High School Football Tonight in Guilford County:JV’s get the Jump and begin the 2019 Season(“Thursday Night in The Thicket”)

High School Football Tonight in Guilford County, with our Guilford County teams and one Varsity game tonight, with:
McMichael at High Point Andrews 7:30…This game is on a school night, being on a Thursday, but with school not being back in session until next Monday, they should be able to roll with the 7:30pm kickoff in this game….

We go with the 7pm kickoffs for the JV games, as this would be sticking with regular protocol and the other part of the equation is, wherever the Varsity game is scheduled for on Friday, flip that location, for the JV games on Thursday, and here we go with our first week of JV football games for the 2019 season. and we will have our JV Football Scoreboard up and running here again tonight, at around 9-9:30pm and we hope to get all of the scores up here before midnight….
(You are now in the “Thursday Night Thicket”/the thick of it.)

Here are those JV Football games for tonight with our Guilford County Schools….Again, going with those 7pm kickoffs….
Northeast Guilford at Eastern Guilford….This is always a great game and super battle, between the Rams and the Wildcats….

Grimsley at Northern Guilford….In the past Grimsley has had success vs. NG in this JV contest, but this ought to be a war, out on Spencer Dixon Road….

Smith at Northwest Guilford…Pretty sure Smith defeated NWG in this contest last season, and that has not happened very many times in the past…At one time, NWG and Page had the top JV teams in the county, with Dudley, Southeast Guilford, Southwest Guilford and others coming right in there with them….Even Southern Guilford was a force for a while on the JV Football level……But for a couple of years, Northwest and Page were ruling the roost, and then Dudley joined in on the fray, with Southeast Guilford grabbing some headlines, as well….

Ragsdale at Southern Guilford….Might be a toss-up if some of those recent Southern Guilford Middle School teams show up ready to carry on for the SG JV’s….Coach Curt over at Jamestown Middle has been turning out quality players forever now, so you have to think the Ragsdale JV’s will be well-stocked too…The jump between Middle School football and Junior Varsity football, is much bigger than most people think….You go from practicing with some 12 and 13 year-olds, to practicing with some players that are young men, and possibly 18 years old…That is a pretty big jump up/leap of football faith…

West Forsyth at Dudley…..The varsity level for Friday will be off the chains, but not sure how fierce this battle will be with the JV’s…

Davie County at Page…Page has that “must-win” mentality and it has served them well in previous JV seasons….Pirates would be home tonight, at Marion Kirby Stadium….

Scotland County at Southeast Guilford…..This one might be little crazy, because to my knowledge, this will be the first time these two schools have met, in football….

Southwest Guilford at WS Reynolds….Overall the SWG Cowboys have been re-loading, and we might see a few signs of this with the JV team tonight….

Western Guilford at Morehead….For a while there, Western Guilford was having trouble fielding a JV football team….Hope that is not the case this season…

High Point Central at Reidsville….You have to think the Reidsville Rams’ JV football team is just a younger version of the Varsity “worldbeaters”….They sure turn out some ‘Prime Time’ athletes, up in Reidsville….

High Point Christian Academy at Cannon Academy(Concord)…..Varsity game set in stone for Friday, but not completely sure about the JV matchup for tonight, but we will leave it as is, for now….


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