Hot Topic on this “Hot Week”:High School Football, Grimsley at Page coming up this year on Friday November 8(Last game of the Regular Season, and a lot to look forward to!!!)

There’s excitement about this game, Grimsley(0-0) at Page(0-0), coming up this year on Friday night, November 8, and it is the last game of the regular season for both squads, and both fan bases are already salivating about this BIG high school football game…

We have the East-West All-Stars in town for football this week, the ACC is having their football Media Days tomorrow and Thursday down in Charlotte, the Carolina Panthers are still two weeks away from their first practice of the season and the MLB has just settled in for a LONG second half, but here in our neck of the woods, two high schools just about five miles apart, are ready to start playing TODAY…..

This rivalry will never die and it doesn’t matter what the records are or what year it is, Page and Grimsley/Grimsley and Page should have a lock on “BEST High School Football Rivalry”, in the state….

Page has QB Javondre Paige back to lead the Pirates, and Grimsley Whirlies’ senior Chris Zellous is back to lead GHS…..With those two on hand, it looks to be a productive season for both of these teams….In their Metro 4-A Conference, Ragsdale has some very good athletes, one of the very best athletes in the state in Devan Boykin, and to just stop and think about it for a second, I would hate to have to try and cover Devan Boykin….Gonna be a hard kid to keep up with, but does Ragsdale have enough help for him, is the question…

High Point Central has some offense, but has shown signs of struggle on defense and Northwest Guilford has to replace their departed QB Johnny Pagano, and that will take some time and a few tweaks….

So, we are leaning heavy on that November 8 meeting at Marion Kirby Stadium, and to be real about all of this, it is never too soon to be looking ahead at your chief rival…

It could all come down to Grimsley and Page, at Page, on that Friday night and wouldn’t that be a sight to behold…..No matter what, the Page and Grimsley fans are ready, I’m talking already ready for that BIG game, and can you blame them?????

Every kid who plays for those two schools dreams about that game…..Still got to say, I have been hearing about all of those other rivalry games, but for my money, and I am on the verge of running out of it, but for what I still have in my pocket today, I will take this game and the two fan bases and let them challenge any other in the state, for the BEST Rivalry Game around….

The game is fun, the game is heated and it is more fun for the Winning team and that has been Page, more times than not over the years, but this year, Friday November 8, this might be the date, that the Grimsley Whirlies fulfill their plate and walk out of the gate, over there at Marion Kirby Stadium, with a victory…

Looks like the heat between these two teams is rising and we are still 3 1/2 months away, but here is what the people have to say, as the teams get ready to play, with Summer workouts on hold this week(Dead Period), but everybody back out, in all-out work mode next week…

From the fans, who can’t wait for Grimsley-Page/Page-Grimsley to get started on November 8….
**********The fans are saying this……**********

Not buying the hype said,

No elite teams were present(at the Catawba College 7 on 7, where Page went, [6-0]). Not buying the hype. They have talent but will be down this year in comparison to years past. The head coach hasn’t won with much better teams. We will see. I’m betting on my whirlies to end the streak this year.

Andy Durham said,

A lot of people are calling for this to be the “Year of the Whirlies”…

With QB Chris Zellous, RB Quan Nora and DL Travis Shaw, just to name a few, this could be a special season for the Grimsley Whirlies, if they can put it all together…

I ran into a former Grimsley player the other day(Gary Sue) and we were talking the Whirlies in a ‘Blast from the Past’, with RB’s Cessie Love and Herman Thacker…The Grimsley Whirlies were a tough running team back in that day….

Cessie Love died back during the Winter of 2019 and that big football player and wrestler from Grimsley was a special breed/talent and he will be missed for years to come….

This could be the year/season that Grimsley gets back to the top of the Metro….

KG said,

Page has a young team but there is talent at page, I sure Page will keep the streak going! Jeiel Melton is a player to watch for this season

Sheldon said,

Funny to think grimsley will ever be good at football. Seems like the years of losing to page hasn’t numbed their desire to win. Last time Grimsley beat Page my kid was 5 years old. Sad!

Jimmy Whichard said,

I think Page won’t be as good this year as they have been recently. The defense lost a ton of talent after last season. The offensive line is also a question mark. We’ve also seen their returning starter at QB struggle on the big stage. 2017- past the line of scrimmage, 2018- int.

Dale Hasimger said,

If you think grimsley is going to go into Marion Kirby and win then you’re flat out crazy. That place on a Friday night rocks. I’ve personal seen players been so rattled by the crowd they faked injuries.

Andy Durham said,

One of the wild parts of this equation is that this year’s game will be the last game of the regular season….

They will have to wait their turn to get at each other, but the buildup should be fun and exciting…

Rival Coach said,

After watching Page beat former State championship finalists multiple playoff teams I can assure you this team will be perfectly fine this year there defense will be on another level like usual and there Quarterback play will be on another tier this year. If you think Grimsley has any chance this year then your child must play on the team. There’s some talented players at there school but there lacking of depth and coaching will be there down fall this year. Page will have played one of there hardest schedules in years and Grimsley will not be ready for the year physicality of the Page football players

Stafford Moser said,

Love comments from the “experts”. I personally know the Page QB and he is an amazing young man…..and a great competitor and QB.

It is great to have your favorite teams and cheer for them. At the same time, we can all choose to encourage the young men and women that play sports in our community from all schools.

That said…I’m also a Pirate for life! Tradition continues. ????

Carl Moore said,

I’m really eager to see what the pirates can bring up from last seasons JV team to help give them depth. I am also ready to see if their running game can be near what it was last year. With graduation and transferring of receivers, younger players are going to have to step up. A tough schedule for Page will be hard on this team. Also, I know this doesn’t always correlate but Mendenhall ( one of pages feeding middle schools) has fallen off as a football program in the past couple years after dominating for so long. Where has the talent gone? Should be panic about the football future of the pirates?

Barbra McCann said,

Touching on what dale said I think the crowd is a huge deal in a game but I was at the game last season and it got out of hand. The page student section chanted profanities which I will not choose to repeat. Not only did it affect the players but even the grimsley crowd was offended. This has to stop for this rivalry to stay clean!

++++++++++If we have any other rivalries that are brewing around town let us know, and we will add them to the show…We are just trying to show what is going down around-the-town and there may be some more heat out there, that we aren’t even aware of…Let’s get the ball and get running with it, and be sure to grab some water and chill down/cool off, between each quarter/break….++++++++++

7 thoughts on “Hot Topic on this “Hot Week”:High School Football, Grimsley at Page coming up this year on Friday November 8(Last game of the Regular Season, and a lot to look forward to!!!)

  1. What many people dont realize, is Page has a big factor going for them this season that was not there last year.

    It will be a big catalyst for this season.

    Only a few weeks away til scrimmages!

  2. Barbra McCann makes an interesting point; I recall many games where Page fans and students chant, “y’all can’t read” to opposing teams. Nevertheless, the defense of Grimsley will determine the outcome.

  3. So will Javondre Paige be the QB or Alonza Barnett? I only ask because I was told Paige would switch positions to get ready for college.

  4. Page has no secret weapons. Grimsley has seen everything Page has. This year will be different.

  5. Grimsley will win this year and I think it will be a decisive Whirlie victory. Grimsley will get it done.

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