Looking at the List of our High School Football Coaches in Guilford County, as we get ready to hit the new 2019 Season

Here is our List of High School Football Coaches in Guilford County, as we hit the new 2019 season….We will be giving you the coach, his team, number of years with that team, and his overall record, with his current team….

***************High School Football Coaches in Guilford County***************

Steven Davis(Dudley High School) 2019 will be his 16th year as head coach of the Panthers(169-41)

Wayne Jones(High Point Central HS) 13th year(75-70)

Erik Westberg(Northern Guilford HS) 4th year(18-18)

Darryl Brown(Grimsley HS) 4th year(15-20)

Brandon Wiggins(Smith HS) 4th year(11-23)

Kennedy Tinsley(Southeast Guilford HS) 3rd year(23-5)

Jared Rolfes(Page HS) 3rd year(17-8)

Johnny Boykin(Ragsdale HS) 3rd year(14-10)

Earl Bates(Northeast Guilford HS) 3rd year(13-11)

Kevin Wallace(Northwest Guilford HS) 3rd year(7-16)

Bear Bradley(Southern Guilford HS) 3rd year(5-17)

Brian Terwilliger(Western Guilford HS) 2nd year(1-10)

Chuck Doak(Southwest Guilford HS) 1st year(0-0)

Tony Aguilar(Eastern Guilford HS) 1st year(0-0)

Mitchell Jenkins(High Point Andrews HS) 1st year(0-0)

*****Scott Bell(High Point Christian Academy) 6th year(46-11)*****

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  1. Some of you might find this piece from the past a bit interesting….

    Floyd exit leaves a void to fill at Dudley
    By Jeff Carlton and Kellie Dixon News and Record Staff Writers Mar 3, 2004

    Interest is building in Dudley’s football coaching job that opened last week when Victor Floyd accepted a head coaching position in South Carolina.

    Floyd will coach South Carolina’s Chester High School, which is located 20 miles south of Rock Hill. The Class 3-A school went 1-9 last season and 11-33 over the last four years, a rebuilding situation similar to the one Floyd encountered when he took the Dudley coaching job three years ago.

    Floyd grew up in Nichols, S.C., and Chester has offered the added perk of serving as an assistant athletics director.

    “It’s financially better,” Floyd said.

    In three seasons at Dudley, Floyd went 28-13 and took the Panthers to the playoffs each year, reaching the state finals in 2002. The former Page assistant accepted the Dudley position in 2001, taking over a team that had gone 2-8 in 1999.

    Floyd “brought a genuine work ethic,” Dudley athletics director Joe Godette said. “He really sold his philosophy to the kids about working hard, and I think it was really genuine and that’s why it was so easy for the kids to buy into it. He had interest in the development of kids all the way around, not just as an athlete.”

    The former N.C. A&T linebacker also vested himself in his athlete’s futures. This week, Everett Simrel signed to play for Mars Hill College and James Donnell signed with St. Augustine. Floyd will have had 22 players in three years sign to play college football.

    “I’ve contributed,” Floyd said. “I think everything’s in pretty good hands.”

    For the time being, those are the hands of former Dudley assistant Steve Davis, who was named as the interim head coach. Davis worked with Floyd as an assistant at Page and played with Floyd at A&T.

    “I’m very interested in getting it,” Davis said. “Coach Godette named me interim head coach, but we have to go through the process. I know I have a lot of support here at Dudley, and I know the players are interested. Hopefully everything will work out.”

    Davis acknowledged that Smith coach Tony McKee, a Dudley alumnus, is potential competition.

    McKee graduated from Dudley in 1978 after being a wide receiver, free safety and punter for his father’s team. He has coached Smith for eight years.

    “It’s intriguing and being that it is my alma mater and my father coached there for a number of years, it is an interesting situation,” McKee said, “but I haven’t declared my interest one way or the other yet.”

    Godette plans to close the application process March 19.

    Godette said a hand-picked committee of student-athletes, booster and community members will interview candidates. The committee will make its top recommendations to Godette and principal Tony Watlington, who will then make a final decision.

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