ragsdale finished 6-2 then NW is conference champs.
    Based on seedings for state playoffs NW (3 seed in state playoffs) is recognized as #1 seed from Metro 4-A and Ragsdale (8 seed in state playoffs) is #2 seed.
    HAECO would have been relevant if NW and Ragsdale had tied for conference regular season championship.

  5. Andy Durham said,

    Yes the Regular Season championship does carry more weight for the playoffs…

    This argument has gone on for years within the ACC and it sure does make for an interesting discussion…

    Thinking back to the ACC men’s days of the past, when the NCAA was only letting in one team from each conference, you had to win the ACC Tournament to get to the NCAA’s and it didn’t matter that you won the regular season….Only the ACC tournament winner got in the NCAA Tournament…

    Things have changed and they are still changing….

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