There will be some new Carolina Panthers radio announcers this upcoming season:Eugene Robinson out and others coming in

Was doing some backlog research today and saw this news, that popped up back in March, when we were still very busy with basketball and baseball…

Eugene Robinson GONE from the Carolina Panthers radio announce team….

I have listened to a lot of those Carolina Panthers football games on radio over the years, and I still remember back to the days when the Panthers’ radio announcing team was Bill Rosinski, Roman Gabriel and Jim Szoke….

Then after Bill Rosinski wanted a ring when the Panthers went to Super Bowl XXXVIII, and the Panthers would not fess up for Rosinski, and when the Panthers heard Bill Rosinski was complaining, they let him go….

Mick Mixon was brought in as the lead Panthers play-by-play man, and he was teamed up with Eugene Robinson and Jim Szoke…..

We have been hearing Mick Mixon, Eugene Robinson and Jim Szoke together for well over a decade now, and now and on some Sundays, when you get out there on the West side of Greensboro, you can barely pick up ROCK 92, the home of the Carolina Panthers, on radio, in the Triad…For some reason, the signal sort of goes out-of-bounds, when you get on that side of town, and if you really want to catch the very end of the game, or the Panthers’ post-game show, you might want to flip the car radio to WBT 1110 AM, in Charlotte….

But like we are saying after all of those years of hearing Mick, Gennie Rob and Zoke, there will be a new Panthers radio team, calling the shots this season….

Not sure who the replacement voices will be, but if it were me, I might see if Steve Smith might want to jump on board with the radio crew…

Have been hearing some talk that Jake Delhomme, the QB that led the Panthers to their first Super Bowl, well we have been hearing talk that Jake Delhomme is back in Charlotte…If I had to choose between Jake Delhomme and Steve Smith, I would take Steve Smith…Jake Delhomme is too vanilla and with Steve Smith, he might just go off one game, and that would make for some interesting heat/content….

Other former Panthers players being listed as possible replacements for Eugene Robinson have included, Muhsin Muhammad, Jon Beason, and Roman Harper….

I could go with Muhsin Muhammad, because Jon Beeson wanted out of Charlotte and was sent off to the New York Giants, and Roman Harper is considered much more of a New Orleans Saint, than he is a Carolina Panther….I can take “The Moose”, Muhsin Muhammad and I think he would do a good job for the Panthers..

Not sure who the new man or men will be, and they may have already made their decision/decisions, but I have not heard a word and if doesn’t come through, it has not really happened brother…..

Here is the word on Eugene Robinson being out of the Carolina Panthers radio booth…..

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Longtime Panthers radio analyst Eugene Robinson says the team will not renew him for the 2019 season.

Robinson, who spent 17 seasons in the booth for Panthers games, told NBC Charlotte he was not upset about the decision.

“I’m not mad at all,” said Robinson. “I got to play this game and then broadcast for 17 years. I’ve been blessed.”

Robinson, who co-hosts Charlotte Today on WCNC, says the team offered to keep him on in another role, perhaps pre and postgame broadcasts.

“I totally get it,” he said. “I totally understand.”

from Eugene Robinson on Twitter:
Thank u @Panthers for 17 gr8 years of broad casting. The team has been so kind & gracious 2 me. I’ve nothing but love for the panthers and the relationship I’ve built over these many years. I feel much a part of this team as I felt for all the teams I’ve played for. Go Panthers