Looking at Local Players and their College Baseball Numbers/Stats and our High School Baseball Play/Move of the Week

Here is the High School Baseball Play/Move of the Week for this week and you can check out, when you CLICK HERE….

Stats from our local colleges and our local players, playing college baseball….

N.C. A&T:
Camden Williamson(Dudley HS) .272/3 HRs/20 RBI/5 Doubles…27 Games/24 Starts
Zac McClean(High Point Christian Academy/High Point Central HS .214/4 HRs/8 RBI/5 Doubles…31 Games/30 Starts
Ryan Stanley(Southeast Guilford HS) .213/1 HR/8 RBI/2 Doubles…32 Games/30 Starts
Devin Bartley(Southeast Guilford HS) .125/1 Double/0 HRs/0 RBI…7 Games/0 Starts

Guilford College:
Ellis Stokes(Dudley HS) .284/0 HRs/9 RBI2 Doubles…28 Games
Logan King(Northern Guilford HS) .276/0 HRs/6 RBI/7 Doubles/25 Games
Tanner Hobbs(Northeast Guilford HS) .264/2 HRs/8 RBI/4 Doubles…20 Games
Brody Holloman(Northeast Guilford HS) Pitcher with 12 Games/0 Starts/(0-1)/1 Save/13 2/3’s Innings/12 Runs/18 Hits/11 BB’s/3 K’s/7.90 ERA

Caleb Webster(Randleman HS) .298/2 HRs/20 RBI/10 Doubles/1 Triple/32 Games/32 Starts…25 Runs Scored…
Ryan Caveness(Southern Guilford HS) .274/4 HRs/19 RBI/3 Doubles/31 Games/31 Starts…18 Runs Scored…

Greensboro College:
Cameron Peters(Grimsley HS) .261/0 HRs/12 RBI/3 Doubles/8 Runs Scored/23 Games/19 Starts…
Hunter Fleming(Eastern Guilford HS) .182./0 HRs/0 RBI/1 Double/1 Run Scored/5 Games/3 Starts
Cameron Whitson(Northwest Guilford HS) Pitcher with 19 1/3 Innings/3 BB’s/5 K’s/12 Runs/26 Hits/(0-0)/ 0 Saves/7 Games/4 Starts

N.C. State Baseball:
Patrick Bailey(Wesleyan Christian Academy) .343/8 HRs/32 RBI/14 Doubles/2 Triples/37 Runs Scored…36 Games/36 Starts
Evan Edwards(Southern Guilford HS) .331/10 HRs/44 RBI/10 Doubles/2 Triples/39 Runs Scores/36 Games/36 Starts
J.T. Jarrett(Northern Guilford HS) .191/0 HRs/9 RBI/3 Doubles/9 Runs Scored/25 Games/15 Starts
Cameron Cotter(Northern Guilford HS) Pitcher (2-2)/2.65 ERA/9 Games/0 Starts/1 Save/5 Runs/10 Hits/5 BB’s/17 K’s/Opponent’s Batting Average .172

Hansen Butler(High Point Christian Academy/High Point Central HS) (1-0)/4.50 ERA/7 Games/0 Starts/6 Innings/3 Runs/6 Hits/7 BB’s/10 K’s/Opponent’s Average .273
Kyle Blendinger(Southwest Guilford HS) (0-0)7.20 ERA/5 Games/0 Starts/5 Innings/5 Runs/4 Hits/3 BB’s/1 K/Opponent’s Average .200

Carmine Pagano(Southeast Guilford HS) .225/0 HRs/9 RBI/8 Doubles/1 Triple/14 Runs Scored/34 Games/34 Starts
Jacob Edwards(Southwest Guilford HS) .194/0 HR’s/1 RBI/6 Runs Scored/25 Games/16 Starts
Jacob Edwards Pitching:(3-2)/2.58 ERA/12 Games/5 Starts/1 Save/38 1/3 Innings/17 Runs/33 Hits/25 BB’s/33 K’s/Opponent’s Average .239

