Talking Football with the new head coach of the Eastern Guilford Wildcats, Tony Aguilar

Here is our talk today with new Eastern Guilford Wildcats head football coach, Tony Aguilar….Coach Aguilar is a former assistant football coach for John Kirby and the Eastern Alamance Eagles…Coach Aguilar played college football for DIII Hobart and college lacrosse, for DI Hobart…Hobart with one of the top college lacrosse programs in the nation….Coach Aguilar proud and excited to be a part of the Eastern Guilford Wildcats’ football program and we had a good talk with him tonight, prior to the BIG fish fry and car wash fundraiser, that EG has planned for tomorrow/Saturday…

Here we go with our Seven-on-Seven Series of questions for Coach Aguilar….

1)For your program to reach the playoffs, what will your record need to be this season?
Coach Aguilar: We need to finish in the Top 3 of our Mid-Piedmont 3-A Conference, and 7-8 wins overall should get us to the playoffs…We have a very tough non-conference schedule, with Page, Reidsville and more and the conference schedule will not get any easier, with Southeast Guilford, Southern Alamance, Burlington Williams and the others…

2)Who will be your team leaders on Offense, Defense, and Special Teams?
Coach Aguilar: On Offense we go with Kamell Smith at QB and he is our ebb and flow, with Hezekiah Newby at RB, along with Da’Mond Coleman at WR, and our Big OL Jason Royster…..On the Defensive side of the ball we see DL Savion Oakes, MLB Perry Sharpe, Da’Mond Coleman at OLB, and Christian Smitherman at DB, all helping to lead the way…On our Special Teams we have sophomore Luke Stanley as our punter/kicker and Perry Sharpe backing him up at Punter, and we are trying to bring Collin Smith back as a Graduate Student….

3)What do remember about about your football practice days, back when you were playing high school football?
Coach Aguilar: The football environment and the Friday Night Lights..From all of that hard practice and then on to the Friday Night Lights…In a small town in New York, this was the only game in town, and the only thing in town…Businesses closed for the night, they rolled up the streets and Friday Night High School Football, took over the town…..The excitement and the lasting friendships really stand out to me, as well…

4)Why do you love coaching football?
Coach Aguilar: Coaching the kids….Making and establishing life-long relationships…You go to the kids’ weddings and see them get married and start a family, and you are there when their children are born, and you end up teaching your former players’ children and that is a neat process, to see it all come, “full circle”…I also like the ‘mental grind’…Studying the X’ and the O’s, the Jimmys and the Joes…Breaking down film and finding a solution, on how to defeat the opposition…

5)If you weren’t coaching football, what would you be doing?
Coach Aguilar: I studied to be a business guy while in college at Hobart and that really didn’t work out, but if I wasn’t coaching football, I might just like to become a sports agent, or a Physical Trainer…I’m glad I turned away from the business field, and got turned on to teaching and coaching high school football….

6)Best team in the county other than your Eastern Guilford Wildcats?
Coach Aguilar: Dudley, with the Panthers being a State Title contender….Page, with the Pirates being ranked as high as #11 in the State 4-A rankings….The Grimsley Whirlies look to be on their way up….

7)What’s the first thing you do in practice each day?
Coach Aguilar: We start/begin with stretching each day, and then we do our “Get Right Drill” every day…The “Get Right Drill” is a mental/agility/focus drill that gets up ready for each day of practice…After we “Get Right”, we break up into Special Teams groups and begin to work on that phase of the game….

**********We thank Coach Tony Aguilar for taking time out from his busy Friday night, and his weekend schedule to talk to us here, at…We hope to have our video feature with Coach Aguilar, coming up here some time next week…..**********