Dudley Football getting a lot of Attention in the pre-Preseason:On Monday Evening, the Cameras were Rolling!!!

Looking over Dudley Football, and it appears lots of people are very interested, in how the Dudley Panthers football team will be looking, this 2019 season…..

from Wanda Wilson on Twitter….
Monday evening at 11:35pm

Okay, this evening I saw something that was very disturbing. On my way to Dudley this evening, I was coming down 29 North and I see two cars pulled over. Initially I thought they were broken down so I slowed down a little bit, but no, low and behold I see them with a large camera between the bushes pointed towards Dudley’s football team practicing on the field. Then I thought maybe it’s a TV station, then I had to think again, why would they be on that side, so I drove around and went up on the basketball court behind Lincoln to get a better look. I think they heard me telling the Dudley camera person what they were doing and they quickly pulled off. I just wonder if anyone else saw them around a quarter to eight on the side of the highway right behind Lincoln in electric blue sports utility or hatch back and black sedan.

SMH really people that is low.

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  1. LOL!!! Let the fun begin!!

    Looking for evidence of players moving from one place to another?? Trying to see what they are doing, first day of practice isn’t until tomorrow I thought? I am sure they were showing full schemes out there on July 29th.

    Next thing we hear is someone will be hiding in the bushes on Alma Pinnix somewhere filming.

    Can’t wait for the season to start…Wait it appears it already has.


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