Football in Focus Show Tonight at KickBack Jack’s on Battleground Avenue:Joe Sirera and Hornets in the House tonight at KickBack Jack’s

Back with the Football in Focus Show tonight from KickBack Jack’s on Battleground Avenue, with our kickoff time of 6pm and we will have Joe Sirera, from the News and Record’s HSXtra section with us to get the show rolling this evening(6pm)….

Joe Sirera with us at 6pm and we will delve into all of the high school football happenings, and see which way the games might be going on Friday night…We have some large, not just Big, but LARGE games to talk about on this week’s edition of Football in Focus and a few of the biggies include Northwest Guilford at Southeast Guilford…This game was a key turning point for both teams last season…NWG won the game in OT in 2018 and after that win, the Vikings’ season went due South, and for SEG, the Falcons used that loss to catapult themselves back into top form and they went on to play for the 3-AA State Championship, after the crushing blow, in the loss at NWG…

We will get with Joe about Page at Dudley and Eastern Guilford at Grimsley…..Page has reached a pivotal point in the Pirates season, with Page at (0-2) and looking to turn things around at “The Tarp”, on Friday….Dudley has regained their footing after the season-opening loss at West Forsyth, and now Dudley hopes to keep their footing and begin to run the football with efficiency, as they have done in the Panthers’ past….If Dudley gets running downhill then they will be tough to stop, and for Page, if QB Javondre Paige is healthy, Paige can take Page to air, and try to wear down the “Dudley D”, as the Pirates move up the field…

Page is (0-2) and Grimsley is (2-0) and we will be sure to talk about the direction both teams are taking early in 2019 with Joe Sirera, from the News and Record..Grimsley has Eastern Guilford(2-0) at home on Friday night and if Grimsley is able to impose their will on the EG Wildcats, Grimsley at (3-0) to start the season, would be something people all over town would be talking about….But when you look at total passing yards for 2019, Eastern Guilford QB Kamell Smith, looks to be the top QB in the county right now…

Lots to look at and lots to talk about tonight, with Joe Sirera from the N&R and the HSXtra section….Ragsdale at Northern Guilford is looking pretty large for Friday too, and we could go on and on….

For our Team of the Week, we are going on a Western swing…We have the Western Guilford defense coming in to join us tonight….I told WG coach Brian Terwilliger back in August, if his WG Hornets team could get a shutout this season, that I would have/invite his entire Defense to come join us for a visit to the Football in Focus Show, and tonight, here we go….

Western Guilford Hornets in the House, at the KickBack Jack’s on Battleground Avenue, and the Hornets will be set to join us at around 6:30pm…We have that Western Guilford defense on the way in to be with us on Football in Focus, from the Kickback Jack’s on Battleground and on GreensboroSports Radio…..

We will talk to each of the defensive players and get their word about the improvement Western Guilford is showing this season, and about how they got that shutout vs. Morehead in the first game of the season…..Wester Guilford at Rockingham County this Friday night…..

Getting to hear from the Hornets on Football in Focus tonight, from KickBack Jacks….

On this Thursday at KickBack Jack’s, they will have the Green Bay Packers at the Chicago Bears showing on the NFL Network and on FOX TV, and this will be the kickoff to the 2019 NFL season……Aaron Rogers and Mitch Trubisky leading their respective teams into this game tonight and RB Tarik Cohen, from N.C. A&T, ready to pick up where he left off last season, as he leads the Bears in the electricity and excitement department….

Football in Focus and NFL Football Tonight at the KickBack Jack’s on Battleground Avenue….

The menu is great and the food is the best plate in town, when it comes time to get down and eat, at the KickBack Jack’s on Battleground….

The wings, the burgers, the sandwiches, anything and everything at KickBack Jack’s will hit the “Hunger Spots”….

We will see you tonight at KickBack Jack’s on Battleground Avenue with Football in Focus, on GreensboroSports Radio…..