New News and Record Top Ten High School Football Poll:Reidsville and Grimsley pay their rent/dues and maintain occupancy at the Top of the Poll

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Compiled by News and Record staff writers Joe Sirera and Spencer Turkin, with input from area coaches….Reidsville and Grimsley have been paying their dues and they are #1 and #2 again, in this week’s N&R High School Top Ten Poll….

Record: 2-0
Last week: 1
Friday: At Morehead

Record: 2-0
Last week: 2
Friday: No. 4 Eastern Guilford

Record: 1-1
Last week: 4
Friday: No. 7 Page

Record: 2-0
Last week: 5
Friday: At No. 2 Grimsley

Record: 1-1
Last week: 7
Friday: No. 9 Northwest Guilford

Record: 1-1
Last week: NR
Friday: Ragsdale

Record: 3-0
Last week: 9
Friday: At Raleigh Ravenscroft

Record: 0-2
Last week: 3
Friday: At No. 3 Dudley

Record: 2-0
Last week: 9
Friday: At No. 5 Southeast Guilford

Record: 1-1
Last week: 6
Friday: High Point Central

DROPPED OUT: Ragsdale.

ALSO RECEIVING VOTES (in order of votes received): Andrews (2-0), Ragsdale (1-1), Northeast Guilford (1-1).

16 thoughts on “New News and Record Top Ten High School Football Poll:Reidsville and Grimsley pay their rent/dues and maintain occupancy at the Top of the Poll

  1. Boy I don’t know who votes on this but Page Pirates are the darling of the county. Jump up 2 spots after Week 1 loss and drop to a tie for 7th after a Week 2 loss. Head scratcher.

    They have a tough road ahead but looking at their schedule over the next several weeks its not out of the realm of possiblity they could be 0-6 by the first week of October. BRUTAL schedule!!! Good luck to the Pirates.

  2. @GSOFootballFan If you want to know who voted in the poll, look no further than six Guilford County high school football coaches and one coach from Rockingham County. Three of those coaches have won state championships in the last five years, so they might know a little something about football.

  3. @Joe Sirera Maybe you should think about changing the way you conduct your polling. How reliable can a poll actual be with only SEVEN people who participate in it? I am not expecting Woodward and Bernstein from the Greensboro News and Record but there should be at least an attempt of some good journalism from you.

  4. @Deer Hopping Luke

    We ask the coaches at all 23 of the schools we cover to vote. Only seven — in a good week — respond.

    I know they’re busy, but that’s on the coaches.

  5. @Deer Hopping Luke And even if it was “only” seven coaches voting in this week’s poll, when three of those guys have won state championships in the last five years and the other four are all pretty good coaches, I place a pretty high value on their input.

  6. @Joe Sirera Hey Joe, all I am saying that having just a cohort of seven coaches voting is not going to be a good indicator of what team should be ranked where. As for them being winners of the State Championship. Nobody cares. That lends no credence yo your argument. People should not have any kind of confidence in such poll. I don’t care if Pat Riley, Bill Parcells, and Joe Torre are the only three that voted. It is still not reliable. Sounds like you are just trying to fill space for your deadlines.

  7. Not that it matters but Hopping Luke is absoluetly correct he looked at one significant variable. Sample size at 7 does not make this legit not even close. My man above is also right about page. 0-2 in the top ten above 2-0 1-1 teams ok. I think page will be a good team but Cmon man!!

  8. It was mentioned above, but let’s all get together and look at that Page upcoming schedule…

    This Week at Dudley

    Then at current Unbeaten Eastern Guilford

    Then at Defending 4-A State Champs East Forsyth

    Then Home vs. Virginia State Champs from 2018, Highland Springs, Virginia…

    Then home vs. West Forsyth, a team that beat Dudley by nearly 30 points in Week One…

    That is a tough row to hoe for any team and a tough road to go, too….

    It will be very hard to get wins vs. those five teams, but for Page, it must start this Friday night at Dudley…

    Page will surely welcome the return of senior QB Javondre Paige, when that time arrives, due to his being a part of the concussion protocol from last week’s game, vs. Northern Guilford….

    That schedule is really brutal for Page, unless we can find a better word to describe it….

  9. If 7 isn’t a good sample, then I guess 9 Supreme Court justices are insufficient as well.

  10. When does the Middle School regular season begin/get started???

    Are we talking next week?

    Wonder if NWG Middle was able to add Grayson Holland to their receiver corps for this this year/season…He is a good one and I know he is now out there at NWG Middle…

  11. Has NW middle won a game the last few years? Undefeated? LMAO! GTFOH…. If that’s so the middle school football is hot garbage in GC

  12. @Andydurham
    First Game for NW Guilford is Sept 18th. Not sure about other(s). Jamboree is Saturday.
    As far as NW Guilford’s players, they are returning major contributors and have incoming 7th graders that will contribute. Need to keep an eye on this squad.

    @Huh, LMAO. Yes, they have won games. You must be from another planet. These are the same kids(returning)that won games last year and in the past beat up on Pop Warner teams all over Guilford and Forsyth County…Not sure what you are talking about Huh? Come see them play and then talk about hot garbage…

  13. What about Grayson Holland, did you guys at NWG Middle School get him signed up as Wide Receiver???

  14. Grayson Holland kid, to my knowledge has not played school football before, but I have played football with and against him every year since he was like 6 years old and he would make a very good receiver for NWG Middle…

    He is very big in golf these days and he might be passing on the football season, but I would like to see him get out there and show his stuff on the football field for the NWG Vikings…..

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