New Guidelines in regards to Student Athletic Fees for Students in Guilford County Schools

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**********GREENSBORO — Guilford County Schools athletics teams are less than three weeks away from their first competition of the fall season, but a system-wide change in who is eligible for a waiver from the athletics participation fee could leave students, coaches and administrators scrambling between now and Aug. 19.**********

Student Athletic Fee Information
(Athletes to pay $45 per year)

Why a student athletic fee?
Guilford County Schools values the important life
and character-building lessons our students learn
through school athletics and is proud of the hard
work and dedication of our student athletes.
Currently, the district spends approximately $609
per student athlete each year. Unfortunately, we
can no longer afford to do so and maintain our core
academic programs.

That’s why we’re asking families of our student
athletes to pay $45 per year, regardless of the
number of sports the student plays.

General Guidelines
• The Guilford County Board of Education
approved an annual fee of $45 for each athlete
regardless of the number of sports played.
• A student enrolled in an early college, middle
college, or other school without a sports
program will pay the fee at the student’s base
sports school.
• No athletic fees will be collected by schools
until after tryouts and the coach has placed the
student on the team roster.
• Students whose families cannot afford the onetime athletic fee may apply for a waiver. (See
Waiver Process for more details.)
• The fee does not guarantee playing time.
• The fee does not guarantee a team’s schedule
will include a certain number of contests.
Payment Options
• Pay online by credit card using the link on your
school’s website or directly to .
• Pay at the school office with cash, check or
money order for $45 per student athlete. (Make
check or money order payable to the school)

• Refunds will not be given if a student athlete
quits a team, is dismissed from a team,
withdraws from the school, or is injured during a
practice and/or contest and cannot play.
• Refunds in other circumstances beyond district
and/or family control will be decided on a caseby-case basis.
• Exception: A student athlete who pays the fee
for a sport that is cancelled by the school prior
to the first contest will receive a refund.
Waiver Process

• Students/families who cannot afford the fee
may request a waiver from the GCS director of
athletics by submitting an “Athletic Fee Waiver
Request” along with supporting

• No students are automatically eligible for a fee
waiver. A waiver request must be completed
and approved.
• A separate “Athletic Fee Waiver Request”
must be submitted for each student athlete in
the family.

Fee and/or Waiver Deadline
• A student athlete who makes a team must pay
the athletic fee or be approved for a waiver prior
to the first regular season contest in their sport.
• A student athlete who has not paid the fee
or met waiver criteria by the first regular
season contest will be removed from
participating in practices and contests.
• A student may rejoin their team once the
athletic fee is paid or approved for a waiver.

++++++++++“We really want to make sure that people understand that if you can’t afford this fee, we’re going to try to work with you so you don’t have to pay it,” Guilford County Schools Director of Athletics Leigh Hebbard said.++++++++++

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  1. The part of this we have to learn more about is “will all of the money go to the Guilford County Schools athletic departments/Guilford County Schools Athletics, and how will the money be distributed”?????

    We will have to get with Joe and Spencer and see if they have heard any more about these parts of the overall equation…..

  2. Good Luck with that!!!! No one seems to know where that money goes. That and the fact that word on the streets is GCS is raising ticket prices for athletic events at the last minute as well.

  3. Been hearing on the street that the ticket prices will go up one dollar this season….

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