Observations on Grimsley vs. Southern Guilford(DJ Reader Jamboree) and Page vs Glenn(CarolinaPreps.com Jamboree) – Wyatt Smith Reporting

DJ Reader Jamboree Observations:


The Whirlies looked strong offensively both through the air and on the ground. With Chris Zellous and Quan Nora returning, Grimsley should continue to have success as long as they can get coverage. Back-up quarterback Jaquavion Mayo showed that he will be able to step in anytime they need him.

The Whirlies defense exploded in the first ten plays of its first scrimmage. The defensive line shut down Southern Guilford’s running game and the secondary made some impressive plays as well. They played with lots of intensity and even when assignments were missed, someone moved to the ball and made a stop. The Whirlies will have to play with the same amount of intensity and not miss as many assignments to remain successful. In previous years, missed assignments have led to the Whirlie defense giving up big plays, and they cannot afford to let the big play beat them this season.

Overall, I was impressed with what I saw from the Whirlies tonight. I believe they have a great opportunity to contend in the Metro 4A conference, and reach the playoffs. Their first test of the season comes Friday night when they host Northern Guilford, their home opener of 2019.

Southern Guilford:

The Storm struggled to make the plays that they needed to make on both sides of the ball from my perspective. This was especially apparent on the offensive side of the ball. The Storm were stopped from making much advancement and couldn’t provide protection for any kind of offense.

The Storm defense looked better than their offense,  but they still have a lot of improving to do. The defense made a couple of stops, but in the end, were beat through the air when a Grimsley receiver made an outstanding catch in the end zone.

Overall, Southern’s defense showed signs of good things. Their offensive line faced a big strong defensive line and they struggled because they were overpowered. For Southern to have success this season, the OL will have to improve and provide the much needed coverage for their offense to run.

CarolinaPreps.com Jamboree Observations:


Offensively, the Pirates struggled on the line to provide protection for them to make things happen. Their offense looked pretty raw because of the lack of protection and because of missed assignments, blocks, and mental mistakes. Javondre Page connected for a long gain where he hit his man on a slant-route. The Pirates played a lot of different people on both sides of the ball, which could be a reason for the lack of protection from the Pirates OL.

Page’s defense looked pretty good. There didn’t seem to be as much struggling on the defense side of the ball as there was on offense. The defense allowed one score from Glenn but other than that, seemed to be focused.

Page struggled on special teams, especially with long snapping. The Pirates are going to have to get their special teams figured out if they are going to contend for the conference championship and make the playoffs this season.

Overall, the Pirates looked like they are going to be a good team this year. There seemed to be some leadership issues at times, something they will need to correct, but I believe that they will dominate play in the Metro 4A until they face off with Grimsley in the final game of the regular season. That game, in my opinion, will decide the Metro conference champion. We’ll see how their last week of preparation helps with some of the issues when they take on Davie County to open their season on Friday night.

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  1. Reading each synopsis shows that football in Guilty County will come down to coaching and refereeing.

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