Friday Night Finish:Most of our games did not finish and we will have Fireworks on Friday and Saturday(With even a few left over for Monday)

This is about the time we usually begin our Friday Night Finish Feature at….

When the games are done our work has just begun, and for tonight, the Fireworks have only just begun and the games have not all been won, because for every game we had on Friday, we will have an equal amount, if not more games coming up on Saturday…
(And even a few more for you on Monday.)

Most of these games will be continuations of what was already happening on Friday…

But this week in Guilford County High School Football, we have Fireworks on Friday and Saturday nights…

This is how the story goes….

Three games are over, well four games are over if you count the 52-7 win by High Point Andrews over McMichael, back on Thursday….

And now for Friday….This is what we have so far…..Northwest Guilford over Smith, 35-12 and Western Guilford tops Morehead, with the Hornets shutting out the Panthers, 20-0…NWG and Smith got their game started early and they still didn’t get in all of the game, but they got in enough to close out the game at Claude Manzi Stadium, with just a few minutes remaining and the NWG Vikings taking the win over the Smith Golden Eagles, 35-12…

Western Guilford and Morehead waited out the storm over at Doug Henderson Stadium and they had a delay, but they came back to play, and this game was completed, with the Western Guilford Hornets winning in shutout fashion, 20-0….Back when I was a kid playing football for Western Guilford, I remember we had 5 shutouts one year, but this Western Guilford Hornet team was able to get a shutout, let alone the Hornets won their first game of the season…The last time this Western Guilford Hornet crew would be shutting out a team, is back when Chris Causey was probably still wearing diapers and Heath Lineberry was the school’s principal and Mr. Kashabarra was living on the island of Fiji and Abe Lincoln was still splitting logs for a living, just outside Springfield, Illinois….That is how shocked I was, when I saw the Final Score of this game…

Don’t get me wrong, I picked Western Guilford to win on Friday night, but to shut out their opponent, the Hornets must have conjured up the spirit of Doug Henderson and Bill Hollifield tonight and maybe a side of John Brooks and Casey Jones to go with it….

To make this even more crazy, Western Guilford and Morehead were tied at 0-0, at the half…WG out-scores Morehead 20-0 in the second half…WG must have brought back the spirit of Charlie Griffin during the halftime and weather delay, and Charlie must have given the Hornets some key quotes that made the Hornet players, fans, and coaches take to their boats, and now we see what floats, out on Friendway Drive, where the Hornet buses all line up diametrically….

This will not allow me to get to bed before 2am this morning…That is how much this game result has impacted me….I still can’t believe it, but good job by the Hornets and Northwest Guilford put together a masterful performance over at Smith too….After I saw that NWG-Smith JV score from last night, I felt like the Golden Eagles would be at least 2 touchdowns better than Northwest Guilford tonight, at Claude Manzi Stadium, on the Ben L. Smith campus…Northwest Guilford must have put together a going away game gift for former NWG Athletic Director John Hughes, who now calls Eastern Guilford home, as Mr. Hughes has made the move to Gibsonville and is now right at home, at the home of the Eastern Guilford Wildcats, down off of Highway 70/Old Burlington Road, headed East…

I just spotted another Friday night win by one of our Guilford County teams and that was the BIG “W” turned in by the Southwest Guilford Cowboys…SWG wins the very first game of the new “Coach Chuck Doak Era”, and we are very happy for Coach Doak and his start at “The Ranch”….Doak is no joke and when the Cowboys win, it is even better than a ‘pig-in-a-poke’…The wild thing about the Cowboys’ “W” to kickoff the Chuck Doak Era is, the Cowboys almost made an error or two, that cost them the game…

You see the C’boys were leading WS Reynolds 23-0 at the half and the SWG fellas had to hang on to their Cowboy hats and helmets to win this Friday Night August 23/August 24 game, after the Reynolds Demons would not let that first half be a wrap, Reynolds came back and made this a game, but the Boys of Cow, held on to get the SWG “W”, 35-28….WOW, what a tough ending that had to be for the Boys to take the win…Coach Doak has his Cow Kids off to a good start and let’s hope they can keep those doggies rolling…

We have those three Guilford County teams winning(on Friday), plus four winners if you count the HP Andrews victory back on Thursday, and we have more teams playing and resuming their games on Saturday and more teams that will be going again on Monday…

Grimsley and Northern Guilford played just over one period/quarter and the Whirlies lead the Nighthawks, 14-0…Page at Davie County never got started and they will go again on Saturday at 6, as will Dudley at West Forsyth….Cannon Academy at High Point Christian Acadmey is still on target for Saturday night at 7pm, in High Point, at the Simeon Stadium Athletic Complex….

On Monday you will find Eastern Guilford at Northeast Guilford getting started again at 6:30pm, while Southern Guilford at Ragsdale will pick up play again on Monday at 7pm, and 7pm will be the sign on time for Southeast Guilford at Scotland County, plus Reidsville at High Point Central will do a Monday restart at 7pm at Simeon Stadium’s main field, over in High Point/High Pockets…

Southern Guilford at Ragsdale shows the Ragsdale Tigers are up 7-0, and the same can said for the EG Wildcats leading Northeast Guilford, 7-0…

Now how many of you have been playing a football game one day, seen the game stopped or halted, and the game will start back up the very next day….Not me and I wonder if any of our readers have ever been in one of those games, or seen one of those games before??? Anybody been down that road to the football field??? “We were playing our game on Friday, then the rains and lightning came and we had to stop our game and we started over again, and finished our game the next day”…..Would that be anybody out there?

