‘The Vlaz’ is coming back home to “The Ranch”:Greg Vlazny is the new head Men’s Basketball Coach at Southwest Guilford High School

Southwest Guilford High School Men’s Basketball Announcement:
from Brindon Christman, Athletic Director at Southwest Guilford High School

SW Guilford High School is excited to announce that Greg Vlazny has been named the new Head Men’s Basketball Coach.

Coach Vlazny is a former assistant under Guy Shavers for the past 12 seasons and was a big part of our two Men’s Basketball State Championship Teams in 2017 and 2019.

Greg taught English at Southwest Guilford up until January when he resigned to take the Sport Director job for the Jamestown Youth League.

Greg will be returning to Southwest Guilford this fall to teach in our OCS Department.

Coach Vlazny is a graduate of Cary Academy first senior class in 2001 where he played basketball and soccer and was the school’s all-time leading scorer in basketball.

Greg then continued his basketball playing career at UNCG and graduated in 2007. Greg and his wife Brisa have four kids, Caden (12), Brielle (10), Nolan (7) and Lincoln (1).

from GreensboroSports.com:
Coach Vlaz was my pick right out of the block when we first heard that Guy Shavers had stepped down, as the head men’s basketball coach at Southwest Guilford High School…We had Coach Vlaz taking over at SWG, we had Evan Fancourt going to either Page or Grimsley and he went to Page, and we had Mike Everett, taking over for Coach Darlene Joyner, within the Northwest Guilford HS women’s basketball program….

We had all of these calls long before the final word was announced, and we may not hit another streak like that again, but that should still be enough to get us into the Guilford County Sports Hall of Fame one day, and as the skit from the old Saturday Night Live shows used to ring out, Just Kidding/Just Kidding….

Yes just kidding about the Guilford County Sports Hall of Fame, but no kidding over in High Point, Greg Vlazny is back with the Cowboys and to me, that is Great News…

We used to say it all the time here at the site, Coach Vlaz, is “The Man”….

This is a Great Day for Southwest Guilford HS Athletics….They can put behind them, the brief but distracting time while Brandon Mullis was the Cowboys’ head coach, and now the Cowboys can move on and put that chapter behind them and now the SWG Cowboys can move on with a man that has the dedication and integrity Southwest Guilford High School needs, to keep their Men’s Basketball program moving forward…

There is not a more dedicated coach on this level of basketball play in North Carolina and we Congratulate Coach Greg Vlazny on this new title, as head Men’s Basketball Coach at Southwest Guilford High School….

Greg Vlazny will steady the wagons and get the Cowboys back on course, and he will do this with the right game plan and with all of the Cowboys’ best interest in mind…

It is a Good Day to be out there on “The Ranch” and again, the Best of Luck, as ‘Coach Vlaz’ takes over the SWG Men’s Basketball program…..

That is our 10 cents worth of info and commentary and I hope it amounts to something, as we move forward into the 2019-2020 Guilford County Schools school year…..

This is an earlier post from GreensboroSports.com and it ran here back on March 25, 2029, just about 4 months ago….
from GreensboroSports.com:
Well breaking news for us any way…Out of the office and the loop for a few hours trying to stir up some sales and a big one just got away…

Former UNCG Spartan Guy Shavers has stepped down, as the boys head basketball coach at Southwest Guilford High School, and now the SWG Cowboys will be in the process of looking for a new boys basketball coach….

There has been a man on the bench the last several seasons, serving under Coach Shavers, and he would make an excellent head coach if interested, and that would be current SWG boys assistant, Greg Vlazny….

Vlazny knows the ropes and he learned them from Guy Shavers, and Guy got his game knowledge from Bob McEvoy over at UNCG, back when Guy was in college playing basketball alongside the UNCG point guard back in those days, Keyford Langley…..

Guy was a women’s assistant coach under Darlene Joyner over at Northwest Guilford and he spent time on the staff at Glenn High School, assisting for coach Robert Fulton and later Coach Lee Reavis, when they were leading the Glenn Bobcats to the 3-A East Regional Finals vs. Dudley, down in Greenville, N.C., back in the day….

Coach Shavers paved the way and built a successful program over at Southwest Guilford and it is kind of like the situation at Duke, SWG would have been a good team without the Langley Twins, but they never would have reached the levels that the Cowboys attained without Keyshaun and Kobe…The were the pillars and the bookends that made the Cowboys Click and that helped them bring home those two State Titles…..

Just like Duke would not be what Duke is today, without the kid out of South Carolina, Zion Williamson…Certain players can help take you to the top of your game….

Coach Shavers did a great job of managing that highly operative SWG program and by letting his men play their games, he allowed them all to excel at their highest levels…Kobe, Keyshaun, Jayden Turner, Joel Pettiford, Christian Martin, Dez Woods when he was still with us, and all of the SWG Cowboys that have been over on “The Ranch”, the past couple of seasons….

Coach Shavers was a genius in a certain way, because he knew how to flip that switch and when it was ON, the Cowboys were gone, and you were not going to come back against them…He will go down as one of the smartest coaches to ever cross the county, because he knew WHEN, when to hit the gas pedal and when to put on the brakes and for the kid’s sake, they did not have to use the brakes too often and that is how the kids loved it…

And boy those Cowboys could throw it down on the run and they had excellent shooting range too..I saw Kobe Langley with some shots last Friday night in an exhibition game over at GDS, and man did that kid has some range and he shoots the pull-up shot, like it is his top toss…

The “Guy Shavers Era” at SWG has come to and end, but now it is time to get a new coach on “The Ranch” and I still say, Greg Vlazny would be a great candidate to follow in the Cowboy boots of Guy Shavers….

Good luck, as he leaves off into the sunset for Coach Shavers, and hasn’t this basketball season been an adventure already, as the coaches are moving faster than the SWG Cowboys in transition, attacking the basket in a 3-on-1 fast break…

All we can do now is Play On and Stay Tuned…..

**********Former Southwest Guilford men’s basketball coach Guy Shavers now living down in Florida…Guy Shavers was out of here as soon as school finished up back in June, and his wife has a new job down there in the “Sunshine State”, and not sure what Coach Shavers is up to, but I have to feel he will be happy, when he hears the news that Greg Vlazny has been named the new head men’s basketball coach, at Southwest Guilford High School.**********

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