N.C. State has been served its notice:NCAA lays out violations against N.C. State basketball program(Why punish the university, why not fine Early and Gottfried and ban them from the NCAA for Life?)

The Notice of Allegations against the N.C. State basketball program has been released by the NCAA and you can see the NOA down below, and coming in from what we were able to grab from the News and Observer, in Raleigh, N.C.

N.C. State will surely be punished for these violations and there may be forfeiture of games, probations regarding future games and seasons, heavy fines layed out against the Wolfpack athletic program, and who knows what all will end up being laid at the feet of the N.C. State athletic program and its basketball program, in particular….

Here is our plan to clear all of this up and get it straightened out in due process, and not draw it out over several weeks and months…

Why not do this???

Ban coach Mark Gottfried and coach Orlando Early from ever coaching again on the NCAA level….Take it a step further and force them to never set foot on an NCAA campus again, or from being associated with any event dealing with, or pertaining to the NCAA….Also force them both to pay a suitable fine to the NCAA, or to N.C. State for their parts in these violations…I can not determine what that fine would be, that would have to come from the NCAA, but make it a hefty fine for Early and Gottfried….

You take away Early and Gottfried’s major source of income and that should set them back for a few years, one would hope….

But again, as it goes for Gottfried and Early, they are not allowed to ever set foot on a college campus again…..Banned…..No coaching, no scouting, no viewing games, NO NCAA whatsoever….No Nothing associated with the NCAA and college basketball…

Plus have Dennis Smith and his family pay back the $46,600 that was given to them in cash and tickets….Smith and his family can sure afford that ‘loan’ that they received from the N.C. State coaches….Pay it back and set the record straight…..

Can they legally be forced to pay back the money?

Good question and that would have to be taken before some higher legal powers, for full disclosure….

Gottfried and Early fined and then banned from the NCAA for Life….Dennis Smith and his family forced to pay back the $46,600…..

And as for N.C. State…..No direct punishment for the basketball program….Don’t kill the current basketball program for something two former coaches and a one-and-done player did………..

For N.C. State in this matter:Pay the NCAA a fair fine from the athletic department monies, and place the Wolfpack basketball program under a short-term probationary period, but NO NCAA postseason ban, or sanctions…

Put the hit the guys that “Paid the Piper” and those two guys were Mark Gottfried and Orlando Early….And Dennis Smith was a one-and-done and the damage that has been done, is not worth the time that Dennis Smith spent on the N.C. State campus, in Raleigh….

Go get Mark Gottfried and Orlando Early and roundup the bucks from Dennis Smith and the Dennis Smith family…..

N.C. State got caught with two very bad apples among the bunch….Mark Gottfried and Orlando Early, and make that three bad apples, when you add in Dennis Smith….

And they say, “One bad apple don’t spoil the whole bunch”, but three bad apples can make you sick as a dog….And if they are three green apples, you may be sick for a few years……

Here the violations against N.C. State……

The NCAA has alleged two Level I violations against N.C. State:

*One by former assistant coach Orlando Early in connection to a $40,000 payment during Smith’s recruitment and providing more than $6,600 in impermissible benefits to Smith’s family and associates in the form of excessive complimentary tickets to N.C. State games during Smith’s tenure.

*One by former head coach Mark Gottfried for a failure to monitor Early, during Smith’s recruitment; and failure to monitor distribution of excessive complimentary tickets.

According to the details in the NOA, Smith’s family received $4,562 in the form of 106 complimentary tickets to 13 games during the 2016-17 season. Shawn Farmer, an associate and former trainer of Smith, received $2,119 in the form of 44 complimentary tickets to 26 different games.

There are also two Level II violations in the NOA:

*One for the provision of the excessive complimentary tickets to Smith’s family and the associates of three other former players.

*One, specific to the school, for the failure to monitor the provision of the complimentary tickets.

Each player gets an allotment of four complimentary tickets for home games. In this case, the NCAA is classifying anything over that allotment to be an “impermissible recruiting entertainment benefit.”

