Greensboro Parks and Recreation Department Youth Football Games for this Week:Thursday September 19 and Saturday September 21

Thursday September 19 at Jaycee Park:
10U Warnersville Center vs. 10U Lewis Center 6:15 JCPE
10U Windsor Center vs. 10U Leonard Center 6:15 JCPB
10U Glenwood Center vs. 10 Peeler Center 6:15 JCPS

12U Warnersville Center vs. 12U Leonard Center 7:30 JCPE
12U Peeler Center vs. 12U Lewis Center 7:30 JCPS

Saturday September 21 at the High Point Athletic Complex:
8U Lewis Center vs. 8U Broncos 9:30am HPAC
8U Warnersville Center vs. 8U Falcons 10:45am HPAC

10U Cowboys vs. 10U Falcons 12 Noon HPAC

12U Cowboys vs. 12U Falcons 1:15 HPAC
12U Windsor Center vs. 12U Broncos 2:30 HPAC