JV Football Tonight in Guilford County Finals for (9/5/19):Very Close Games tonight with Dudley by 2, Grimsley by 4 with 2 seconds left and Northern by 6 in 3 OT…

Dudley 14, Page 12
Dudley(2-0) at Page(0-2)
Grimsley 18, Eastern Guilford 14
Grimsley(2-1) at Eastern Guilford(1-1)
Grimsley JV takes the WIN with a touchdown pass, with only 2 seconds left on the clock! 18-14…from Twitter
Northern Guilford 42, Ragsdale 36…3 Overtimes
Northern Guilford(2-0) at Ragsdale(0-2)
Southeast Guilford 14, Northwest Guilford 6
Western Guilford 16, Rockingham County 9
East Forsyth 48, Mount Tabor 20
South Stokes 24, WS Carver 0
Smith(1-0)-High Point Andrews….No JV team for High Point Andrews….
Southern Guilford(0-1)-Northeast Guilford(0-2)….No game here, endowment game for Varsity this week….
High Point Christian(1-0) OFF
More scores on the way….

Southwest Guilford(0-1) at High Point Central(0-1)

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  1. I was at the Western Guilford vs Rockingham game. Western has a kid #20 Bryson Moore that completely dominated the game from the defensive side of the ball. He must have had 20 tackles and had several game saving plays as rockingham was driving to win the game. I’m not sure what grade he is in but he should probably be playing varsity instead of JV. He will be a good one for them in the future.

  2. We like getting reports like these…Keep us informed on this kid’s development and let us know if he gets the call up to the Varsity team, there at Western Guilford…

    Good info and keep us updated….

  3. Like I said awhile ago… this page team can’t hack it. I respect the players for playing hard though. There just isn’t enough talent in the program this year. Seems to me like players are leaving page to play at other schools. Who should pirate fans blame?

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