**********In the grand scheme of things, you may be saying or even thinking, that we are going about this conclusion/decision wrong and we are letting N.C. State off lightly and merely giving the N.C. State athletic program, a “slap on the wrist”….I don’t think so, I think we are merely going after the guilty parties in this problem as assessed by the NCAA, and that would be Mark Gottfried, Orlando Early and Dennis Smith/the Dennis Smith Family.**********

++++++++++Above list of allegations/Notice of Allegations/NOA, coming in from the News and Observer in Raleigh, N.C./www.newsobserver.com.++++++++++
(Full article from the News and Observer, CLICK HERE.)


  1. Why punish NC State? Because the current chancellor was there when Gottfried and Early were hired and knew their history.

    Gottfried was part of Jim Harrick’s staff that got UCLA put on probation, and he was fired midseason at Alabama for screwing around with female students. EVERYBODY in college athletics knew it. And NC State hired him anyway.

    Early had a long history as a bag man and AAU basketball pimp and has been unemployed/unemployable since he was fired along with Gottfried. EVERYBODY in college athletics knew his reputation, and NC State hired him anyway.

    And the current chancellor, Woodson, signed off on the hires.

    Early will never coach again, and Gottfried probably won’t, either, after the NCAA hits him with a show-cause penalty. But NC State knew exactly what it was doing when it hired both coaches who were involved. The only way the university should get off is if it fires the chancellor, Woodson, and cuts the retirement payout to the AD who hired Gottfried and Early, Gibsonville’s own Debbie Yow.

  2. On the surface Debbie Yow and Mark Gottfried appeared to be good friends. For the life of me, I am not sure why Debbie Yow hired Mark Gottfried in the first place.

    All Mark Gottfried did was stab Debbie Yow in the back, and the knife cut right through her spine.

    To me Mark Gottfried always came across as a crooked car salesman coming into Raleigh, from ESPN.

    I thought Woodson was a pretty good DB, but not totally sure about his role as a chancellor…

    If it has to help the folks in Raleigh, have Gottfried, Early and Debbie Yow pay the price and that is hard to say for someone who came in from just down the road from Gibsonville, Debbie Yow…

    But if Yow got duped, N.C. State is getting pooped on now…

    Any possible solutions now would sure help and it was good to see today, that N.C. State has acquired the services of the same law firm that got the North Carolina Tar Heels out their Tar Hole, with the NCAA….

    Line them up, Gottfried, Early, Yow, Woodson, just don’t throw the NCAA rulebook or rolebook at the N.C. Wolfpack…..The NCAA already took N.C. State to the Overland Park, Kansas woodshed/cleaners back when Jimmy V. was the AD……

    I think you all can read this loud and clear, “N.C. State could use a break”…..

    But good lord, break all ties with those crooks from the past and make them pay, or take away their state of North Carolina retirement funding, from N.C. State…..

  3. What about Zion with Clemson and Duke$

    What about Swofford and UNC AFAM student eligibility?

    Oh those are Nike schools! Nothing to see here

  4. @Chuckie Brown I don’t care about any of the Big Four schools. Three of the four are as dirty as anyone (and Wake doesn’t care enough to cheat).

    All three basketball programs should be torched by the NCAA, but we know how that will play out.

  5. @Chuckie Brown And BTW, the Wolfpack player’s name was CHUCKY Brown, not CHUCKIE Brown. You just play into the stereotype fans across the country have about your fan base by being a moron.

  6. Good luck getting any money out of the Smith family and at least the N.C. State Women’s Soccer team is in the clear.

    Women’s Soccer is the fastest rising sport on the planet and I think N.C. State is primed to be among the best.

    Who needs football and basketball?

    Give us more Women’s Soccer in Raleigh.

  7. Another interesting headline on this story from resources around the state of North Carolina:

    Former coaches’ actions bring possible NCAA sanctions to NC State

    RALEIGH, N.C. —Both Mark Gottfried and his then-assistant Orlando Early could be punished with a “show-cause” penalty, which could impact their current and future employability.

    I’m sure N.C. State, the university, would take the same deal that UNC got from the NCAA and the Wolfpack would take that ruling and run faster than Nyheim Hines was, when he was heading to West end zone….

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