Western Carolina:
Luke Robinson(Eastern Guilford HS) .276/7 HRs/30 RBI/6 Doubles/2 Triples/20 Runs Scored/32 Games/32 Starts
Andrew Robinson(Eastern Guilford HS) .200/0 HRs/3 RBI/1 Triple/4 Doubles/12 Runs Scored/28 Games/11 Starts

North Carolina Central University:
Carter Williams(Northeast Guilford HS) .331/3 HRs/25 RBI/11 Doubles/21 Runs Scored/33 Games/32 Starts
Timmy Fischvogt(High Point Christian Academy) .216/0 HRs/9 RBI/3 Doubles/10 Runs Scored/26 Games/23 Starts
Chris Kernen(Northwest Guilford HS) Pitcher (4-2)/4.91/10 Games/5 Starts/47 2/3 Innings/28 Runs/44 Hits/19 BB’s/43 K’s/Opponent’s Average .244

Winston-Salem State University:
Joe Joplin(Grimsley HS) .172/0 HRs/4 RBI/2 Doubles/9 Runs Scored/20 Games
Parker Strader(Northeast Guilford HS) Pitcher (3-0)/4.91 ERA/36 2/3 Innings/15 Games/2 Starts/27 Runs/35 Hits/15 BB’s/29 K’s/

Campbell University:
Kevin Westlake(Page HS) Pitcher (2-2)/6.06 ERA/32 2/3 Innings/8 Games/8 Starts/26 Runs/36 Hits/24 BB’s/21 K’s/Opponent’s Average .288

Louisburg College:
Luke Davis(Wesleyan Christian Academy) Pitcher (1-3)/9.62 ERA/29 Innings/8 Games/7 Starts/26 Runs/43 Hits/16 BB’s/23 K’s

UNC Wilmington:
Luke Gesell(High Point Christian Academy) Pitcher (4-2)/2.36 ERA/53/ 1/3 Innings/9 Games/9 Starts/21 Runs/35 Hits/10 BB’s/33 K’s/Opponent’s Average .189
Brody Lawson(High Point Christian Academy) Pitcher (3-1) 4.78 ERA/9 Games/7 Starts/37 2/3 Innings/24 Runs/31 Hits/18 BB’s/43 K’s/Opponent’s Average .225
Nothing available on Langmeyer from Caldwell Academy….
Breydan Gorham from nearby Western Alamance HS….(1-0)/2.57 ERA
Blake Deatherage from Western Alamance HS….(2-0)/6.35 ERA

There are more local college players out there and we will try and find them, and these are out findings for today…A time-consuming project, but we did come up with some key names and numbers…

One other professional player we found today was D.J. Artis, from Southeast Guilford HS and Liberty University, now with the South Bend Cubs in the Midwest League….For Artis so far in 2019:.231/0 HRs/1 RBI/3 Doubles/5 Runs Scored/4-4 in Stolen Bases over 8 Games to start the season….We will be looking for more MILB players too…If you have any of their stats, send them our way…

Weston Wilson from Wesleyan Christian Academy and Clemson University…Now with Double A Biloxi Shuckers…Brewers farm team, where he is batting .250/0 HRs/0 RBI/5 Games/2 Doubles/5 Runs Scored….


  1. Weston Wilson, former Wesleyan Christian and Clemson tiger standout plays for the Biloxi shuckers minor league team. They are AA affiliate of the Brewers.

  2. Got a bunch at UNC-Wilmington, too: Luke Gesell (High Point Christian), Brody Lawson (High Point Christian), Troy Langmeyer (Caldwell) and Kip Brandenburg (Southern Guilford, sitting out as a transfer).

  3. We got the UNCW fellas updated, but did not see anything on Langmeyer…He may be out with injury….

    Last night we also got Weston Wilson updated….

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