Carolina Acceleration High School Baseball and Softball Today(5/17/19) with WES and HPCA hosting the Next Top Recruits Top Games of the Day/Home Slice Pizza and Subs Baseball Trivia Question of the Day(FREE Pizza)

The seasons are winding down, but the training season has only just begun….Time to get into Carolina Acceleration, on West Gate City Blvd./High Point Road, inside the Greensboro Batting Center, and it is ‘get to work time’…“Hard Work Pays Off”, and the hard work you do now, will pay off during your next baseball and football seasons…Carolina Acceleration

You can see our Next Top Recruits Top Games of Day below, from Next Top Recruits, and if you want, “Your Connection To College Coaches”, here it is, with Next Top Recruits…You need to Click On that link and see what Ken Carlyle and his crew, are doing for you…Your Connection To College Coaches, is here….

*****NCISAA Baseball Round Four/Finals:*****
#1 Wesleyan Christian Academy(16-4) vs. #2 Charlotte Christian Academy(25-6) with a Best-of-Three Series…Game One TODAY 7pm at WES

#1 High Point Christian Academy(23-4) vs. #12 Carmel Christian(11-9) with a Best-of-Three Series…Game One TODAY, at HPCA 4:30pm…..

*****NCHSAA Softball Round Four*****
3-A East
#5 Southern Alamance Patriots(24-5) at #1 D.H. Conley(24-1) 7pm

#6 Cleveland(17-5) at Eastern Alamance Eagles(20-2) TBA

**********Here is our Home Slice Pizza and Subs Baseball Trivia Question of the Day….**********
WINNER receives a FREE Large Two Topping Pizza from Home Slice Pizza and Subs, on Hunt Club Road near Guilford College…on West Gate City Blvd., near UNCG and in the Cardinal Crossing Shopping Center near the Food Lion, on Fleming Road….

The question for today is a two-parter….Looking for two former Greensboro Baseball catchers…..One of the catchers played for the old Greensboro Hornets and later was a mainstay catcher for the New York Yankees…The other catcher was a member of the Greensboro Grasshoppers 2011 SAL Championship team and he moved up the ranks and became the regular catcher for the Miami Marlins, but he got traded in the off-season and now he is the regular catcher for the Philadelphia Phillies…

Who are these two former Greensboro Baseball catchers that we are looking for?? Again, one played for the Greensboro Hornets and the other played for the Greensboro Grasshoppers….Send your answers on to us at…..We are looking for the WINNER and the WINNER gets the FREE Large Two Topping Pizza, from Home Slice Pizza and Subs…..

If you want some FREE Pizza, send us your answers now, to….Looking for these two former Greensboro Baseball catchers….
(You can only win once during this current contest and one winner per family, please…Remember, these are large pizzas and it will take a few days to eat them.)

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  1. We have a Winner, as Michael Garrett correctly answered with Jorge Posada from the Greensboro Hornets, and JT/Jacob Realmuto, from the Greensboro Grasshoppers…

    Thanks to those who played the game today, and we hope to be doing this again, next Friday….

    Michael Garrett is today’s Winner and congrats to Michael….

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