This Week’s Baseball Trivia Question for a FREE Large Two-topping Large Pizza from Home Slice Pizza and Subs

We are looking at baseball game related songs this week and these four in particular…You have heard them at baseball games, or on radio over the years and here are the four we are looking at this week, and we need the person or group that sings these baseball songs, or baseball game related songs…

Here are your four songs to work with, and the Winner gets a Free Two-topping Large Pizza, from Home Slice Pizza and Subs…Just Email your answers to us at….That’s the person or group that sings these baseball songs and get the answers over to us, at….

Now who sings these baseball game, or baseball related songs and you know you have heard them at one time or another over the years….

Centerfield…Put me in coach, I’m ready to play, put in coach I’m ready to play, I could be Centerfield….
The Cheap Seats….There’s nothing like the view, from “The Cheap Seats”…..
Talking Baseball(Willie, Mickey and The Duke)….We’re Talking Baseball, Willie, Mickey and The Duke….Say hey, Say hey, Say hey…..
Sweet Caroline…..Sweet Caroline, Bomp, Bomp, Bomp, Good times never felt so good, So Good, So Good, So Good……

We could throw in Take Me Out to the Ballgame/The Seventh-Inning Stretch song, but it has been sung by no one in particular, other than all of the fans around the nation, over the years…..

Maybe “God Bless America”, best-known and done when performed by Kate Smith…..Would you agree???

Then the “National Anthem/Star Spangled Banner”, maybe the best version I heard was from Sandy Patty, and have heard that Robert Goulet does a very good/mean version of the Star Spangled Banner, even though he is of French-Canadian ancestry…

Best version of God Bless America, from First National Bank Field, would be at least my choice of, Allison Moore….For the Star Spangled Banner, I have heard so many over the years, I could not pick a true favorite, but let me give one that does stand out, Jessica Mashburn….She does a super job on the Anthem, and she is a very talented singer, who often times does all sorts of different musical renditions and therefore has received the moniker, “All Mashed Up’….

There you have a topic of the day on Music Around the Baseball Ballparks….The National Anthem, God Bless America, I guess you could throw in the Village People and their work on the “YMCA” tune, and you used to alway have the Walk-Off song at the old War Memorial Stadium, back when the Yankees had a team playing here, and that would be Frank Sinatra and his tune of “New York, New York”…That was team part-owner John Horshok’s tune to send us all home, each night…”Start Spreading the News, I’m leaving today, I want to be a part of it, in old New York…I want to wake up in a city that doesn’t sleep, Be the King of the Hill, Top of the Heap….In Old New York, New York…..

Wow, just the talk about the baseball tunes makes for a good feature for this Friday….If you have anything to add, leave it in the comment box and be sure to get your answers rolling to….Need the ones who sang, “Centerfield”, “The Cheap Seats”, “Talking Baseball” and “Sweet Caroline”…..

Such a nice topic for this overcast Friday….This really gives you something to chew on, before you get that FREE Pizza…..

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*****I think we have struck gold with another great topic today and if you are the Winner, you get a FREE pizza and how can you beat that…..*****

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  1. We had a Winner earlier from the Fayettevile-Wilmington area and said they couldn’t use the prize living out of our market, and our first local Winner in today with the correct answers is Charlie Duncan…Coming in from Greensboro with the correct answers of:

    John Fogerty-Centerfield
    Alabama-Cheap Seats
    Terry Cashman-Talking Baseball
    and Neil Diamond-Sweet Caroline

    Thanks for all of those who played today and we will do this contest again next Friday, hopefully…

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