Packed Place at the Park Today:Jaycee Park crowded as Eric Ebron(Smith HS) and Keenan Allen(Northern Guilford HS) hold Football Camp

Stopped by the Jaycee Park this morning and checked out the Keenan Allen(Northern Guilford High School) and Eric Ebron(Ben L. Smith High School) football camp for area kids, and by the looks on the faces of the kids and by the way the parents and grandparents were talking, this #85(Ebron) and #13(Allen) joint-venture was a Huge Success….
(Eric Ebron in the NFL with the Indianapolis Colts and Keenan Allen, a member of the Los Angeles Chargers, from the National Football League.)

I am here to tell you that there were kids(boys and girls) running around everywhere over at Jaycee Park and the look of the day, were the #13 and #85 T-shirts….

This is great idea by the NFL to have their players go back to their hometowns and give back to the community, by holding these football camps…

Saw lots of former Northern Guilford folks out there today, including NG Nighthawks’ head football coach Johnny Roscoe, and his long-time assistant Lee Meekins, holding down the fort and there were several other former Nighthawks in the house today, there at Jaycee Park…

Lots of happy kids and their support groups, as the kids were able to participate in this Football Camp, which was almost similar to a Football Carnival, there was so much going on, but it was a special day and a special time of football instruction for all of those kids, that were lucky enough to be at this camp…

We were just getting a “Birds-Eye” view and you couldn’t even count all of the kids on hand, but we did see two very unique vehicles parked out front, and those were the Keenan Allen #13 Mini Cooper from Flow Motors and the Eric Ebron #85 car and I think the Ebron vehicle was also rolling in from Flow Motors….Allen car with the #13 and the Chargers logo, while the Ebron vehicle was sporting Eric’s #85 and it had the Colts’ logo on the side…….

Very special feature of today’s Football Camp, the #85 Eric Ebron car and the #13 Keenan Allen vehicle…..

It was one of those dream days for the Guilford County kids that got to attend today’s Ebron/Allen Football Camp and to get a better look at what Eric and Keenan had cooking, CLICK HERE for FOX 8 Sports Timmy Hawks on Instagram, with his talk to Keenan Allen and Eric Ebron..

Timmy Hawks was just saying on Instagram and Twitter:
All-Pros in the park. Keenan Allen (Northern Guilford HS) LA Chargers and Eric Ebron (Smith HS) Indianapolis Colts. These guys like giving back to their hometown community. Listen closely, Keenan wants to be a quarterback. @keenan13allen @ericebron @los.angeles.chargers @colts @gcschoolsnc @timmyhawks