Carolina Acceleration High School Baseball and Softball Today(3/29/19):Next Top Recruits Top Games of the Day are NG at The ROCK(10-0), plus WES at Charlotte Country Day(9-1)

Don’t forget our good friend Carmine Pagano at Carolina Acceleration, on West Gate City Blvd., inside the Greensboro Batting Center and Little Carmine is currently batting .227 for the UNC-Asheville Bulldogs with 23 games/23 starts, including 7 Doubles, 6 RBI and 10 runs scored…Get on board the training plan that can take you from high school to college with Carmine and his team, at Carolina Acceleration….

Our Next Top Recruits Top Games of the Day are Northern Guilford(6-3/6-1) at Rockingham County(10-0/7-0), plus Wesleyan Christian Academy(5-20 at Charlotte Country Day(9-1)….If you would like to become the Next Top Recruit, go to Next Top Recruits and this will be your “Connection To College Coaches”…..(Rockingham County over Northern, 4-1, back on Tuesday of this week….WES topped North Davidson in 10 Innings, 1-0, back on Tuesday.)

Our lineup for today is below, but last night I was thinking back to the top area teams over the past several seasons and how we sure do miss Luis Paula, Caleb McCann, Jacob McCann, Josiel Colon, Harrison Phillips and all of those kids that came through NEG back then, and then you look back at Logan King, JT Jarrett, Cameron Cotter, Josh Pike, JC Ouzts, Joe Millwee, Troy Minor and that group for Northern Guilford and you could say those were the days, but now we have The New Days and let’s see “who plays” today’s games…..
(And wait, do you remember all of those Robinson Brothers over at Eastern Guilford back then?; was it Caleb, Andrew and Luke???)

Baseball Today/Tonight:
Bishop McGuinness(1-9/0-6) at North Stokes(7-5/3-2) 4pm
Durham Academy(5-2/2-0) at Greensboro Day School(4-3/1-2) 4:30pm
Smith(0-8/0-6) at WS Parkland(2-7/1-5) 5pm
Northern Guilford(6-3/6-1) at Rockingham County(10-0/7-0) 7pm
Asheboro(4-6/2-4) at Southeast Guilford(8-3/6-0) 7pm
Northwest Guilford(8-5/3-10 at High Point Central(4-6/0-3) 7pm
Ragsdale(6-6/0-2) at Grimsley(6-4/2-1) 6pm
Dudley(2-6/2-4) at Western Guilford(9-1/8-0) 7pm
Northeast Guilford(2-10/0-7) at Morehead(6-6/1-6) 7pm
Burlington Williams(4-7/2-4) at Eastern Guilford(3-7/1-5) 7pm
Wesleyan Christian Academy(5-2) at Charlotte Country Day(9-1) 7pm
East Forsyth(4-7/0-3) at Glenn(7-3/1-2) 7pm
*****Got a few teams do the OFF DAY today and more games on the slate, as we head to The Plate, next week….*****

Softball Today:
High Point Christian(2-4/1-1) at Village Christian(1-4/0-4) 5pm
High Point Central(6-3/2-1) at Northwest Guilford(7-0/3-0) 6pm
Asheboro(6-3/5-1) at Southeast Guilford(2-8/2-4) 6pm
Smith(1-7/0-7) at WS Parkland(7-2/6-1) 6pm
Dudley(2-6/1-5) at Western Guilford(7-4/5-3) 6pm
Ragsdale(2-6/0-3) at Grimsley(0-7/0-3) 6pm
Jordan Matthews(3-9/3-3) at High Point Andrews(0-7/0-7) 6pm
Burlington Williams(1-6/0-6) at Eastern Guilford(4-6/3-3) 6:30pm

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