It will be interesting to see how the momentum picks back up in Day Two, and the coaches had to all be scrambling, going home and going over all that they were doing wrong or right, and looking for a way to get back into the game on Saturday or Monday…

The kids come home from the game and if their parents were not at the game, they are asking, “Did you win?”…..And the football playing kid says, “No, we got delayed, and we have to go back and finish our game tomorrow”….The kid’s dad says, “WHAT?”….And the Western Guilford kid says, “We WON”….And his dad say, “I think I just saw Halley’s Comet”…

And for the coaches staying up late tonight and burning the Midnight Oil, and preparing for the rest of their game on Saturday, we are there with you brother….And I can hear the rain coming down outside again, here at 1:33 in the morning/Saturday morning…Do they still have those good Saturday morning cartoons that they had back when we were kids???

What about the coaches that got their games in on Friday night?

They will all be loading up the truck and headed out to scout games on Saturday night and even on Monday night too…It is not often that you get that opportunity….

And as I am beginning to put a bow on this this gift to all of you, I have to nominate Jaquavion Mayo as our “Player of the Game” from the action that I saw/witnessed on Friday evening…

Now what did this number 2 from Grimsley do??? #2 for the Grimsley Whirlies was doing his best to be the #1 player on the field in Friday night’s just over a quarter/period’s worth of action, at the GHS Jamieson Stadium…Mayo, was A-oh and be made a big Play-oh when he shut down a Northern Guilford drive on the Nighthawks very first possession of the ball game, and NG’s first offensive possession of the season…

NG started that opening drive of the football game on the Nighthawks’ 35-yard line and the ‘Hawks young first-year quarterback Will Lenard was driving his team down the field and got his men from the 35 of NG, all of the way down to Grimsley’s 3-yard line and the ‘Hawks had the ball first-and -goal from the Whirlies three, when Lenard let lose a pass that Jaquavion Mayo picked off in the end zone and Mayo was on is Wayoh back up the right sideline and he never went out of bounds and he was off to the races, running back up field, all the way to the NG 33-yard line and Grimsley behind the efforts of Mayo, QB Chris Zellous and RB Quan Nora, the Whirlies were in business and Grimsley turned that turnover into points, with Nora eventually scoring from 7 yards out and the Whirlies added another touchdown/TD when Zellous hit Mayo for around a 15-yard TD pass and by the time you looked up, Grimsley was out in front of Northern Guilford, 14-0…(Grimsley’s offensive and defensive lines, playing very good in the overall process.)

We will be back out there at Grimsley on Saturday afternoon for the 6pm game resume, and you can catch it all right here on GreensboroSports Radio

GreensboroSports Radio gets cranking again on Saturday at 6, well we will give you a pregame at 5:45, in order to reset the scene from Friday, and to look back at all that has happened and not happened in the last 24 hours and we will do it for you on GreensboroSports Radio….

There are a lot of sources out there for you and we always recommend the News and Record, with Joe Sirera and Spencer Turkin, and appreciate the great job they are doing, but at the end of the day, or morning, nobody tells the story like we do here, at Radio….
(It’s a little crazy, but it sure is original, that’s for sure.)

It might seem like a big bag of wind to some, but the story we are telling here, will be with these Guilford County Kids and Coaches for a lifetime…Every time we sit or usually stand up here, and start rapping out these posts, we never know what we will end up with, but in the end, it seems like we always bring something home here, that will touch another life…The Sporting Life, that is us…

The Sporting Life, from and it looks like we have another good day before us, if we choose to attack it and make the most of this new day….

Another round of the Friday Night Finish in the books, and another day is right in front of us….


  1. Northwest jv didn’t play Smith jv. Smith does not have a jv team. northwest jv played Oak Grove High School in Davidson county.

  2. On TWITTER….
    Here is the word from Big Red, and this is what he said:

    Ethan Albright Retweeted

    Grimsley Athletics
    Game will resume tomorrow/Saturday night @ 6pm. You will need your ticket stub for re-entry.

  3. from the Western Guilford Hornets on Twitter:

    We attacked your goal early. Looking forward to our defensive kids being on your show!
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    Greensboro Sports
    · 7h
    Friday Night Finish:Most of our games did not finish and we will have Fireworks on Friday and Saturday(With even a few left over for Monday)

    Western Guilford’s defense will be joining us very soon on Football in Focus…..

  4. Here is the word from Scott Davis on Twitter and I think it is Scott Davis(former baseball coach at Wesleyan Christian Academy) and I was going to mention this in my post last night, and Scott put it out here, I saw it this morning and couldn’t resist to mention it now…This faith-based movie is the best thing going to today…..Playing at Friendly Center and I will be checking this one out ASAP…Have seen the movie trailer and my favorite line so far is, “Run Hanna Run”…

    Here is Scott and what he said about Overcomer:

    Scott Davis
    Overcomer! #bestmovie

    **********I saw the movie on Sunday afternoon, and it is worth the price of admission…Great movie and should be a super motivational boost for your entire family, if they see it together….Again, a highly recommended movie and maybe your group can catch on Labor Day weekend….I would pay to see it again, and I just might do that…Super spiritual feeling coming out of that movie…..**********

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